Our Updated Zinus Memory Foam Bed Review

If you’ve been on the lookout for a high-quality bed that still has a reasonable price tag – you’ve just found it. This is a review of the Zinus Memory Foam 12-Inch Green Tea mattress.

image of Zinus Green TeaZinus has been around for more than 20 years, meaning that we’re dealing with a company that’s got loads of experience, both with customer care and with manufacturing quality mattresses.

This means the brand has had plenty of time to listen to their customers and make the necessary improvements to existing features, as well as implement new features that were highly sought-after by the customers.

Apparently, Zinus has done just that. When we looked the recent customer feedback pages, most of the verified purchases had comments saying how Zinus has improved over the years and the mattresses they make today are some of the best they’ve slept on.

The bed we’re reviewing today is the Zinus Memory Foam 12-Inch Green Tea mattress. Zinus manufactures these beds in their factories and ships them directly to the customer, so there’s no middle-zone of a retail store here.

The factory-direct model has its benefits, for example, the company doesn’t have to invest and keep up with retail stores and all the expenses that go along with it, and are therefore able to offer the same quality at a much lower price.

Unfortunately, this also means you simply cannot go into a store and try out the mattress before buying it. This leads us to the point of this entire review article.

I’ve done extensive research, compared Zinus beds to other brands, and also researched into what other brands are doing within the same price tag. The result is the following review which should help you determine whether or not this mattress is suitable for you.

Overall Construction Quality

I’ll say this right away – this is a high quality, almost a luxury-type memory foam mattress. It’s got four different layers, each with its unique purpose and a place within the construction of this bed.

The entire mattress is wrapped up in the Zinus knitted Jacquard cover.

The first layer is a 3” thick memory foam layer. This is the surface layer and is primarily used to help the mattress contour to your body, which means it’ll basically hug you and allow you to stay comfortable in any sleeping position.

This layer is also the source of the mattress’s motion isolation power. This is one of the most praised features of memory foam beds, and Zinus apparently does an excellent job at it.

The second layer is a 2” thick memory foam layer. This layer is the main comfort layer and further provides pressure relief for your hips, neck, and shoulders.

Beneath it, we find the third, 3.5” thick layer, made out of extremely dense (high-density) memory foam. This foam also provides the airflow for the most of the mattress, which means you’ll sleep much cooler on it than you would on a standard industry foam bed.

Finally, at the bottom, we find the fourth and last layer, which is basically a copy of the third layer, also 3.5” thick, and also having excellent airflow (cooling) properties. This is the foundational layer of the entire mattress and helps keep your body properly aligned and stabilized.

To summarize, what Zinus offers here is a well-constructed, well-cooled, stable and comfortable bed.

When you compare all the benefits and the extra materials they used with the price tag, you realize this is one of those beds whose value exceeds its price.

A best buy, and if you’re not convinced, keep on reading to learn what more it brings to the table.

The Foam is CertiPUR-US Certified

image of a sleeping toddlerZinus had its memory foam CertiPUR-US Certified for content, performance, and durability. This is a great sign that you’re dealing with a trustworthy company because getting this certification is not an easy task for many companies out there.

This basically means the foam doesn’t contain any hazardous materials, toxic chemicals, mercury, or other heavy metals. It’s basically a health guarantee.

The Foam is Infused with a Green Tea Extract.

This is a neat addition, one we don’t see very often. Zinus infuses its memory foam with an extract of green tea, and with Castor natural seed oil.

Both of these extracts will help fight off bacteria and also help with any bad manufacturing smell. With the foam being both CertiPUR-US certified, and infused with these materials, we believe this mattress is a health-heaven.

It’s a comfortable, safe bet, maybe something to consider if you’re shopping for your children, or if your toddler likes to sleep on the bed with you.

Pain Relief and Firmness

This bed makes an excellent choice in providing pain relief points. This is the common benefit of many memory foam mattresses, but it’s especially good with this Zinus bed.

Looking through many previous customer reviews, people said that they’ve stopped feeling pain in their lower back and back of the neck within a week of sleeping on this mattress.

This bed is also quite balanced, as its firmness seems to be in the middle of the bar, so we dubbed it medium-firm.

Keep in mind that this is a foam mattress after all, and if you’re looking for something extraordinarily firm – then this might not be a good fit for you after all.

Value Over Price Comparison

As it’s true with any mattress out there, this one too has both its downsides and upsides. But one fact that differentiates it from the other beds is its price tag.

Remember, Zinus.com sells this mattress on a factory-direct model, meaning that there’s no retail stores, commercial rent or additional workforce for them to pay and invest in.

This means Zinus can offer much lower price tags than companies who sell these kinds of beds locally. In a retail store, this mattress would go for at least double the price, if not triple.

I believe this mattress’ value exceeds its price and thus makes it a perfect investment.

What We Liked

Good for Side-Sleepers – This bed is medium-firm, and it’s entirely made of foam. This combination makes for a great sleeping experience for all side-sleepers, as the mattress will contour nicely to your pressure points – hips and shoulders.

Health & Hygiene – These factors seemed to be very important for Zinus, as they’ve infused this mattress with not only a green tea extract but with Castor natural seed oil as well.

CertiPur-US Certified – This means the foam used in this mattress cannot contain any health hazard materials, including, but not limited to – dangerous, toxic chemicals, mercury, or other heavy metals.

What We Didn’t Like

Unclear Return Policy – To be honest I expected at least a 3-month trial period with this mattress. However, things remain unclear. Zinus doesn’t provide any additional information other than saying that if you say you’re unsatisfied with the bed within 30 days – you might get a refund.

Outsourced from China – Zinus has factories in China taking care of the manufacturing process, which might be a deal breaker for some buyers.

Bad for Back Sleepers – Since it’s not a firm mattress, it’s probably not going to be a good fit if you regularly sleep on your back or stomach.


Zinus is a company that’s been making mattresses for over two decades. They’ve consistently delivered high quality products during this time, even though they’re outsourcing their manufacturing to China.

You should also note that, even though the manufacturing is outsourced, the foam used here is much better than most of other foam beds in the same price range.

It’s not only infused with green tea, but also with other healthy oils and on top of that – it is CertiPUR-US Certified. This is not a luxury mattress nor it is perfect in any way, but my main point is that it’s among the best in this price range.

This 12” beauty will suit you best if you’re shopping on a budget, and if you’re a side-sleeper. It’s medium-firm and since it uses memory foam all-around, we deem it best for sleeping on your sides.

Stomach and back sleepers might need a bit firmer bed, except if they’re a particularly lightweight individual.

One thing I’m troubled with here is the warranty and trial policy Zinus has with this mattress. The warranty period is a 10-year warranty which seems to be fine. But the trial period is unclear. Everything we could find on this is that you might get your money back if you opt to return the bed within 30 days of use.

I’m really not sure why would Zinus do this, since 99% of other brands provide a clear-cut trial period, mostly consisting of 3 or more month.

To summarize, I’d like to mention again that this mattress definitely provides more value than what it’s priced at. If you’re shopping on a budget near the price of this bed – then I truly believe this is your best bet.

Video Of Zinus Green Tea Mattress

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