Our Best Pillow Top Mattresses - 2017 Reviews

Pillow tops are one of the most luxurious types of mattress. They have an extra upholstery layer that provides increased comfort and also looks fantastic. In this post, we’re determined to help you find the best pillow top mattress available in 2017.

The soft upholstery of pillow top mattresses means that they are always comfortable – at least for the first few months. People often rate the initial comfort highly compared to other mattresses. The soft support also spreads your body weight more evenly, which can reduce pressure points and prevent joint pain.

The problem is that cheaper options often don’t maintain this level of comfort for long. This is partly because the mattresses can’t be turned when indented. It’s vital to choose a product that remains comfortable for many years – or you could be forced to replace it much sooner than you hoped.

If you’ve decided to buy a pillow top mattress, we want to make choosing the best product as simple as possible. After reading through our pillow top mattress reviews and buyer’s guide, we’re confident you’ll find the right one!

After reviewing all the top pillow top mattresses available, we’ve selected our top 7 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model for your needs.

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams 9-Inch Crazy Euro Top mattress

Our Top Pick - DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Euro Top mattress

Comparison Table

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Advantages and Benefits of the Pillow Top Mattress

Reduced Pain and Stiffness

If you’re used to sleeping on a hard spring mattress, switching to a pillow top from a non-pillow top mattress (mattress without pillow top) can make a big difference to pain and stiffness. The increased cushioning of these products provides better contouring around your back and shoulders. This reduces pressure on certain parts of the body and relieves pain (orthopedic pillow top mattress).

Luxurious Comfort


There is nothing quite like relaxing in a bed of pillows each night. In terms of luxury, pillow top mattresses (or euro pillow top mattress) are often the clear winner compared to regular types.

They are also often highly rated by people who sleep on their front or side – although they may not be as comfortable for back sleepers and it is not too hot.

Reduced Movement Transmission

Foam-topped pillow mattresses (you can also try seville pillow top mattresses) don’t transmit the vibrations caused by movement as much as regular types. This can give you better sleep quality for both you and your partner. Make sure you know which material each layer is constructed from though – movement transmission depends on the materials used throughout the mattress, not just the pillow layer.

How to Choose The Right One


Pillow top mattresses are made from a variety of materials. The support section can be built with foam or springs – or in some cases a mixture of both. The pillow layer is often made from memory foam or latex, but cheaper options may be built from polyester.

The type and quality of the pillow layer can have a big effect on the overall comfort. Memory foamcontours to your body shape and provides excellent support.

Natural latex also provides a responsive sleeping surface that doesn’t cause excessive pressure on one area. Latex is also often cooler than regular types of foam. While polyester is the lowest quality option, it can still provide a comfortable sleeping surface.

Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt Pillow Top Mattress support

The material used for the support section affects the structural properties of the mattress. Spring mattresses often provide good support, but may transmit movement more than foam support layers. Support foam can often provide the perfect mix of support and comfort.

The material also affects the longevity of the product. Latex models are usually the longest-lasting, although also the most expensive. Dense memory foam is less likely to permanently deform than cheaper materials.


While they are known for their comfort, not all have the same level of firmness. The design of pillow tops (vs. tight top mattress) mean they are typically softer than other materials, but there is still variation in comfort.

The right firmness largely depends on your personal preference and sleeping position. Do you enjoy sleeping on your side? If so, a softer option is probably the best choice. This allows you to sink further down into the mattress. Or do you often sleep on your stomach? In this case, a firmer (medium firm pillow top mattress) option is required so that your body remains in a neutral position. Make sure you choose a product with a firmness that matches your sleeping style.

Other Considerations

  • Price. There is a huge range of prices when buying pillow tops. The cheapest options are often thinner and built with lower quality materials – but there are still some excellent products available.
  • Joint discomfort. If you suffer from joint pain during the night, you may want to go for a firmer option. These provide greater support and can reduce joint stiffness.
  • Warranty. Pillow top mattresses (euro pillow top mattress) are often quicker to develop a permanent indentation than other types. This can reduce the comfort of the product and may force you to replace the mattress. Look for a warranty that covers indentations.

Top 3 - Pillow Top Mattress Reviews

1. Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt

The Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams is an 11” mattress that’s designed to provide both support and comfort. Aside from the soft upholstered layer, it is built with a tri-zone foam core.

This reduces motion transmission and also provides excellent support for the neck, lumbar spine and legs.

Most of the reviewers say that it is amazingly soft, has just the right firmness for a restful sleep and that the product is so comfortable.

Several reviewers mention that the mattress is slightly smaller than the advertised size. The difference is only one or two inches – and doesn’t affect the comfort of the product – but is something to be aware of before you buy. Other than this minor complaint, this is one of the best rated pillow top mattresses on the market.

2. Signature Sleep 13” Independently Encased Coil Mattress

The Signature Sleep 13” is built with 609 individually encased springs for increased comfort and reduced movement transmission. The springs are 15 gauge, which provides firm support that is good for your back and helps reduce back pain. It also has a soft pillow top for added comfort.

Reviewers love the Signature Sleep 13. Majority of them say that it’s the perfect mattress and that the product is soft without making the pillow top mattress sag too much. Other positive comments include that it provides excellent lumbar spine support and is quick to inflate.

One potential problem of this pillow top mattress is that it’s much heavier than other options. This is to be expected – especially as it’s a high-quality 13” mattress – but means you’ll probably need to enlist help to get it upstairs. Once it’s ready to sleep on, however, there are few mattresses in this price range that provide the same level of comfort.

3. Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Plush

For the ultimate in luxury mattresses, the Simmons Beautyrest Recharge is definitely an option to consider. The support layer is made from individually encased coils for better support, while the top pillow layer is made with 2” of luxury foam for added comfort. Sandwiched between the coils and foam is a layer of latex that provides comfortable support for almost any sleeping position.

Some of the reviewers have said that it is great for couples, as movement isn’t transmitted and it isn’t too soft (which prevents rolling together). Other reviewers praise the quality of the product and have noticed reduced joint pain since using it.

The Simmons Beautyrest is more expensive than other options on this list. Considering the combination of supportive coils, latex interior and foam pillow top layer, we think the product justifies the higher price. If you have a larger budget and want to buy one of the most luxurious mattresses on the market, the Beautyrest is definitely an option.


Pillow tops are probably the softest and most comfortable of all mattress types. While they sometimes have issues with durability and the mattress’ life expectancy (or they wear out faster and sag), and also can’t be turned when they start to lose shape (when pillow top mattresses sag), they provide a level of comfort that is almost unmatched. These are bad, but there are more good things that these products offer. They can also reduce joint pain and have low movement transmission – although this partly depends on the layer materials.

The most important factor when choosing a mattress of this type is the material used for both the support and comfort layer. You also need to consider your budget and firmness of the mattress. The right choice depends on your personal preferences (single or double pillow top mattress) and your sleeping position. Also, you have to ask yourself on how long can the pillow top mattress last.

We recommend the Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt Mattress if you’re looking for a pillow top with a relatively low price tag. The 11” thickness and high-quality foam make it a better choice for both support and comfort. The fact that it is Certipur-US certified also ensures that the materials are of the best quality.

Considering the great price, and good reviews from buyers, the Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams is an easy product to recommend.

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