10 Greats Ways To Stay Cool While You Sleep at Night

When we think of summer generally what first comes to mind is a summer vacation, perhaps on a beach, maybe some family picnics, iced teas and other relaxing beverages, etc. However, we may forget that there can be a gnarly side to summer and that is the hot weather. When the intense summer heat hits us, and the humidity levels rise, it is almost impossible to sleep comfortably through the night.

Most people believe that the only solution to be able to sleep calmly and cooly while achieving ideal REM is with an air conditioner. Not only can these modern devices allow for ideal sleeping temperatures, but the beautiful white noise they offer can also help sleep. However, they are huge energy guzzlers that not only will jack up your electric bills but can be environmentally unfriendly.

It may seem impossible to make it through the summer nights without an air conditioner, but remember that our ancestors survived. Here are ten of the best, the tried and proven strategies which can help you stay cool during hot summer nights while being environmentally friendly and budget conscious in the process.

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1. Always Go With Cotton

Although sheets made out of fabric such as polyester or silk can make us feel luxurious during cool winter nights, during the summer all you will feel is hot, sweaty and sticky. It is best to go with bed linens that are not only lightweight cottons such as Egyptian cotton but also light colored. These types of bed linens are breathable, and they promote the airflow and ventilation throughout the entire bedroom.

2. Freeze Your Pillow and Linens

Many people who have discovered that if they place their pillows and or linens in the freezer just for a bit before bedtime, the effect of trying to relax in a room which is warmer than average can be quite pleasant.

3. Get Creative With Your Fans

Now you can go old school and get some fans which can be strategically placed to keep the room cool at night, however, you can also use them in a variety of ways to maintain the temperatures low.

If you adjust your ceiling fans, so the blades are running counter-clockwise, instead of hot air being twirled around the room, it will be pulled up. You can also place you box fans facing out the window to draw the hot air away from you.


4. Buy a Cooling Mattress Pad

This relatively new yet safe technology consists of a mattress cooling pad which is available in many brands as well as bed sizes. These pads allow you to change the micro-climate of your bed so that you can have a cool mattress all night long regardless of how harsh the heat may be.

5. What is Heated Can Also Be Chilled

Many times we use hot water bottles to keep us warm when the temperatures are cold. This is something which can also work in hot weather except that instead of filling your hot water pad with boiling water, fill it with cold water and that will certainly help to cool things off in the evenings.

6. Be Careful With Your Alcohol Intake


Alcohol dehydrates the body; this means that the temperature of your body increases when you drink alcohol. So even though it may be fun to enjoy a glass or two of your favorite alcoholic beverage, it could affect how well you sleep at night when it is hot out.

7. Check Your Pulse

If you feel unusually hot and need to cool off immediately, pour cold water or apply cold compresses or ice packs to the pulse points on your neck, wrists, elbows, ankles, behind the knees and even the groin.

8. Maintain Hydrated

Drinking water is important throughout the day, however drinking a glass of water before going to bed can make things cooler. When the weather is hot we tend to sweat more; this means dehydration and heat, so water intake is important unless your bladder does not permit it.


9. Minimize the Use of Lights

This is a basic one; even the most environmentally friendly light bulbs expel heat. Now generally during the summer months it stays light out later so use that natural light as much as possible and once you need artificial light, keep it to the minimum. This will keep the rooms cooler before going to sleep.

10. Take a Cold Shower

Even if you showered after you got back from the gym or work, it helps to bring the body’s temperature down when we take a cold shower right before going to bed. It will also help you feel fresh and clean which is more conducive to a good night’s sleep.

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