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When it comes to the world of specialty mattresses, there are very few innovators who have enjoyed the success like the mattress companies known as TempurPedic and Select Comfort. Back in the day when memory foam was first introduced onto the markets, TempurPedic Mattresses were able to produce a product which was truly able to improve the sleep quality for an extensive amount of people.

To this very day this company is still associated as the benchmark that nearly all the other mattress manufacturers chase in relation to the market aimed at memory foam.

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When it comes to Select Comfort they focused on adjustable sleeping areas and prevention of sagging when they released the range known as the Sleep Number Beds which proved to be a massive success. The strategy that this company used is that, unlike springs that wear down as they age, air is not only available but abundant for everyone.

This is the driving force behind the core of the Sleep Number mattress. In addition, not many of the mattress businesses of today are able to accommodate the exact firmness adjustable levels in the same way that Sleep Number Beds do.


This is regarded as an innovative and brilliant change in relation to an industry that was once extremely static.

Unlike common mattress comparisons, these two mattresses are extremely unique and different products. This means that in the majority of cases, they attract completely different types of consumers. They do, however, share a few similarities. At the end of the day, consumers who conduct research on either of these products are the type of people that demand the very best when it comes to luxury mattresses.

It is important to note that even though the Sleep Number Beds have a bed on offer which is regarded as an entry-level product, it is able to satisfy just about any type of budget. Therefore it is in no way an indication that these mattresses are not luxurious.

In fact, both brands are able to cater to an extensive range of consumers. Although Sleep Number Beds from Select Comfort offer the more budget-friendly options, it also features a much higher-end of the scale mattress in the form of the Series P10 beds. These beds are designed to cater for buyers who are in search of the best when it comes to adjustable mattresses.


The True Comparison Of The Tempurpedic Vs Sleep Number

With the similar price points aside, both mattresses provide various different qualities and features. They are both able to offer the sleep options that are dedicated to the most discriminating buyers. While the TempurPedic is rated very well when it comes to quality and support, the Sleep Number Beds rates high in terms of adjustability and comfort. Below are comparisons that can assist you in deciding which mattress is the best choice for your requirements out of a bed.



The National Sleep Foundation made a discovery that comfortable bedding is an extremely important element in association to obtaining the correct number of hours that an individual sleeps each night. Sleep Number Beds adjust to the owner’s specific needs. The TempurPedic mattresses are in many cases criticized for being too firm.


Without a doubt, TempurPedic mattresses win hands down when it comes to this particular feature. This is because memory foam is able to apply the correct support to the various pressure points in the body as well as provide sufficient spinal alignment. Sleep Number Beds are similar to other types of mattresses but they do not come close. This gives an advantage to the TempurPedic mattresses.


The TempurPedic brand has a history in offering superior support to its owners. 

But, like the majority of the memory-foam products, consistency will wear down over time. In comparison, Sleep Number Beds allow for constant adjustment, which means that even though the air escapes, the owner of the bed can easily choose to dial-up for more whenever needed. However, the mold issues and valve problems posed a very real issue for these mattresses despite the fact that these particular issues have been dealt with.


Adjustable Sleep

Both of these mattresses provide adjustable bases available at an additional premium. But, the Sleep Number Beds have gone a step further by offering adjustable sleeping surfaces, which gives it an advantage over TempurPedic mattresses.

The Final Score

To assess which mattress is the best will rely on the consumer’s preferences. A person that suffers from chronic neck or back pain may prefer the Sleep Number Bed due to the fact that the comfort characteristics are able to be customized each night. Or the consumer may decide to seek remedy in the memory-foam mattress of a TempurPedic, which is also consistently known for alleviating pain – if not eliminating it completely. This particular scenario will change according to each buyer. For this reason it is very hard to say which of these brands is considered to be the best as they both offer their own unique set of qualities.

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