Simple Exercises To Reduce Your Neck Pain

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some simple exercises that can help ease your neck pain. Neck pain is a serious problem that affects a huge part of the population across the globe. Despite its severity, there are quite a few simple steps you can take to reduce this pain.

Improving your sleeping routine with a quality mattress and neck pain pillow is one such step. Another step you can take is performing simple exercises that stretch and strengthen the neck muscles, thus reducing neck pain.

Do you find that your neck soreness start because of a bad night of sleeping? If so, we highly recommend reading our guide to relieving neck pain from sleeping incorrectly.

Simple Stretches

It’s always a good idea to perform a few stretches before exercising any particular muscle. This same rule applies to exercises that impact the neck. These stretches are extremely simple and anyone can perform them without any special equipment.

The first is the levator scapula stretch. The levator scapula is actually a muscle and it often stiffens to a point where it can lead to neck pain. It attaches to the shoulder blades, where it can experience tenderness and pain.

You can perform the following stretch while standing or sitting.

Simple Stretches

First, raise your elbow above your shoulder on one side of the body. Rest the elbow against a door jamb or other vertical structure. While in this position, rotate the shoulder blade forward so that the levator scapula muscle is lengthened.

Next, turn your head away in the opposite direction of the arm and face your chin downward so that the back of the neck is stretched. Finally, use your free hand to gently pull your head forward to slightly increase the stretch. Hold the position for up to one minute and then repeat with the other side.

One final stretch is the corner stretch. It’s very simple. First, you stand facing a corner of a room at a distance of about two feet. Your feet should be close together and level. Next, place a forearm on each wall with the elbows just slightly below shoulder height. Finally, lean as far into the corner as possible without the presence of pain.

This will stretch the shoulders and chest, which affects the neck. Hold the position for thirty seconds or more.

Strengthening The Neck

Next is an exercise that strengthens the neck. Strengthening these muscles helps improve posture and reduce neck pain over time.

One of the simplest exercises you can perform that improve posture, strengthen the neck, and reduce pain is the chin tuck. It’s a common exercise for patients who are taking physical therapy for a related problem. It’s very easy to learn and perform just about anywhere. You can perform it while sitting at a table, while you’re in the car, or while sitting behind the desk.

It’s recommended to perform it standing up for the first time just to make learning it slightly easier. Once you have the motions mastered you can perform it anywhere and anytime without standing.


While standing with your back straight against the door jamb, pull your head back until the back of your head is resting firmly against the door jamb. The chin should still be facing down and not looking up. The head needs to be pulled back, yet straight.

Once you have assumed this position, you hold it for up to five seconds. Release, relax, and then perform the exercise again. Repeat this motion for sets of ten.

Once you have learned the proper motions with your head you can perform the exercise without standing against a door jamb. You can then perform it many times throughout the day. It’s a good idea to perform the chin tuck as soon as you feel neck pain developing. It can sometimes be used as an immediate form of relief.

Simple And Effective

It’s amazing to think that such simple stretches and exercises can have such a big impact, yet they do. By performing these stretches and exercises daily you can reduce neck pain in the long term.

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