New Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses Review Of 2017

Signature Sleep, a well-known mattress coming from a reputable mattress company falls perfectly into the budget category. It is an option you should consider if you’re shopping on a strict budget on a lower scale, but still, want to get the most out of your buck.

However, that said, is it worth your buck? Or would you be better off going for something a little more expensive after all? Some buyers just want to get these kinds of things over with and pick the first or second option they come across and get disappointed later, wishing they’ve given it more time and research.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you, and we will be detailing every aspect of these mattresses, both positive and negative, that we could find. This Signature Sleep mattress review should give you more than enough insight into whether or not this is the right choice for you.

Let’s move on with today’s review.

For its largest version, Signature Sleep features a 12-inch memory foam based Memoir mattress which has been designed for comfort and stability. This mattress will distribute your weight evenly, and its support base will help lift off the pressure from your shoulders, feet, and your hips. For those who prefer coil beds, their best seller is Contour 8-inch independently encased coil mattress.

This has been confirmed by various buyer reviews where current owners have stated that this mattress, in particular, has helped them get rid of neck and lower back pain, only a few weeks after sleeping on it.

Furthermore, it does a good job in the motion transfer department, since it is reduced moderately, this meaning you shouldn’t feel your partner tossing and turning through the night.

Durability-wise, it has a solid, dense construction core, basically meaning this is a product that you can expect to last.

Construction & Features

The Signature Sleep mattress is manufactured with a single top layer of memory foam 3.5“ thick, after which we see a comfort layer comprised of high-density foam 8.5“ thick.

The memory foam itself is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it is free from ozone depleters, flame retardants, TDCPP and PBDEs, and is overall a high-quality memory foam mattress.

These are also eco-friendly. It is rolled in a single box but does need 24-48 hours to completely fill up and expand before it’s ready for use. The package also includes a mattress top cover, which is easily cleaned and made out of a highly breathable material.


Signature Sleep seems to have made support one of their main goals with this mattress. This comes from surprisingly positive reviews from previous buyers who’ve had back or neck pain in the past, but say that the pain has subsided since they’ve introduced this mattress in their bedroom.

This probably comes from the fact that the foam is an ‘’indentation load defection’’ memory foam, which also gives you that feeling of firmness. That said, heavier sleepers might still experience being ”sucked in” into this mattress, and should consider getting a firmer model if this will be an issue for them.

Signature Sleep balanced Quality with Cost

image of a heavy sleeper

This Signature mattress is without a doubt, one of the cheapest mattresses in the entire industry. When you consider this, you have to expect some downsides to it, but still, we were quite surprised at how Signature managed to keep up with the manufacturing quality considering the price tag.

This provides an excellent budget-shopping opportunity. If you can’t afford anything more expensive, then this mattress should probably be at the top of your list.


Besides its exceptional support base, the second most praised feature about this mattress is the comfort. This is probably due to the fact that it contains a 4-inch tall visco-elastic memory foam layer, which goes a long way for comfort, but also provides that indentation feeling some sleepers just cannot cope with.

In a way, the source of all the comfort with this mattress is a two-way street. Yes, the extra soft visco-elastic foam does provide the comfort, but it also means you’re going to sink into the mattress if you’re on the heavier side.

There’s no other way to put it. If you’re light-weight, you’ll get all the comfort, with zero indentation. On the other hand, if you’re overweight, consider getting a firmer mattress.

Image of Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Well Packaged Delivery

This is another two-way street with this product. Signature compresses and vacuum-seals their mattresses before shipping them.

On the other hand, this is a good thing because this will provide easier transfer and lower shipping costs, but on the other, it will also increase the time needed for it to re-fill and expand to a point it’s ready for use.

After opening your package, you need to set this mattress into place and allow at least 24-48 hours before you can sleep on it.

What we Liked

  • Low Cost – This is one of the most affordable mattresses in the memory foam industry, which puts it at the top of our ‘budget shopping’ list among brands like Zinus (as mentioned in this Reddit thread).
  • Exceptional Support – Buyers who previously suffered from any kind of pain, especially back and neck pain, said that the pain subsided when they started sleeping on this mattress.
  • Comfort – This mattress carries an additional 4 inches of Visco elastic memory foam which is great for comfort.
  • Selection – product available in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes and in 6″, 10″, 8-inch and 12 inch thickness.

What we Didn't Like

  • Warranty – Signature Bedding provides a mere 1-year warranty period.


SignatureSleep does a great job of providing an excellent choice for shopping on a budget. If your budget is strict, but you still want to get the most for your buck, then this mattress is probably where you’re going to find the most value.

It is comfortable and helps with back and neck pain. It also breathes well meaning you won’t sleep hot during summer. However, the downside of the comfort feature is that if you’re on the heavier side – you’ll get that feeling of ‘sinking’ into your mattress.

It is nothing luxurious, but this Signature bed will provide good support for your body, distributes motion well, and should overall provide a restful, relaxing sleeping experience.

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