Best Rated iComfort Mattress Reviews – Cooling Gel Bed Series By Serta

When a high-quality mattress comes to mind, most people think comfort. However, there’s a lot more to a high-quality bed. Serta mattress will have the “i comfort” part as an added bonus, on top of all other benefits it brings to the table.

Owning an iComfort mattress will either keep you healthy or improve your health.

iComfort bed will keep you cool during warmer days, and warm during winter. It will also provide proper alignment of your spine, and help alleviate any shoulder, back or neck pain you may be experiencing.

Furthermore, its construction will provide good central and edge support. Its comfort layer will contour well to your body, and overall provide a restful, relaxing, and energizing sleeping experience. Now, you see there’s a lot more that describes a high-quality bed than just ‘being comfortable to sleep on.’ We know all this because reviewing mattresses is our job, and we know what to look at.

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However, plenty of people don’t understand even the basic specifications the manufacturers provide on their sales pages. CertiPur-Certified? 1.7lb/cb.ft memory foam density? What do these labels and numbers even mean? How do you know a 1.7lb density is any good, even though the manufacturer seems to use the number to brag about it? Unfortunately, these and many similar technical details only confuse buyers and leave them unsure about what mattress they should buy.

All of this can be extremely frustrating, especially when you’re looking at one bed that seems to be good, and then you encounter opposite buyer reviews. One states it’s the best option out there, while others say they couldn’t handle sleeping on it for more than a week. In our experience, consumers seem to misplace quality information with their personal preferences. Here’s a simple fact: You can find a high-quality iConfort mattress, and yet, it might be the worst possible decision for you. Imagine you’re buying shoes. It could be the absolute best shoe in the entire world, but if you get the wrong size, you’ll obviously have a bad experience. It’s similar with mattresses, but in addition to size, there’s a dozen of other factors you need to consider. Luckily, that’s what we’re here for. We’ll help and guide you into the right direction and compare Serta iComfort Mattresses.

Mattress Buying Guide

Here are some of the basic factors you need to take into account when picking out a new mattress for your bedroom.

Make Sure You Get the Right Size

We keep saying this, but plenty of buyers still overlook this one simple fact. You need to get the right size – King, Queen, Twin or Full. Remember my shoe analogy? If you get the wrong size, you’re going to have a bad time.

People seem to dismiss this factor by stating they’ll adapt to any size, as long as it’s ‘good enough’ and that this can’t be an issue for them. They’re wrong. You need to measure your bedroom, figure out exactly where the bed will fit and how much room you’ll have for other furniture. Opening, closing doors, adding new furniture, etc. Another thing you need to consider that people seem to have a hard time with is the status of their relationship.

When people are single, they indulge to a common mistake and say ”at least I’ll save up on the mattress by getting a smaller one.“ Don’t do this. Chances are, you’ll be using this bed for years to come, possibly over a decade. It’s much better to get a large bed right now, enjoy the extra room on it while you sleep alone, and then be ready when someone else joins you in your bedroom.

Consider the Construction/Support

Innerspring, latex, foam, pillow top (learn more about them), air-filled. Innerspring with pocketed coils or open coils, natural latex or not? Are you comfortable with a pillow top? And if you’re going with a memory foam option (which is what we recommend), what kind of foam? In our experience, high-density foam and good support beneath is the best option.

This type of bed (if it’s high quality) can provide you with all the features you need. This includes all the factors we previously discussed in this article. In short, innerspring mattresses are the cheapest option, but if you’re going with one, get pocketed coils, these are much better for motion isolation.

Going with latex? Skip it. Get memory foam. But if you really a want latex, make sure it’s natural (see the options). In other words – anti-allergenic, dust mite repellent and with a removable cover. Lastly, get air-filled beds only if you’re on an extremely tight budget, or if it’s for ”on occasion basis”, e.g., for camping, for a vacation home, guest room, tree house, etc.

Recommended Serta Mattress Reviews

After a close review, we decided to use these three Serta iComfort mattresses as a suggestion to all bed hunters out there who are looking for a perfect option.

Serta iComfort Directions Epic

This piece from the Directions collection features a Cool Action™ Dual Effects® Gel Memory Foam. Serta was actually the firimage of Queen Serta iComfort Directions Epicst to combine MicroCool+™ and MicroSupport® technologies into their material.

All these fancy labels pretty much mean that you’re getting an extremely comfortable yet supportive bed. These also mean that they provide better quality while keeping a similar price tag of its competitors, such as the current market leader – Tempurpedic.

Additionally, the Directions Epic seems to offer excellent motion isolation and pressure relief. You should seriously consider buying this mattress if you’re a back or side sleeper and if you enjoy a very soft material. Keep in mind that the softness of the foam in this bed can be both an upside and a downside. This is a personal matter. Some people enjoy ‘sinking in’ while for others this can be a deal breaker.

Serta iComfort Genius Everfeel

Just like it predecessor, the Genius Everfeel also features the Cool Action™ Dual Effects® Gel Memory Foam and the MicroCool+™ and MicroSupport® technologies. Again, this makes any bed extremely comfortable and supportive.

Even though the support in this mattress is much firmer than in the Epic, reviews still say that its surface is quite ‘plushy.’ In other words, you’ll sink in at least a bit. This bed is not recommended for overweight individuals.

On the other hand, it provides excellent back support, pressure relief and value over price. If you get this bed, you should expect a restful sleeping experience, one which will help alleviate any back, neck or shoulder pain problems. Reviewers have most praised Genius Everfeel for its quality, durability and long-term support, while others stated that it tends to be a bit too hot on warmer nights (see how to fix that).

Serta iComfort Prodigy Everfeel

Features Cool Action™ Dual Effects® Gel EverCool™ Memory Foam, meaning while providing the same level of support and comfort as do Genius Everfeel and Direction Epic beds, it also seems to provide a much cooler sleeping experience.

Its material also features the ComfortLast® technology, meaning your body will contour to the foam well over the night, and this effect should last for years. By inspecting countless buyer reviews, we recommend this bed to anyone who is enjoying sleeping on their side (see more options), their backs, and prefer a lot of softness.

Its motion isolation is excellent, as well as pressure relief. There really doesn’t seem to be a lot of downside to this mattress, except maybe its price. However, when you take all the benefits it carries into account, it really doesn’t seem to be a downside. Serta has really delivered, if not over-delivered on quality with this bed, and this explains its price tag. Compared to its competitor, Tempurpedic, Prodigy Everfeel has worked out better in the eyes of many individuals.


Price tags on these types of beds can be steep, that’s true, but if you think this might be a deal breaker, we urge you to reconsider. Owning a high-quality mattress can be life-changing. Proper support, pain relief, excellent comfort, and a cooling effect – what more could you ask for a night’s sleep?

Remember to pick out the right size, and make sure that the memory foam is a right fit for you. It certainly is for us, and countless other individuals. During our review, we couldn’t resist but to specifically mention the Serta iComfort Prodigy Everfeel.

It seems to have all the best of all Serta mattresses, while still carrying a reasonable price tag. If there’s a recipe for an excellent bed, Serta seems to be the owner of it, and the Prodigy Everfeel seems to be the result.

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