Our Amerisleep Vs. Saatva Bed Comparison

Have you been looking to buy either a Saatva or an Amerisleep mattress? Are you wondering which one of these two brands distributes more value? Should you go with an innerspring or a memory foam bed?

Well, give yourself some time and give this article a read. You’ll be done in about 3 to 4 minutes and will have a much better clue about which one of these brands would fit your exact needs and preferences.

Read on to learn how these two brands compare, how their beds compare and finally, we’ll see which one provides more value over their price.

Brand Comparison

Logos of Amerisleep and Saatva Both Saatva and Amerisleep have been around for a while, neither one of these companies is a start-up.

This means they both got extensive experience not only in manufacturing mattresses, but dealing with various customer care situations as well. Customer care is no joke. If a buyer has a problem, the company must be able to swiftly and efficiently fix any issues and professionally resolve the situation.

The main difference between these two is that Saatva sells a single, innerspring mattress, while Amerisleep sells only foam beds, and they’ve got five different ones. Right off the bat, we see we’ve got more options with Amerisleep, being that each one of their five beds has been catered to suit very specific sleeper preferences, e.g. sleeping position.

Both of these companies also offer very friendly warranty and trial period policies. The warranties from both brands’ range from 15 to 20 years, which is well above the industry standard, and the trial periods range from 90 to 120 days.

You should also know that both of these brands can provide more value for a lower price tag because both are online-only businesses.

This business model allows these companies to cut the prices on their products because they avoid the retail store and commercial investments/costs.

Comparing the Construction

image of a family on a bedOn the other hand, we’ve got Amerisleep. This company produces and sells memory foam mattresses only.

The foam used in Amerisleep beds is no joke, it’s plant-based, open-cell and is denser than a lot of other (even luxury-type) products on the market.

Plant-based means the company has taken the eco-friendly route, and open-cell means the mattress will have much better airflow and therefore provide a cooler sleep.

Amerisleep also uses Celliant-infused covers. This is an excellent addition and my personal favorite because Celliant has clinically shown to help individuals sleep longer and fall asleep faster. Furthermore, Celliant helps with the heat issues as well. It will actually transform your body heat into infrared light, providing a cooler sleep.

Additionally, infrared light has health-promoting properties. This literally means Amerisleep has found a way to provide cooler sleep while keeping the sleeper healthier.

They sell five different foam models, each catered to fit different needs. For example, the Amerisleep Americana‘s top layer is only 2“ thick, and is a firmer mattress – clearly meant for stomach sleepers.

On the other hand, Saatva sells only one bed. It’s innerspring-based, but you still have three firmness options to choose from.

When we compare these two types of construction, we get the following. Innerspring will provide more bounce, but also more motion transfer. Memory foam doesn’t provide any bounce but has excellent motion isolation.

These simple facts make Amerisleep a much better choice for couples; it isolates motion so well that tossing and turning during sleep on one side of the bed, won’t be felt on the other.

Comparing Price Over Value

image of a cozy bedroom

Before going into actual prices, you should know that both of these brands provide more value than you’re paying for.

We can realize this from the fact that they’re online-only businesses and that this approach allows companies to put a lower price tag on their products. This is exactly what Saatva and Amerisleep are doing.

Remember, we’re talking only value here, not specific features. And with value in mind, I’d have to say Amerisleep wins here – at least with their more expensive options.

However, the main point here is that you realize you get extraordinary value with any of these brands. There’s no winner or loser here, they simply both win.

Consider Buying Saatva If

You Prefer Innerspring Mattresses

You Want The Bounce – Being innerspring, the Saatva will provide a good chunk of that bouncy feeling, while Amerisleep (foam) will provide zero bounce. If bounce is “a must“ for you – might as well go with Saatva right now.

You Have No Specific Needs – You sleep in any imaginable position. Saatva has one bed – catered universally to all sleepers, while Amerisleep offers specific mattresses for, e.g., side-sleepers, back or stomach sleepers, etc.

Consider Buying Amerisleep If

You Prefer Foam Mattresses

You Appreciate High-Quality Memory Foam – Amerisleep provides only foam beds. All of these are made out of next level foam where they provide comfort, support and being plant-based – excellent airflow.

You Want the Special Covers – Amerisleep mattress covers are Celliant-infused, allowing the individual to sleep much cooler than a standard foam bed, while also providing health-promoting benefits.


Both brands have a lot of experience in the business. They know how to deal with customer care issues, and they’ve been selling mattresses and receiving consumer feedback for a long time now.

They both operate exclusively online – meaning their products provide more value while keeping a lower price tag, as opposed to other brands who sell beds in retail stores.
It comes down to picking out between Innerspring and Memory foam.

Innerspring means more bounce, and a cooler sleep experience, while foam is typically more comfortable and has excellent motion isolation (better choice for couples).

Amerisleep also provides more options, if you’ve got a specific sleeping position, you’re better off with one of their beds.

While Saatva doesn’t provide these options, it does still let you pick from three firmness levels.

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