New Olee Mattress Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Have you been looking for a combination of high quality and a low price tag? Well, many would say the posed question is contradictory to itself, because how can you expect good quality and an extremely cheap price tag?

It just doesn’t make sense. While that’s all true, there are still products out there that at least come close. As I’ve recently found out – the Olee mattress is one of those products.

image of Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Innerspring MattressYes, it’s cheap, and you can’t expect miracles in your bedroom with this bed, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t suit all your needs and serve its purpose perfectly.

Just by looking at its construction, we realize the company who makes Olee Sleep did put some thought into its quality. What surprised me most is the fact that it’s made out of 5, yes – five – different layers of materials.

Anyways, I decided to write this review to help you see if Olee would be a good fit. We’ll discuss its construction, the best features, and finally, we’ll create an actionable pros and cons list summary of everything involved.

Let’s move on with the review, and you’ll see what I mean by reading along.

Olee Sleep Construction

Olee’s mattress is 13“ thick, and it’s a combination of multiple types of foam and springs, meaning it’s a hybrid– a sought-after combination these days.

The company behind this bed is obviously trying to fill in a market gap because a lot of people don’t want to depend on memory foam-only, it usually sleeps hot, and you tend to “sink in“ when you sleep on it.

On the other hand, innerspring mattresses with, for example, latex on top tend to provide much less comfort.

Now, Olee has combined the comfort of memory foam and the support and structure quality of springs.

The innerspring – foam combination will allow sleep that’s comfortable, cool, and even doesn’t let you sink into it because the springs beneath provide pressure upwards on the foam on top.

Olee is comprised of five different layers. We see a 7.5“ thick coil layer, which is supposed to serve as support and firmness, effectively keeping the foam on top in check and position.

This is followed by a neat 1“ thick cooling gel-infused foam layer which allows for better air circulation and therefore provides excellent heat retention.

After this, we stumble upon a 1.5“ thick soft-foam layer for added comfort and support.

What’s left are the two foam layers on top. Both of these layers provide some much-needed comfort and support, which also contour to your body perfectly and provide pressure relief.

Both layers are 2“ thick, one’s a high-density memory foam, while the other is a poly-fabric – which also provides comfort but is more suited for providing airflow and therefore a cooler sleep experience.

Read on to learn what this kind of construction provides.

Motion Isolation

One other downside of innerspring beds is terrible motion isolation. This is why most couples today go for memory foam beds – they’re known for motion isolation so well that you can do jumping jacks on one side of the bed while your partner sleeps comfortably, undisturbed on the other.

The Olee Sleep is an innerspring mattress, but it contains multiple layers of foam as well. This means you should see good motion isolation, while also having at least some of that bouncy feeling.

Motion isolation is a benefit of this bed because it’s an innerspring construction. This means it’s a great fit for people who love the support and bounce of innerspring, but still, need the motion isolation for couples.

You can now have both, at least to some degree, and this is one of the things that makes Olee Sleep a better choice than many other in the same price range.

Industry Average Warranty and Trial Period

image of a girl on a nice bedEven though it’s priced so low, Olee still slapped a 10-year long warranty on this particular bed. The trial period can even be considered above-average.

It involves a 100-day trial run in which time you can choose to either keep the mattress or return it to Olee for a full refund.

What’s even more surprising is that they even offer free shipping, they’ll actually send their people to pick up the return from your home address. You have to understand that this is extremely rare.

Even huge brands like Amerisleep don’t do this and make you pay for the return shipping if you decide to return the bed.
Long warranty and trial period policies show the company’s confidence in its products, which usually means you’ve stumbled upon a quality product.

You should also note that there are mattresses with double or triple the price of Olee but still provide a mere 5-year warranty policy.

What We Liked

Motion Isolation – The Olee Sleep provides good motion isolation. It’s not perfect, but it’s basically the best you’ll get at this price range and if you’re looking to have both innerspring and memory foam.

Value Over Price – Based on both the facts in this article and on previous buyer feedback, we deem this bed is worth at least double its current price. This is actually not surprising since Olee uses the online-only business model.

Extremely Friendly Return Policy – If you opt in for a return, you get a full refund, and Olee will also pay for the return shipping.

Warranty and Trial Period – The ten-year warranty and 100 day trial period put this bed in an extremely comfortable buying position for many people. A lot of mattresses that are much more expensive offer a mere five-year warranty period.

What We Didn’t Like

Possible Sagging/Indentations – Even though Olee received 90% positive feedback, some still did complain of signs of sagging and indentations. Still, most people seemed happy with it, saying they were surprised how much they got for such a low price tag.

Image of Olee Sleep Mattress


I’ve basically talked positively about this bed during this whole article, except for the sagging bit at the end.
Don’t get me wrong. If you’re willing to spend upwards of $1000 for a mattress, you’re probably going to get something much better.

The fact that I’m telling you Olee is a good choice mostly revolves around the fact that it’s very valuable in comparison to its price tag.

If you’re on a strict budget, this is an excellent choice. You’ll hardly find anything better at the same price range.
Also, if you happen to be a fan of the innerspring/foam combination – on top of shopping on a budget – then this bed is probably the perfect choice for you.

You should also remember that you can always return your Olee Sleep product within the 100-day period for a full refund without any cost, and if you don’t, the warranty will cover you for the next ten years.

The summary is simple. This mattress belongs on top of every best buy list.

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