6 Luxury Nest Mattress Reviews (Alexander Signature and others)

With so many choices out there, it can be hard picking out one single company you’re supposed to trust to take care of your bedroom department. That said, we’ve picked one out of the flock and decided to see what they’ve got. Today, we present you our Nest Bedding Review.

This company seems to be very well known for their dedicated customer service, American-made products, and last but not least – great prices. We’ll take these claims and compare them to user reviews, but also, we’ll be looking at what this company has to offer.

Nest Bedding is a top tier family-owned bedding and mattress company, one of those companies that’s been around for years, so getting previous buyers’ opinions on the company wasn’t hard at all.

Individual Mattress Reviews

Currently, Nest Bedding is featuring different mattresses on their homepage, each with its own specifications and custom features. We’ll be looking at the most popular choices, so pay close attention and you might just find what you were looking for.

Nest Alexander Signature

image of a nice beddingFirst and foremost, the imitation game has gone far and wide with these mattresses, there’s plenty of copies on the market (usually cheaper) these days, but our advice is that if you’re going for a Hybrid, go with the original. The Alexander Signature Hybrid uses copper-infused foam that’s quite an innovation and combines well with its high-quality edge support which it gets from its individual coil construction. The foam used in these is USA made, Durabel certified, and CertiPUR-US certified, which basically means it’s made out of high-quality, rigorously tested parts and materials.

Nest Alexander mattress itself is composed out of a 2“ Soft Quilted Foam with a 1.5 density and its topped off with a cooling stretch fabric, meaning this is one of those beds that is cool in summer, and warmer in winter. Furthermore, it contains a 2“ Copper infused gel foam with a 3.5 density, a 2“ SmartFlow foam with 1.8 density, and a 7“ 5-zoned edge support coils. All in all, this is one of those mattresses should suit most sleepers, and especially side sleepers, according to current owners.

The Love & Sleep

This mattress also uses NestBedding’s SmartFlow Air technology, with the difference being in the foam, which is a US-made Energex foam. Love & Sleep is available in firm and medium and one of its main features include a thermic cooling fabric, meaning it’ll provide that cool feeling on warmer nights. The cooling fabric is a 1“ phase cooling cover, followed by a 3“ 2.8 lb Energex comfort layer, a 1“ SmartFlow Air technology layer, and a 6“ edge support foam with a 1.8 density.

The bread and butter of this mattress is actually its price, where NestBedding themselves tend to compare it to other mattresses which cost almost 3 times more but offer the same exact features. In fact, according to buyer reviews, this mattress seems to be the perfect choice for buyers on a budget. It seems to offer many of the same features an expensive mattress would too, including the choice of thickness (medium/firm), its airflow technology, the Energex foam, and the phase change cooling fabric.

The Active X

Image of layers on Active X Nest BeddingThe Active X seems to be the proud choice of many previous buyers that had trouble sleeping in warmer Summer nights. If there was a mattress made solely to help people battle having trouble sleeping at night because they turn and sweat a lot – this would be it.

The ActiveX deals with these issues with its 2“ Energex Gel Foam, Phase Change Fabrics, a 2“ ActiveX Cooling Foam, and to top it all of – a 2“ Air Flow Layers. The base layer itself is made out of an extremely high-density foam. Apart from offering that extreme cooling effect, ActiveX is also one of the rare mattresses that come in different colors. In fact, when buying one, you may choose a green, blue or a red color.

This is a way NestBedding lets you spice up your bedroom if you’re particularly concerned with fashion and style. To summarize, this mattress is an excellent choice for people who have trouble falling asleep due to warm weather, and also provides fashionable options.

The Q3 Latex

The Q3 Latex offers a little me room when it comes to picking out the thickness. You can go with a medium, firm, or a soft version, and the main difference here (besides the obvious) is that the medium/firm options come with 9 inches of Dunlop Latex, with no added top layer. On the other hand, the soft option offers those same 9 inches of Dunlop, with an addition of a 3“ Talalay Latex layer on top.

One great thing about this mattress is that you can choose to go with an eco-friendly product. It’s available in all organic, certified materials, and the options include an Oeko-Tex Certified Latex, a PureGrow Wool, and a Blended Organic option. The Q3 Latex Mattress seems to be the correct choice for sleepers who are looking for that extra-soft feeling, who love to be ‘sucked in’ when sleeping and enjoy the extra bounce.

The SmartHouse Collection: Cool Sleeper

This presents a collection of mattresses that come straight from Carter Oosterhouse and Amy Smart, and it’s offered exclusively at Nest Bedding. The types include a plush or a firm, feature extraordinary breathability and support. On top of their 6“ high-density support, these mattresses also go hand in hand with comfortable night’s sleep, offering a wool/cotton sleep surface. The top layers are wool-filled with a 2“ quilted top, followed by a 2“ transition foam in the middle, and a 2“ memory foam beneath, which is CertiPUR Certified and convoluted.

One particular reviewer said that during their 6 months use, they’ve noticed no indentation and that the wool-cotton sleep surface really provides a nice cooling effect during warmer nights. This mattress seems to be a great choice for all Amy Smart/Carter Oosterhouse fans.

The BKB – My Big Kid’s Bed

Image of layers on Active X Nest BeddingThe BKB was actually the first kids’ mattress introduced to the online market, and a “first mattress in a box solution for kids“ as Nest Bedding likes to put it. The main point of this mattress is the fact that it’s been specifically designed for kids and young adults.

Like many other NB’s products, it’s also been made in the USA, is a Factory Direct, CertiPUR-US certified, but also carry no fire barrier and contain nothing toxic. The BKB is 7“ tall, and ready for use either on bunk beds or a custom base. The foams are made out of a 2“ breathable high-density Energex foam, and a 5“ edge support foam for the base.

All in all, a great choice for your kids, especially if you don’t have time to go mattress shopping locally. This mattress comes in a box right to your door and the shipping is free throughout the US.

Pros & Cons of Nest Beds

What we Liked

  • Manufactured in USA – the entire product line of this company is currently being manufactured in the USA, a fact that is often a deciding point for many buyers
  • Nest Bedding Return Policy – you’re welcome to try out your new mattress for as many as 100 nights, and if at any point of this period you decide this isn’t a good fit for you, you can send it back and receive a 100% refund
  • Two Warranty Tiers – any product you buy here carries an indentation warranty (of 1“ or more), which is usually 10 years for cheaper products, and 20 years for more expensive models
  • Free US Shipping – if you’re ordering from inside the US, you get your package delivered at no extra cost (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and international shipping)

What we Didn't Like

  • No Trial Period for International Orders – the 100 nights trial period for all Nest Bedding products is only valid for US orders, and does not cover international shipping

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