Affordable & Solid IKEA Morgedal Mattress – Review And Buyer’s Guide

Have you been looking for an inexpensive solution that’s going to take care of all the standard mattress concerns? Well, you might have just struck gold with the Morgedal.

Let me be blunt right off the bat. This is not a luxury or a particularly high-end mattress. There are other beds out there that are better.

While it’s true that this mattress is quite inexpensive as opposed to the level of its quality – it’s still not going to suit your needs if you’re looking for a super high-end or luxury product. That said, you shouldn’t look at this as a downside to this product.

Most beds sold today are in medium-end quality range, just like this one, and luxury options are usually reserved for people who don’t even look at the price tag.

Being an IKEA mattress, and based on countless user reviews – I’ve found that this bed provides more value as opposed to its price. In other words – it’s a safe buy.

Furthermore, buying an IKEA bed has never been easier or more risk-free than today. I say this because not only do they offer as much as 25 years of warranty for the product, but they also give you a 365 day trial period.

You should know that most medium-end mattresses today come with either a 5 or 10-year warranty, and if they offer a trial period – it’s around 90 days in most cases.

Here we see IKEA breaking bricks with their heads and slapping a 25-year warranty on top of a one year trial period. The trial period means you’re welcome to ask for a full refund anytime within the one year after purchase. You’re also allowed just to pick another bed instead of the refund.

These kinds of policies tell us that IKEA is extremely confident in their products, and since they offer such a long trial period – they’ve obviously had minimal returns.

Good Construction Quality

image of a good mattress

IKEA went all-foam with the Morgedal, and they obviously wanted something simple as well. The Morgedal is made out of only two layers – both poly foam.

On bottom, we see a 2.5“ thick Poly Foam layer followed by a 3.75“ thick Poly Foam layer on top. This puts its total thickness at just over 7“. It’s a particularly low height mattress but let’s see how this impacts its features.

The top layer serves as both a support and comfort source, while the bottom layer’s primary purpose is support, but also keeping the top layer in position.

Being so thin, this also means that, unfortunately, this bed is not going to be a good option for people on the heavier side. If you’re overweight, Morgedal is too thin to support it.
You can still sleep on it, sure, but any extra weight applied on the thin top foam layer will basically render it useless.
Concerning firmness options, the Morgedal comes in firm and medium-firm.

However, you should note that a lot of previous buyers left feedback saying the medium-firm option is extremely firm itself, and that this is the firmest mattress they’ve ever slept on.

Our opinion is that the medium-firm option should be just enough for side-sleepers, while if you’re more of a back or stomach sleeper, definitely consider going for the firm option.

Suitable Cover

IKEA Morgedal also comes with a mattress cover. The cover is made out of 64% polyester and 36% cotton. Nothing special, but the combination should keep the cover both soft to the touch, and very durable as well.

The cover is also extremely thin, meaning that you’ll sleep very close to the poly foam beneath and this also means that the whole mattress will breath better – providing for a cooler sleep.

While the cover is white, the sides of the Morgedal are gray, a color combination a lot of beds are using today. This isn’t particularly important in my opinion, but I wanted to leave it out there in case it is for you.

Motion Isolation

image of a baby on a mattress

After reviewing so many beds, features like motion isolation seem unnecessary to even mention in memory foam based mattresses.

However, not everyone has spent years research and looking into hundreds of different specifications. Well, my point here is that since this is a memory foam bed – motion isolation is destined to be a good part of it. Memory foam will contour to your body perfectly and won’t respond to outward pressure.

This basically means that this bed is a good choice for couples. You can basically do jumping jacks on one side of the bed – while your partner sleeps undisturbed on the other.
Also, a good choice if you’ve got kids who sleep on the same bed, e.g., twins. This bed would let them both sleep undisturbed even if the other one tends to toss and turn a lot during sleep.

What We Liked

Suitable for any Sleep Position – The thin top comfort layer of poly foam will perfectly contour to your shoulder and hip once you’re on your side. However, it’s still firm enough for back or stomach sleepers.

Low Price Tag – It’s not a luxury mattress, but at this price, this might be the very best you can find.

Doesn’t Sink Much – Previous customers have written feedback stating that there’s absolutely no sagging even after 12-18 months of use. Some said they noticed a little bit of sagging after a year.

Warranty & Trial Period – 25-year warranty policy, and a 365 trial period. Apply for a refund or take another mattress. The best policies in the industry and then some.

What We Didn’t Like

Not Suitable for Heavier People – Unfortunately, this mattress is too thin for heavier or overweight people. The top comfort layer is just not thick enough to support much weight.

Might Sleep Hot – Even though the thin covers will help, this bed doesn’t feature any cooling agents. We haven’t noticed people complaining about this particularly, but it’s logical to assume it’ll be at least warmer than the average mattress.

Image of IKEA Morgedal


The IKEA Morgedal is an inexpensive mattress that provides more than you’d think.

Just consider the price tag and then realize there are good comfort and support here, there’s excellent motion isolation, it’s extremely easy to move around, and it’s fit for all sleeping positions.

On the other hand, it’s only 7“ thick with the 3.75“ top layer, and this makes it a very bad choice if you’re even slightly overweight. One other possible downside is its cooling abilities.
I already mentioned that since it’s got a thin polyester/cotton cover, this will help improve airflow. That said, it’ll still sleep hotter than many foam beds out there that have cooling gel-infused top foam layers.

The summary is simple. This is an excellent budget buy. If you’re looking to buy at this price range, IKEA is the perfect way to go, and so is this bed – unless you’re overweight, that is.
Remember that you’re allowed to use it for 365 days without losing your money. Within this period, you can opt into the return policy and have it returned for either a full refund or for a different mattress.

If you decide to keep it, the 25-year warranty should have you feel extremely comfortable about your investment.

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