Complete 2017 Mattress Thickness Guide

Has this been an issue for you? Have you been trying to pick out a new bed, but came across a huge decision every step of the way? If this explains your situation – I don’t blame you.

image of a baby sleeping on a mattressI’ve been researching, buying and trying out beds for years now. And during this time, I’ve developed some buying technique that now all my friends and family use. Throughout this mattress thickness guide, I’m going to share it with you.

Picking out a new bed is not something you should consider lightly. Even if you don’t care about the price you’re going to pay – the simple fact is that whatever you buy is probably going to stay in your bedroom for a decade, or more.

This is what makes buying a bed such a tiresome task. It’s something that’s going to be changed once every ten years, or maybe five years if it’s a cheaper, lower quality model.

Unfortunately, there’s no standard answer here. Mattress firmness is a decision that should be based on your individual, personal preferences. There’s no universal all-in-one or a global solution of any kind.

That said, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve still managed to create a short list of things you should consider first when trying to pick out the firmness of your bed.

Consider Your Sleeping Position

This is very simple. Follow this guide, and you’re bound to make the right choice. If you’re a side-sleeper, you absolutely need something a bit softer, something that’s going to provide the necessary pressure relief for your hips and shoulders.

If you’re a back or a stomach sleeper – go firmer. These positions mandate a firm surface which will allow your body to contour to the mattress perfectly and create support all-around.

During your research for a new mattress, you surely came across a statement that said more firmness means more support. Following this logic, everyone should just get the firmest bed out there, right? No!

This is only valid if you’re an avid back or stomach sleeper. If you prefer falling asleep on your side – get something medium-firm at most. I’d personally suggest just going for soft or plush.

If you’re buying an innerspring mattress – go for soft. If it’s a memory foam bed – go for medium-firm, or even firm if the model you’re going with contains low-density foam.

Want to find out more? Read a study on what kind of bed you should use if you’re experiencing low back pain.

Consider your Weight

image of a girl sleeping comfortablyAlmost everyone I know hates discussing their weight, or even thinking about it. If this is true for you as well, I’d ask you to put that aside for this decision and think about it carefully.

This is a no-brainer, but a lot of people still forget to realize that your weight is obviously going to dictate how your mattress feels to you. For example, if you’re overweight, you will need a bed with more support, than someone who’s lightweight would need.

And because support equals firmness, you would then need to get a firmer mattress. If on the other hand, you’re particularly thin, you’re probably going to be just fine with a soft firmness level.

If your weight is perfectly stable, in the average for your height, then try out a medium-firm bed.

Get a Bed With a Good Trial Period

You might find a seemingly perfect bed – and buy it. If you buy it online, you’re not going to get a chance to try it out before it’s already comfortably in your bedroom.

Once you do try it, there’s a slight chance you’re going to regret your decision. If this does happen, you’re going to want to have a mattress with an extensive trial period.

Most brands offer at least a 2-3 month trial period. This is a period within which you can decide to return the bed and receive a full refund.

That said, you should know that some of these brands require you to pay for the return shipping, which can sometimes span into hundreds of dollars.

Once you pick out your dream bed, make sure you read up or even contact the brand by phone and directly ask what happens if you dislike the bed and wish to return it within a certain period.


Remember to consider the fact that a “medium-firm” innerspring is still going to be a notch firmer than a “medium-firm” memory foam mattress. Take this into account when picking out the firmness for your model.

There’s no harm in asking for information. If there’s something unclear about the bed you’re buying, give the brand a phone call and directly ask them everything you want to know. I highly suggest doing this to be sure about their warranty/trial period.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my thickness (depth) guide for mattresses. If you feel like shopping for a bed right now – feel free to browse my website. There’s a lot of mattress buying guides you might enjoy going through.

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