Highly Praised IKEA Matrand Review: Pros & Cons

With so many options out there, it’s no wonder that a lot of people have felt the frustration that comes from even trying to buy a mattress.

There are hundreds of brands to choose from and thousands of different models. Then there’s the choice of different construction materials, various firmness options, etc.

Then there’s the price tag. Undoubtedly a huge factor which often makes or breaks a bed choice.

To make matters worse, people don’t seem to understand that just because a mattress is expensive (and high-quality) that it has to be perfect for their needs.

Imagine that you’re a couple and you buy a $3,000 luxury innerspring bed, a product that’s truly a masterpiece of modern day bed design, only to found out you’ve never slept worse.

How did this happen?

image of a toy on a mattressMotion transfer. Innerspring mattresses are mostly terrible at isolation motion, so if you or your partner tend to toss and turn a lot during sleep, you’re not going to have a good time with this bed.

In fact, you’d sleep better on a much cheaper foam bed. Foam is the best material in the industry for isolating motion.

Now you know that even though a mattress may be perfect in one situation, in can become a nightmare in another – regardless of its quality or price.

Now you know that even though a mattress may be perfect in one situation, in can become a nightmare in another – regardless of its quality or price.

This is the attitude I’d invite you to take when reading the rest of this buying guide.

I’ll be reviewing a mattress with a lower price tag, and while there are countless of beds out there deemed better and made with higher quality materials – it doesn’t mean you’d sleep on them better than on this one.

We’ll discuss what kind of individuals would truly enjoy sleeping on the Matrand. First, let’s review some of its best features.

Good Construction Quality and Multiple Options

One other notable difference is that latex does provide a bit of that bouncy feeling. It will not contour to your body and “sink in” but will rather remain firm on the surface regardless of your position or sleeping habit.

Memory foam will, on the other hand, contour to your body and while this provides better pressure relief for your shoulder and hips (if sleeping on your side), it will still “sink in” at least a bit.

To summarize – go with foam if you’re a couple. However, you can still go with latex as a couple if you don’t care much for motion transfer and if you want that bounce.

Also note that the latex version is only available in Queen size, while you can get the foam option in Full, Queen, and King.

Both options use polyfoam for the base/support layer, and its density is not very high. These are perhaps the two main downsides of this bed.

Having low or even medium-density foam means this mattress isn’t a good fit for overweight people, and also means that it won’t keep its original sturdiness for too long. You should expect to see noticeable signs of indentations or sagging within five years of use.

That said, you should also know that IKEA slapped a 25-year long warranty on this bed, along with a 365 day trial period. You can either opt for a full refund or exchange within the trial period.

Easy Maintenance

The Matrand is particularly easy to clean and maintain and transfer as well. This bed comes packaged in a roll (like Bed-In-A-Box), and if you keep the packaging, you can later use it to move it around and even put it into your car with ease.

The surface fabric of this mattress can actually be easily removed and washed in a machine. This means you’ll never have to worry about stains or bacteria – as you’ll be able to wash it regularly with absolutely no hassle.

Excellent Warranty and Trial Period Policies

IKEA provides a 25-year long warranty policy on many of their beds, and the Matrand no different. It’s obvious that this brand has a lot of confidence and trust in their own product, which is obviously a good sign.

If nothing else, you’ll be able to relax with this purchase because you know you’re covered for a long time.
While most mattresses at this price offer a mere 5 or 10-year warranty, IKEA offers 25 – certainly the best warranty policy in the industry.

But that’s not all. You also get as much as 365 days of sleep on this bed before you decide whether or not to keep it. If you decide you dislike it, simply call for a return and receive either a different mattress or a full refund.

What We Liked

Affordable – We’ve mentioned both up and downside of this bed. One thing is a fact though – you won’t find much better within this price range. The Matrand’s value is greater than what’s written on its price tag.

Warranty & Trial – With the Matrand, you sleep relaxed knowing there’s a 25-year long warranty policy behind your back, and you don’t even have to sweat it until at least a year has passed because that’s how long the trial period is.

Easy Maintenance – Being that the fabric cover on this mattress can be removed, this warrants for easy cleaning where taking it off and throwing it in the washing machine takes a minute or two.

Construction Options – Something we rarely see. IKEA lets you choose your own topping for this mattress – you can go with either memory foam or latex.

What We Didn’t Like

Latex Model Only in Queen – Even though the foam options come in Full, Queen and King, if you’d rather go with latex – you’re stuck with the Queen size.

Bad for Overweight People – Both construction options include a polyfoam bottom layer, and it’s not very dense. This means it wasn’t designed to withstand much weight for longer periods of time.

Image of IKEA Matrand


This bed was IKEA’s attempt at suiting a wide range of people looking for a mattress on a budget.

You get the pleasure of easy maintenance, extremely friendly warranty, and trial policies, and even get to choose the top construction layer – all while spending only a fraction of what these kinds of features usually go for.

While there’s definitely a lot better products out there, the Matrand is still at the top of the list in its price range.
If you cannot spend more, I strongly suggest you consider buying this bed.

Remember, memory foam for couples, latex for singles, or for couples who aren’t disturbed by feeling every single move from their partner on the other side of the bed.

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