Is The Love & Sleep Bed From Nest A Great Value?

Our Rating = 9/10

Are you aware that we spend approximately 50 percent of our lives asleep? Isn’t it important to you to have that time be well spent?

Are you sick of spring mattresses, and looking to get into the revolutionary memory foam technology that’s been taking over the mattress industry?

Are you a person who has chronic back or neck pain, and is constantly looking for a way to solve the pain management problems that plague you day to day?

The Love & Sleep Mattress (formerly The Love Bed), by California company Nest Bedding, is an affordable, eco-friendly, memory foam style mattress that will be pleasing to a majority of people. It’s an amazing way to get a good bang for your buck, and despite being affordable it’s also incredibly well constructed in its design.

Image with a man with a chronic back pain

Love Mattress Price Is Affordable

The Love Mattress comes beautifully packaged in eco-friendly materials that keep the mattress in as beautiful of shape until it arrives at your front door. Compared to the pricing of other mattresses in the same size, it’s a steal of a value. That price was without shipping included. Sadly, that’s a little out of most people’s budget, so it’s a pleasant surprise when consumers come across the Love Bed.

Great Construction

Image of a comfortable bedNest Love and Sleep Mattress arrives in a beautiful box (that you can recycle or give to the kids to play in), with beautiful mint green tissue paper. The people at Nest even write hand-written cards, thanking consumers for the purchase, and welcoming them to the ranks of people who get an amazing night’s sleep!

When Nest Love Bed is unpackaged and assembled (which is quite easy considering unpacking it is the only step), it’s ready to go, so you can immediately lay on it and enjoy the most comfortable bed most people have ever slept in, due to the patented 3 layer construction.

There’s a 5” of base foam all the way at the bottom for maximum support, and the important thing to note here is that it’s stronger on the edges to make sure your mattress does not fall apart. This is good. Have you ever tried to move a memory foam mattress before? The foam slides all around and you’re left with a lump in one place or another that’s impossible to get out. This is not the case with Love Bed Mattress, and while, at 57 pounds, it’s a little heavy to move, it is sturdy and unflappable.

The base foam is topped with a 1 inch of transition foam, so that you can go from sleeping to standing to jumping, if you wish, without things or people on the bed being disturbed. There’s a really neat study on Nest beds by Harvard University, which shows that a light-sleeping partner is woken up 27% of the time in a Nest bed, as opposed to 79% of the time in other comparable beds.

Next, is a 3-inch layer of Energex foam, which is patent pending. This is what makes this bed truly special. This is the foam that helps to contour to your body. It’s especially necessary if you have back or neck problems or lumbar support issues. I asked my chiropractor if she had heard of Energex foam, and she said, by all means, it’s the absolute best thing that I can do for my back in this moment.

Finally, to top it all off, there’s a cover made from phase change fabric designed to keep the mattress cool by accumulating heat from your body. If this is not enough, there is a cooling topper and cooling pillow that you can get and these are often purchased with the Love and Sleep Bed, or immediately after by 80% of those people who buy the bed.


  • eco-friendly
  • affordable
  • well-constructed
  • Cons

  • a bit heavy to move if you’re redecorating often because it’s all in one piece
  • takes a while to get used to if you’re used to a spring mattress
  • a little bit less temperature controlled than less dense mattresses, but add-ons are available

  • If you have chronic back pain, neck pain, don’t have a lot of money to spend on a new mattress, enjoy being eco-friendly, like exceptional customer service, and a quality product, I strongly suggest you try the Love Matress by Nest today!

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