How Long Should It Take To Fall Asleep?

According to a study, 30% of the American population is sleep deprived, and this number is rising. People are not getting enough sleep, and it has to do with a plethora of reasons. One of those reasons involves not being able to fall asleep faster and therefore wasting time rolling around without a way fall into your sleep cycle.

This read is going to discuss the science behind sleeping, how long it should take to fall asleep, and how to fall asleep faster.

Science Behind Sleeping

Let’s start with the science of sleeping as that is going to set the foundation for this article.

In essence, sleeping is a core component of human life as a living organism; humans require a set amount of sleep to rejuvenate their energy supply and remain mentally alert. The moment one starts ignoring this, it has an impact on quality of life.


Sleep is the premise of your nervous system becoming inactive in a state of rest. The brain falls into a REM cycle, which helps it to relax and recuperate.

This is a critical stage of one’s day as it’s the time your body uses to repair itself.

How Long Should It Take To Fall Asleep?

The central question comes down to how long should it take a “normal” person to fall asleep.

The numbers will vary, and each person is unique.

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In general, the average person should be taking no more than 5-10 minutes. There is a stage in one’s sleep cycle where the eyes are shut, but the brain is still working. This is where many people get stuck.

Any longer than 5-10 minutes and changes will have to be made to your approach.

Here are tips to help you fall asleep faster.

Tips To Fall Asleep Faster

What should a person be doing in order to sleep faster at night?

Here are four tips to help you out.

1) Set a Schedule

You need to set a proper schedule for when you’re going to be in bed at night. Too many people have a moving target in this regard, and it shows.

The body doesn’t have time to adjust.

You need to set a pattern. It’s the reason children can sleep well. Their bodies are adapted to a certain schedule at night and they’re usually in bed by that time.

Set a Schedule

You have to do the same and your body will follow along.

2) Remove All Mobile Devices From the Vicinity

There are many people who are now using mobile devices while in bed and that was something people didn’t have in the past. When you’re holding a mobile device in your hand, it becomes easier to stay awake. The light is directly in your eyeline.

Don’t let this happen.

You have to shut these devices off and realize the goal is to go to asleep at a set time. If not, you are never going to be able to fall asleep and it will become a difficult cycle to get through.

Mobile devices have started to show expedited results for how damaging they can be.

3) Dark Rooms Are Best

How much light comes through the window when you sleep? Most people need to sleep in a dark room as that will allow your body to rest.


When the light is on, the body still remains alert.

By shutting off the light and going to bed, you are giving yourself a far better chance in the long-term and that should be the goal.

Turn off the light and make sure excess light doesn’t slip through from outside or the hallway.

Nightlights aren’t a good option either for those who find it hard to sleep at night. This might make things worse.

4) Learn To Meditate

Now, this is a unique tip, and one people will think is absurd at first. The idea of meditation (i.e. yoga) is to learn how your body works. It lets you get into a state of rest faster.

Too many people are dealing with regular stress factors in their life, and this races through their mind before going to sleep. Sure, it can be difficult to get past this situation, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

By learning to meditate, you’ll overcome this hurdle and understand your body that much better.


These are the tips one should be considering when it comes to sleeping faster. It is going to be a work in progress for those who find it hard to sleep at night. This is not an overnight switch, and one shouldn’t assume as such.

Instead, it is going to require dedication and a commitment to learning what works and what does not. You have to get a routine, and that is when you will be able to sleep faster.

Most people start noticing changes in a few days, and that’s the goal.

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