Our Amerisleep vs. Leesa Bed Comparison For 2017

Today, I’ll be discussing various features in the comparison between these two brands. There wouldn’t be any need for these kinds of buying guides if the brands weren’t so similar.

What’s more, both of these brands have products that apparently left buyers baffled with the levels of quality, customer services, and other well-implemented features such as neat mattress trial periods. Read on to learn how these two brands compare, how their products compare and who’s got the upper hand with the price over value comparison.

If you’ve been crawling the web for a new mattress you’ve probably stumbled upon both Amerisleep and Leesa, and if you’ve been trying to decide which brand deserves your hard earned cash – read on.

Brand Comparison

image of amerisleep and leesa logosBoth of these brands have delved right into the online-only business model, and this has obviously been the right move. These kinds of brands only sell beds online – they have no retail stores.

One major downside with this business model is that you simply can’t go into their store and try out a mattress before buying it. That said, brands like these two usually counter this with providing extremely friendly trail periods.

When you buy a mattress from either of these brands, you’ll get a 100-day trial period. Note that Amerisleep trial periods range from 90 to 120 days, depending on the bed.

The trial period basically means you pay for the mattress, and you have more or less three months to decide to either keep it or return it for a full refund.

It’s worth mentioning that Amerisleep donates returned mattresses to homeless shelters and Leesa donates one mattress for every ten they sell. Excellent community service from both of these brands.

Amerisleep has a total of 5 beds in their product line, while Leesa only makes and sells one mattress. This means you get more versatility, firmness and other options with Amerisleep, while Leesa is selling one universal mattress that’s supposed to fit everyone. Amerisleep also has more experience, being founded in 2007, while Leesa has been around for only a couple of years.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re making better beds, but it does mean they’ve spent a decade more dealing with different customer service situations, applying returns, etc.

Comparing the Construction

image of a clean bedroomAmerisleep went full memory foam with their mattresses right from the day they were founded in 2007. They’ve perfected their memory foam in this time and now only sell models that contain in-house designed memory foam.

This kind of foam material will be of higher quality than that of industry foam. Their foam is also plant-based, which is not only eco-friendly but also contains open cells, which translates to a better airflow – cooler sleep.

Amerisleep mattresses are usually 3-layered, using plant-based foams on top and bottom, and having a transitional foam in the middle. Their mattresses are very well known for having excellent motion isolation, pressure relief, and heat retention properties.

With Amerisleep, you get excellent material quality and features, but you can choose which one of the 5 to pick from depending on your preference for thickness, firmness, and sleeping position. On the other hand, Leesa has only one mattress. It’s supposed to be uniquely designed to suit all sleeping positions and people’s personal preferences. There’s one thickness level, one firmness level, and well, not much choice.

Leesa doesn’t use standard memory foam either. They use something called Aveena foam for the top/comfort layer. It’s a 2“ thick layer which based on customer feedback provides a good combination of comfort, coolness and even bounce. Amerisleep beds will have zero bounce but will have better motion isolation – which makes it a better choice for couples.

Comparing Price Over Value

Being online-only businesses, we can safely assume both of these brands can put a lower price tag on a higher quality mattress. This business model allows these companies to avoid all the commercial, retail, and additional workforce costs and therefore allow themselves lower prices.

I’ve already discussed how both of these brands use materials of exceptional quality, and you’re surely getting more value than you’re paying for in ANY of these, including all 5 Amerisleep and the single Leesa.

I guess it comes down to whether or not you’re shopping on a budget. If you are, your choice will come down to either Amerisleep’s Americana, or the single Leesa mattress. To summarize, you get more value than you pay for with any of these. Following this logic, the more you spent, the more value you get. If money is not a HUGE concern you should lean towards buying an Amerisleep.

Consider Buying Amerisleep If

You Want More Value – It’s simple, if you’re willing to spend a little more, you’ll get a better mattress with Amerisleep.

You Want More Options – Having five different models, Amerisleep lets you specifically choose desired thickness, firmness, and favorite sleeping position mattress.

You Want a More Reputable Company – Amerisleep has been around for the past decade, which obviously results in a workforce with more experience, possibly resulting in better customer care which can make things like returns hassle-free.

You Love the Special Features – One of these is an Amerisleep design bed cover. Their covers are Celliant-infused, a material clinically proven to help people sleep longer, and fall asleep faster. The Celliant also has some surprising health-promoting properties.

Check “Amerisleep Revere 12″ Natural Memory Foam” Pricing & Availability

Consider Buying Leesa If

You Dislike Memory Foam – Even though it’s still foam, the Aveena material on top of the Leesa feels much more like latex, giving it less of that sinking-in feeling and much more bounce.

You’re On a Strict Budget – If you absolutely must get something below the threshold, the Leesa universal mattress might be the best choice.

You Must Have the Bounce – Being more like latex, the top foam on a Leesa mattress provides that bouncy feeling many people are looking for. Amerisleep will have none of this since they use pure plant-based memory foam.


Your job is now to decide what to go with based on what you’ve just read. From my viewpoint, it is pretty obvious. My unbiased opinion would be Amerisleep, without a doubt. Still, this decision was influenced by my personal preferences. I love memory foam, I love to sink in a little bit into my mattress, and I love the motion isolation because my husband tends to toss and turn a lot on his side of the bed during sleep.

That said, if you’re single, shopping on a budget, and don’t really have specific needs (sleeping position, etc.) – then by all means – go for the universal Leesa bed. Take a look around again before you make your decision. Remember that Amerisleep offers five different models all designed to cater to different personal needs and expectations.

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