Latex Foam Pillow by Simmons Beautyrest Review (side sleeper)

Side sleepers can find it difficult to pinpoint a good pillow to rest their head on as it can sometimes be uncomfortable for the body. The Latex Foam Pillow by Simmons Beautyrest is a unique option for side sleepers wanting something robust and comfortable.

This review will provide an in-depth look at the pros and cons of this pillow to see if it is worth pursuing.

Relieves Pressure Points

The primary feature of this pillow is its ability to alleviate pressure on the body. It can let the body sink in, and that’s soothing, to say the least. It helps reduce stress on the body.


The neck and head can start to take a pounding when resting on the wrong surface. Imagine sleeping on a hardwood floor for example. It’s not comfortable, and that’s why a pillow such as this makes a massive difference in the long term. It helps the body settle in and stay that way over the long haul.

When there’s no pressure felt against the neck and face, it becomes easier to sleep for longer hours and not worry about waking up in the middle of the night.

Natural Latex

The prominent feature offered by this pillow would be its natural latex. This is important for those who want a soft and soothing surface to rest on during the the night. It doesn’t irritate and feels good, regardless of how long it’s being used.

This can have a profound impact on how the body performs in the long term.

With the natural latex against the skin, it won’t feel like it’s grating against the body, which can be a major issue in some cases.

Features and Specifications

1) 100% Cotton Removable Cover For Pillow With 300 Thread Count
2) Provides Anti-Microbial Surface To Eliminate Pathogen Development
3) Created From Natural Latex
4) Bounce Back Structure To Ensure Body Doesn’t Flatten
5) Made In The US
6) Comes In Three Sizes (Standard, Queen, King)


What Customers Are Saying

Customers are often talking about how this is one of the most comfortable pillows they’ve had the opportunity to rest their head on. It makes a substantial difference as it doesn’t sink and will remain the same throughout. It is key for a pillow to have this feature and for side sleepers, so it’s a real plus point.


One negative aspect of this latex foam pillow would be its initial smell. There is a gentle whiff that can bother one for the first few days. It is not a major issue and is something that can be adjusted to for the first few days.

It’s important to note that this smell isn’t permanent and will be eliminated after the first few uses. A person that does find this odd will know it’s going to go away eventually and that’s a major positive.

Who Should Buy This Product?

Side sleepers are the ones who should be purchasing this latex foam pillow. It is a real winner for those who prefer to rest on their side because it protects the neck and face. It will not irritate the skin and it feels good against the key pressure points. This makes a noticeable difference and will be valuable to those who want quality.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

Individuals who shouldn’t be buying these pillows would be those who prefer a “sinking” feeling when resting their head. It is supposed to work well for side sleepers who don’t want this because it hurts their neck, however, those who are resting on their back might want to sink in a bit. This pillow won’t give away as easily, so it might not suit those who are looking for such a feature from their pillow.


In the end, the Latex Foam Pillow By Simmons Beautyrest is a world-class option and one of the better solutions being sold on the market. It is comfortable, anti-microbial, and easy on the body. It is perfect for those who are renowned for sleeping on their side and want to feel comfortable.

This is a good purchase to make, and one side sleepers will enjoy.

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