Buyer’s Guide To Jomna Spring Bed From IKEA

There are budget options, and then there are products that you can buy at such a low price that you simply don’t even care about its specifications.

image of Ikea JÖMNA Spring mattressIn today’s market, there’s an abundance of extremely low priced products which are often made with poor quality in mind and often carry no warranty policies of any kind.

Now, the products I’ve described mostly come from countries like China and totally unknown brands. So you don’t expect much from the product in the first place.

But what do you think of a situation where an incredibly successful, worldwide brand develops and then sells such a product? And they offer amazingly friendly warranty policies?

This is exactly where the Jomna mattress comes in. If you’ve read absolutely any review on IKEA in the past then you know you’re dealing with a professional, trustworthy brand.

And now, IKEA is selling one of the cheapest beds in the world. So, what gives? How can they afford to cut the price tag so much? What’s the compromise, or should I say – catch, here?

Let’s start by reviewing the Jomna’s construction quality, and then we’ll move on to mention its best and worst attributes.

We’ll also have a quick pros and cons rundown below so you can see what’s it good for if you don’t have time to read the whole thing.

The IKEA Jomna Construction

image of a baby stomach sleeperThe Jomna is your standard innerspring mattress. There isn’t much to it. It’s everything you’d expect from such a cheap product.

That said, I believe that since it’s IKEA after all, it’s probably better than other (especially less known) brands.

One thing you should know is that this bed is not going to provide any motion isolation. This is true with most spring mattresses, regardless of its quality.

It’s just what innerspring is. It provides that bouncy feeling and therefore any potential for isolating motion is removed.

If you’re a couple and want to have a bed that’s going to isolate movement well – you should look into IKEA’s memory foam mattresses.

The Jomna is dubbed as medium-firm, meaning it should fit most side and stomach sleepers. Its sales pages also say recommended sleeper weight is 110 lbs or less. This pretty much means it’s suited for light weight people, young adults, and children.

Excellent Warranty and Trial Policy

Just like they do with all their beds (except those specifically designed for children), IKEA provides a stunning 25-year warranty on Jomna, along with a 365-day trial period.

Now this gives us some clue as to how confident IKEA is with Jomna, and that’s great. But let’s be real here. Just look at the price tag again. This mattress is not going to last anywhere near 25 years.

Five to ten years would be a much better guess. And this is considering you keep it clean and go easy on it for all this time.

The trial period is great as well. It basically gives you a year of sleep on this bed before you decide whether or not to return it. If you do decide to return it, you get to choose either a refund or exchange for a different mattress.

What We Liked:

Extremely Affordable – If you’re shopping on a strict budget, this is basically the best you’ll get. I can’t comprehend how they managed even to create a bed and still profit on such a low price tag, but I’m sure as hell glad they did.

Smooth Move – This mattress comes roll-packed. This means a single medium-sized person can move it around, up and down the stairs with ease.

What We Didn’t Like:

Not Very Durable – Not that I expected more out of this price tag, I still wanted to remind everybody that the Jomna doesn’t have durability as its strong point. If properly handled, it should last a bit over five years.


You’ll hate me for mentioning it again, but I urge you to consider the price tag of this bed. It comes from an incredibly known brand, and it’s extremely cheap.

Of course, it’s not a product of quality. It’s an economical option, at best. However, it fits a great purpose if you need to have a mattress somewhere, but don’t want to invest too much.

IKEA wouldn’t have made it if there wasn’t a market for it. If you can find a use for it, then it’s a great buy, excellent value over price. If you’re looking for a bed to sleep on every night – then you should keep looking.

However, the Jomna is great for occasional use. Perhaps in a hunter’s cabin, a tree house, or possibly a guest room in your house as well.

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