Updated Myrbacka Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

IKEA has been in the mattress game for a long time now. Needless to say, they’ve got a lot of experience and have done their fair share of market research. They also have an abundance of customer care experience, meaning that any issue you have with their products should be dealt with swiftly and hassle-free.

image of Ikea MYRBACKAThe niche they’re trying to fill in with this mattress is pretty straightforward. It revolves around providing luxury-like products at an economical price. IKEA has recently taken a step toward providing products in very narrow niches, such as is the case with their Myrbacka mattress.

Even though the company is creating niche products here (in this case – mattresses), they’re still trying to cast a wide net. An example of this would be that they let you choose your own construction top with the Myrbacka mattress.

You can either go with memory foam or with latex, depending on your personal experience and preferences. Each of these materials has its own downside and upsides, so let’s delve into it and see who would enjoy sleeping on this mattress.

Good Construction Quality: Provides Support & Comfort

This mattress is designed in two layers, the first being either latex or memory foam – depending on what you go with. In either case, the top layer will be 3“ thick. So you’re deciding between 3“ of latex vs. 3“ of memory foam.

Whichever you pick, you’ll find 6“ of thick polyurethane foam beneath. This is the mattress’ core support layer, and it should do a pretty good job providing support for any surface material and is thick enough to support slightly overweight people.
Now, let me quickly summarize the main differences between latex and memory foam.

First of all, both of these materials are considered higher-end materials and are usually used in luxury mattresses.
My point is you should be fine either way, but it’s possible you have certain personal preferences you want to base your decision on.

Memory foam is more comfortable, but it sleeps hotter. It will also “sink in” once you go to sleep on it. Some people hate this, and others love it.

On the other hand, latex will be less comfortable, but will perhaps provide more support and pressure relief for your hips and shoulder (if sleeping on your side).

Latex will also have none of the “sink in” feeling, but it will rather give a slight bounce to the sleeper. This kind of latex is also well ventilated, and there shouldn’t be any concerns about heat retention.

Size Options and Easy Maintenance

The Myrbacka is available in full, queen and king sizes, regardless of which surface material you go with. It’s also dubbed to be medium-firm by the manufacturer. Even though IKEA mattresses usually come packed in a roll, this one does not. The Myrbacka ships in full size in a truck.

This may warrant for a few more bucks on the delivery fee, but at least you won’t have to wait for it to fill up to its full size. You can sleep on the Myrbacka the day it arrives, and you fit it into your bedroom.

The Myrbacka is also easily cleaned and maintained. Mattress covers are completely removable which allows you to simply take them off and throw them in a washing machine.
This neat little feature relieves a lot of hassles regarding cleanliness and hygiene of your sleeping environment.

Best Industry Warranty and Trial Period Policies

image of a sleeping girlThis is my favorite part of every IKEA mattress. Extremely friendly warranties and trial policies tell us that the company is very confident in their products. They believe what they’ve sold won’t break and won’t be returned in a vast majority of cases.

The warranty IKEA provides for the Myrbacka is 25-year long warranty program. Apart from that, you get to enjoy the trial period for as long as 365 days from the day of your purchase.

This is amazing because most (even extremely expensive luxury beds) only come with a 90 or 100 day trial period, usually accompanied with a ten-year warranty.

IKEA certainly wins here, giving you a full year of sleep to decide whether or not you want to keep this bed. Within the 365-day period, you can decide to either return the bed, receive a full refund, or return it and exchange it to another mattress. And obviously, you can also decide you’re happy with the bed and just keep it.

What We Liked:

Multiple Sizes – Both latex and foam versions come in full, queen and king sizes.

Multiple Construction Options – The Myrbacka allows you to pick your own favorite surface layer. You can go with either 3“ of memory foam or 3“ of latex.

Excellent Warranty & Trial Period – Extremely friendly 25-year long warranty policy and a 365-day trial period make a perfect combination for a safe and risk-free shopping experience.

What We Didn’t Like:

Memory Foam Could Be Denser – Even though this mattress tries to relate to more expensive luxury mattresses, one clear difference is that the memory foam here is not as dense as a typical luxury mattress would be. This means less comfort and pressure relief.

Latex and Potential Health Concerns – The latex here is not organic. This is synthetic latex, and there has been some worry about potential health concerns. You should do your own research into this and see if this is going to be a problem for you.


The Myrbacka is a valuable mattress in a way that it seems to provide good value for its price. It’s near the top compared to other brands and mattresses in its price range.

Being an IKEA mattress, you can buy it virtually risk-free knowing you can return or exchange it anytime within the first year of use – provided you return it undamaged and without any stains and dirt.

If you’re a couple, I suggest going for memory foam, because it will isolate motion much better than latex and let both you and your partner sleep comfortably regardless of the other party’s movements during sleep.

Memory foam will also sink in, so you need to figure out if this is going to be a problem for you. Latex doesn’t sink in, and also provides that bouncy or springy feeling.

If you have a dilemma, just remember you can easily get any of these and then exchange it for the other one if you find it doesn’t suit your needs.

The summary is that this is a mattress that provides some of the same features most luxury mattresses offer but at a much lower cost. It’s a mid-range close-to-luxury option. A great choice if you want a good combination of price and quality.

You should also know that a lot of the currently available feedback for this mattress revolves around buyers praising it for how durable it seems to be. Buyers were surprised there were no signs of sagging or indentations even after a long period of constant use.

I wanted to make a note out of that because a lot of previously reviewed IKEA mattresses did have signs of sagging and it reflected in their customer feedback pages. IKEA seems to have done a better job with the Myrbacka.

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