Best IKEA Mattresses For Sale – Our 2017 Review

Owning a good mattress is probably one of the most important things in your home, considering that most of us spend one-third of our lives asleep. As much as the last part of that sentence is cliche, it’s still the truth, and your sleep is not something you want to take lightly.

After the long research, we’ve come up with our 9 favorite IKEA Mattresses in the comparison table below.

Countless research studies have shown that a good night’s sleep is extremely important for our well being. If you’re sleeping on a bad mattress, not only will you wake up in aches and pains which will ruin your day, but you’ll also be risking your overall long-term health.

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Comparison Table

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MattressWallet ScoreOur Rating
Matrand Memory Foam (our top pick)$$$$98
Myrbacka Latex$$$$91
Morgedal Foam$$$89
Haugesund Spring$$87
Jomna Spring$83
Minnesund Foam$$80
Hjellestad Spring$$$$$75
Holmsbu Spring$$$$$72
Morgongava Natural Latex$$$$65

Since you’re here, you’ve probably been exploring the industry to possibly try and find bed that’s suitable for you. Chances are, you’ve encountered at least one IKEA mattress.

If you have, this wouldn’t come as a surprise. IKEA is an international company who manufacture and distribute many good but specialize in home and outdoor furniture, including beds.

IKEA beds are known to be budget friendly, while still managing to deliver at least mediocre quality. Needless to say, this has influenced hundreds of thousands of people to go for IKEA, but not all of these purchases resulted in a positive experience.

You see, even if you get a high-quality mattress, one that is praised all over the world, it still might not be a good fit for you. It’s not just the quality and price of the brand you need to consider, it’s the bed type that people often go wrong with.

That’s right. After you set your budget and decide to try out a brand, such as IKEA, it’s all about choosing the one that’s going to fit your exact needs and expectations, such as firmness level, type of support, motion isolation, foam density, pillow tops, and much more.

image of a girl on a high quality mattress

However, involving yourself in this type of research can be a hassle, to say the least, there are thousands of reviews out there and every one of these reviews comes from people who maybe had different expectations than you do.

This is exactly why we’ve prepared this mattress buying guide for you. If you consider IKEA, you will save yourself countless hours of research by going through this article, where we pinpoint every advantage and downside of owning an IKEA bed, and also feature and review a dozen of their products ourselves.

How to Choose the Perfect IKEA Mattress

In this section of our guide, we’ll speak about a few factors that should influence your decision. We’ll remind you of a few common buyer concerns and questions that you need to ask yourself as well in order to make the best choice.

What Kind of Support Do You Need?

Currently, IKEA offers four types of mattresses for you to consider. These include innerspring, latex, memory foam and pillow top. Let’s review each one of these to help you realize what type of support would suit you best.


Innerspring mattresses are the most popular choice for people around the world, as they’ve been here the longest and because they’re usually very affordable. Additionally, innerspring beds often come with multiple firmness options and tend to be comfortable.

However, inner springs are also the least durable type, meaning you’ll probably have to buy a new one after 5-10 years in order to keep good sleep quality.

Furthermore, this type of bed doesn’t offer much pressure relief, so if you’re currently experiencing back, neck, or shoulder pain, you’re probably sleeping on springs.

As you can see, innerspring mattresses have both upsides and downsides, the main upside being their price tag. If you’re on a very strict budget, consider getting an innerspring bed. One good thing about IKEA is that they offer very reasonable warranty options and this means you don’t have to worry about the durability.


Latex mattresses (click to learn more) tend to be much more durable than innerspring, but also often come with a hefty price tag. Latex beds are usually eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and allergen and dust mite resistant.

Latex beds are traditionally a bit firmer than memory foam mattresses, and they tend to warm up quite a lot during the summer. This can be both an upside and a downside, depending on whether or not you want to sleep cold or warm.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are usually best for comfort, and body pressure relief. They also go a long way in providing proper spinal alignment and come in three different firmness levels. Soft, luxury firm, and firm.

You’ll want to choose the proper firmness accordingly. Take your personal preference and sleep position into account. If you’re a side-sleeper, go with a luxury firm, stomach sleepersusually go for a very firm bed, and finally, go with a soft foam if you’re a back sleeper.

This is of course general advice, you should still choose according to your previous experience. These types of mattresses usually have great breathability, meaning you’ll be cooled during the summer, and warmed in winter – due to excellent air circulation.

Pillow Top

Pillow top mattresses are known as hybrids. This is because they’re actually innerspring beds but can also feature memory foam, latex, wool, fiberfill, and cotton.

They’ve basically got each of everything inside of them, in addition to the pillow top. IKEA has a small selection of these mattresses but it’s still a viable option if none of the other types attract you.

One thing you should keep in mind: Pillow top beds aren’t suited for low-weight people. Especially if there’s memory foam inside. This is because light-weight people won’t be able to compress the foam enough to actually make use of the support below.

Make Sure You Get the Right Size

The point here is: Take your time. You don’t want to rush buying a bed. Whatever you go with, will probably what you’ll be sleeping on for years to come. And after you’ve chosen the type of mattress you’re going with, it’s time to consider its size (twin, full, queen or king).

image of a durable mattress

Take into account that the larger a bed is, it’s going to be more expensive. However, this is absolutely not where you want to try and save money. Don’t go with something you know won’t suit you. Remember, you’ll be sleeping on this thing for a decade or possibly more.

Make sure you take everything into account. Measure your bedroom precisely, see what’s the largest bed you can get, and get that. Even if you’re single, you should get at least a queen-sized mattress if you can afford it. There’s good chance someone will be joining you in your bedroom in the course of the next decade.

Benefits of Owning an IKEA Bed

Benefits of owning an IKEA mattress go hand in hand with owning a good bed of any brand. We wouldn’t be reviewing this brand if we didn’t think they have something good to offer.

Health Benefits, Pressure and Stress Relief

Again, sleep takes one-third of our lives, and this makes us realize how much it can influence our health. Countless medicinal studies have been carried out that show a direct correlation with quality sleep and exceptional health in individuals.

Sleeping on a high-quality mattress means you will not wake up in aches and pains, and your day won’t be ruined. On the other hand, if you’re already experiencing back or neck pain, a good bed should resolve these issues within a week.

Furthermore, a mattress with the right balance of comfort, support, and pressure relief will make sure your sleep results in a relaxed, energized and refreshing experience.

The opposite would be a lot of tossing and turning over the night, leaving you tired and stresses the next day. And we all know how stress can negatively influence our overall health.

Good Hygiene, Easy Maintenance

High-quality beds often come with materials which are dust mite repellant and anti-allergenic. This will attribute to your overall bedroom hygiene, and these mattresses will also have good airflow. Furthermore, high-quality mattresses should be easy to move around, either by being lightweight or by having neat features such as side handles.

Warranty, Trial Period, Recycle Program

With every IKEA mattress, you get a 25-year long warranty, a 365-day trial period and if you pay for shipping of your new IKEA bed, they’ll recycle your old one for free. The trial period is a part of IKEA’s “Love it or Exchange It“ policy.

This return policy states that you’re allowed to exchange a bed for free if you dislike your IKEA mattress within the 365-day period, provided the product you’re returning is clean and undamaged.

Individual Reviews

Let’s check out some of the mattresses IKEA has to offer and see a review for each one. Keep in mind that all of these beds come with a 25-year warranty.

Matrand Memory Foam

IKEA’s Matrand is available in two types: latex and memory foam. Judging from what we previously discussed (support type), you should know which one you’d prefer.

Additionally, comfort zones within this bed should go a long way towards providing exceptional pressure relief on your hips and shoulders. And the layer above provides some much needed comfort and extra support as well.

This IKEA foam mattress is particularly easy to clean because the fabric itself is removable, meaning you can put it in the washing machine. Furthermore, this “roll up” mattress is easily transported because it comes roll packed. This also means it’ll take it a bit of time to fill up to its original size once you unroll it. This usually takes 24-48 hours.

Keep in mind: Memory foam beds have good breathability, meaning it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter. On the other side, latex mattresses usually have poor heat retention, meaning it’ll warm up a bit more.

Myrbacka Latex

Myrbacka also comes in two. Latex and memory foam. Concerning the latex option, you already know you should avoid it if you have trouble falling asleep due to warm weather, while the foam option comes with great breathability.

IKEA’s Myrbacka is started off with a thick layer of either latex or memory foam. In any case, this mattress will contour well to your body posture and therefore provide pressure relief and allow you to relax and fall asleep easily.

The surface of the mattress is made out of lambswool, which is good because IKEA knows latex beds often have temperature issues. This kind of wool should help it keep a consistent temperature throughout the night.

Likewise to many other IKEA mattresses, this one also has a removable cover, meaning it’s machine washable and therefore making the maintenance a piece of cake.

This bed is actually a budget option. Even though memory foam and latex are both high-end materials, IKEA has still kept a considerably low price tag on this mattress.

Furthermore, you can pick out from different thickness levels and sizes, a feature which usually doesn’t go along with a cheap mattress. Lastly, there’s the 25-year warranty and a 1-year long refund policy should this bed fail to meet your expectations.

Morgedal Foam

Probably the best IKEA mattress for side sleepers, the Morgedal is a poly foam bed which features a high-density foam and well-built comfort zone. The poly foam has a 2.2 lb/cub.ft density level, which is great by the way, and a 1.7 lb/cub.ft foam layer.

Similarly to other foam or latex IKEA mattresses, the Morgedal also offers good support because of its well-made comfort zone and provides pressure relief for your hips and shoulders. What’s interesting about the Morgedal, is that they’ve gone the extra mile, comfort-wise with this one. There’s an additional layer of a soft foam filling within this bed, which provides it with even more comfort and support.

Also, the cover is removable, machine-washable, making the maintenance easy. With the purchase, you get a 25-year long warranty (limited), and a 365-day trial period within which you can exchange the mattress with a different one if you decide it’s not a good fit for your sleeping habits.

This bed is available in medium firm and firm thickness levels, and is quite inexpensive for the quality it provides, according to many previous buyer reviews.

Haugesund Spring

Haugesund is an innerspring mattress with a coil count of 594, which is probably the maximum for a queen sized bed. That said, this mattress is actually only offered in queen size, therefore, if this size doesn’t suit you, you might as well skip reading about this one.

Moving on, Haugesund features pocket coils (also used in Hesseng model), as opposed to open coils. In this case, this is an advantage since the pocketed coils theoretically offer better support and also reduce motion transfer, which makes it a great choice if there’s going to be two people using it.

The comfort layer is made out of a 1.5 lb and 1.7lb/cub.ft polyurethane foam, and its overall height is 10“. The Haugesund’s quality is a bit above average in innerspring mattresses, since it uses pocket coils, in a high count. The firmness options include firm and medium-firm.

According to its construction and user reviews, this bed isn’t recommended for two grown adults or even one overweight individual. Haugesund would best serve light weight people or children.

If you’re a lightweight individual who enjoys sleeping on their back, and you’re shopping on a budget, then you should consider buying this bed.

Jomna Spring

When compared to other brands who offer mattress at extremely low prices, the IKEA Jomna seems like a good option. However, if you’re looking to get proper support, and even average level of comfort, then this bed will not be a good fit.

Like now-discontinued Sultan Havberg, Jomna is made out of low-density Bonnell springs, and the comfort layer is minimal, to say the least. Again, I will say that this mattress is a good purchase when compared with other brands and similar price tags. Basically, at this price, this is probably the best you can get.

I’d recommend this bed to anyone who’s on a very strict budget and is looking to improve their sleeping experience, provided that they previously slept on the floor or in a sleeping bag.

Minnesund Foam

This mattress is probably the cheapest foam-based that you’ll find out there. The cover is a standard polyester cover which is removable and easily washable.

However, being that it’s only 4“ thick while incorporating a 1.7lb polyurethane foam, you shouldn’t expect much from this bed in the terms of neither support nor comfort. Minnesund would best serve a bedroom that’s used on occasion, a cabin in the woods, a summer or tree house, especially for younger adults or children. Definitely not a sound option for an adult who’s going to be sleeping on this constantly.

On the upside, it’s price tag is extremely low, it comes in three sizes, twin, full and queen, and it should work well with children under the age of 13.

To summarize, this is a great option if your kid is going to be sleeping on it a couple of times a year, in addition to its extremely low price.

Hjellestad Spring

The Hjellestad is another IKEA innerspring mattress, with a double layer of pocket springs (remember, pocket spring > open springs), providing your body with a good amount of support.

The comfort layer is comprised of a high-density memory foam layer and features a pillow top as an extra. This combination will improve your blood circulation which is extremely beneficial for bot your skin and your muscles, resulting in a relaxing sleep experience.

Inside, we find another soft layer of pocket springs which serve to contour to your body posture and therefore provide an even more comfortable sleep. It also features handles on each side, making it easy to carry and move around. It also comes wrapped up in a protective cover. Once it’s in place, simply unzip and remove the cover.

Countless buyers have written reviews to praise Hjellestad for good motion isolation, pressure relief, and many have even said that they’ve stopped experiencing neck and shoulder pain after only a few weeks on this bed.

If you’re shopping for comfort, support, and design, and if you can afford it, then this is definitely something we recommend. It is one of the best mattresses IKEA has to offer.

Holmsbu Spring – Best Choice for Side-Sleepers

Similarly to the Hjellestad, the Holmsbu is another high-quality spring mattress from IKEA. This one also features a couple of pocket spring layers which benefit to your body support as well as comfort.

It’s also a pillow top, comprised of a thick memory foam layer which is going to help you relax more and have a restful sleep experience by helping your body circulate more to your skin and muscles.

The Holmsbu also features a mini pocket of coils in the top layer, which goes to show IKEA really wanted to enhance the support and comfort of this bed.

One unique this about Holmsbu is the memory foam. It’s been infused with a cooling gel which makes the foam much more time to warm up. This means you’ll have more of a cool sleeping experience with this mattress.

Holmsbu has been praised and awed all around, where side sleepers particularly expressed their positive experience with this bed. To summarize, this is a high-quality choice with great support, comfort, and it seems to specialize for side-sleepers. Holmsbu might be a good replacement for discontinued Sultan Hansbo.

Morgongava Natural Latex – Best Choice for Back Pain

If you’ve been suffering from back pain, you’re going to want to seriously consider IKEA’s Morgongava mattress.

Back pain is often a result of improper spinal alignment, something that happens when the bed you’re sleeping on cannot properly contour to your body weight/sleeping posture.

The Morgongava does this very efficiently and has been praised for relieving back pain by countless reviewers. It’s made out of a combination of natural and synthetic latex, where the natural latex is almost 90% of it.

Inside, we find a dense polyurethane foam layer which is suited for pain relief and basically another excellent addition that makes it a must-have for all individuals who are experiencing back pain.

The Morgongava is available in four different sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King. It’s been dubbed a medium-firm by reviewers and it is 8“ thick.

Check out more mattresses designed to relieve back pain.


To summarize, we’re going to use this opportunity to remind you to pay attention to the following when buying any mattress. Any good bed will combine a good level of support and comfort. Furthermore, it’ll be hygienic (anti-allergenic, dust mite repellent), and will provide solid pressure relief and good motion isolation.

Make sure you get the right size and pay close attention to the part of this guide which describes different support types (latex, foam, innerspring, pillow top) – in order to enable yourself to make a well-informed decision.

If we had to choose one ourselves, we’d go with the Holmsbu Spring. It’s an innerspring mattress but it uses pocketed coils, which is great for support. The foam is of high density meaning it’ll be comfortable, and furthermore, the cover is infused with a cooling gel, meaning it’ll warm up during winter and cool during summer.

That said, you should judge each one of these based on your specific needs and expectations, then take our reviews into account and make the final decision.

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