How To Use A Pregnancy Pillow

While being pregnant, it can become difficult to sleep at night, and that’s where most women suffer. To ensure you are getting a good night’s sleep and it’s not causing you stress, it’s time to look at a pregnancy pillow. With a good one, you should be able to achieve better results and feel good during the night.

Here are some of the key tips to consider when it comes to using a maternity pillow and making the most of it. With these tips, you’ll know sleeping won’t be an issue when you’re pregnant.

Consider Pain Or Pressure Points

Pressure points are a good place to begin as they will help diagnose what the problem is. Remember, the reason to use a pregnancy pillow is for comfort, and if you’re not looking into this, you’re not doing enough. Consider pain and make sure the right decision is being made.

  • Where does it hurt the most? This is a good question to ask.
  • Does it hurt in the joints? Does it hurt near the neck and head?
  • This will help position the pregnancy pillow in a manner where it’s useful, and there is a purpose of putting it at the right place at night.

Don’t assume what’s worked for others is going to work for you. This is all about recognizing those key pressure points and adjusting based on what’s required. It’s best to look into this the right way.

Choose Right Type Of Pillow

What pillow are you going to be using? This is a big part of the process? Are you using a wedge? This can be ideal for those who have pain in their joints.


However, those who are looking for proper back support need to think about a traditional option as it will support the entire body. It is essential to consider this while determining what’s going to work and what’s not. Too many people ignore this and end up having a horrible time sleeping at night. You have to use a pregnancy pillow with a purpose to see good results.

Adjust For Support

Are you adjusting for support? Continue to read what your body is telling you once the pregnancy pillow is put to use. Is it telling you the pain is getting worse? Is it telling you to adjust?

Make sure you are reading carefully. Continue to make changes and don’t assume you’ll be okay, and there is a “breaking in” period as some women assume. It shouldn’t take long for relief to set in. If there is no relief, you are not using the pillow the way it is supposed to be used.

Align With The Back

The best tip for those who are looking to use a traditional maternity pillow would be to align it with your back. The key is your back as it stabilizes the body. If it’s unstable, the body is going to hurt.

You want to align with your back and stay patient while doing so. It’s the only way to go and is going to leave you content.

If you feel the pillow continues to move while you’re asleep, wedge it in further or look to adjust. The goal should always be to keep the back straight and in place.


Rest Where Body Presses Down

A big sleeping pregnancy tip is to find where pressure is put on the mattress or body. Where do you feel the body pushing down? For some women, this is near the abdomen, while others might cite their knees as being a problem area. You want to take a look at this and then put the pillow into place. You don’t want to guess as this might worsen matters and leave you with severe aches in the morning when you wake up.

This is how you have to use a pregnancy pillow to make the most of what you’re doing. Too many people struggle and that can be troubling, to say the least. You want to make sure it isn’t being used in a negative manner where it starts exacerbating issues. Continue to work with the pillow to see which angles work and which don’t. If there are aches and pains with a new position, please do make changes accordingly. If you continue to persist with the same position, it will get to the point where sleeping is impossible.

It is highly recommended to remain patient when purchasing a maternity pillow to ensure you get the right solution and can sleep at night in peace. If not, it can become a real problem as time goes on.

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