Is It Good To Fall Asleep To Music

Music has been around for many generations and mothers often hum to their child while rocking them from side to side. This leads one to the question, namely “Is music a sleeping aid or is this notion a myth?”

Music is still being used as a sleeping aid around the world because it’s convenient and soothing to the ears. Here’s a deeper look into the subject for those interested in figuring the best way to go to sleep.


Music and Sleep

Studies have shown that the body adapts to a song’s rhythm.

Therefore, when the song is playing, your heart starts settling into a pattern.

This is why specific songs work for sleeping while others aren’t as effective. It’s important to be selective and choose the right song for your needs.

Benefits Of Music For Sleeping

1) Helps Soothe Mind

The primary benefit of playing music while resting is to soothe the mind.

As mentioned above, the premise is to reduce one’s heart rate to a manageable pace. This would settle somewhere between 60-80 BPM. Anything more and it’ll become near impossible to sleep.


The mind has to be at peace to go to sleep, and most people aren’t able to manage such a state without the assistance of music. This is how it ends up acting as a tangible sleeping aid according to experts.

The researchers state, a person’s preferences can also play a role in what they define as “soothing,” which is why a standard song doesn’t work for all.

2) Enables Mind To Focus On Rhythm And Sound

The mind needs a central point to focus on – especially if it continues to wander. Those who suffer from stress and want to calm down will need the music’s rhythm to calm things in their head.

It will vary as to what a person enjoys, but it has to be calming. When the mind is focusing on the song, it starts to slip away into a state of rest, which is the goal of lying down in the first place.

Tips For Choosing The Right Music

Let’s move onto the tips for choosing proper music or building a “Sleep” playlist for bed.

1) Calmer Songs Are Best

This is one of the primary tips you have to look at while building your playlist. Forget listening to rap or rock music as it’s heavy on beats and will pound the eardrums. This can be disconcerting and is similar to sleeping in the middle of a crowd. It won’t work.

You have to choose calmer songs and find genres that fit into this requirement. If not, you have to keep looking. Babies are easier as they can listen to simple lullabies and fall asleep. If necessary, you are more than welcome to give lullabies a try as well!

2) Avoid Vocals

instrumental music

The next tip is to focus on instrumental music. It is one of the best ways to find soothing music because vocals can be disturbing.

The brain has to focus on two points, the instruments, and the vocalist. This can be disconcerting and distracting.

Instead, it is better to go with instrumental music as it will be lighter on the ears and easier to focus on. Remember, the emphasis of a sleep playlist is to help you fall asleep. You have to choose music based on this core requirement.

3) Consider Specific Calming Sounds

The final tip is to find particular calming sounds to see if they work for you.

Examples Would Include:

1) Ocean Water
2) Rainforest
3) Rainfall
4) Country Garden
5) Thunderstorm
6) Wind Chimes
7) Campfire At Night


These are all tremendous examples of “sounds” a person can play in their playlist to fall asleep. It can be extremely calming and a great way to relax when putting your head down for the night.


Once again, when you’re choosing a sound for your playlist, make sure it suits your preferences. A person who likes rainfall sounds might not be inclined to like the sounds of a rainforest. Choose wisely and take your time testing these sounds out. These are the tips to fall asleep while listening to music. As far as the main question, yes it is good to fall asleep to music because it is calming and can help get into your REM cycle faster.

If you’re an insomniac and find it hard to fall asleep, you have to give music a chance to help. It has great potential and is well-regarded as a solution for those tired of not being able to fall asleep.

A lot of research is being done on the subject by sleep experts, but most opinions are positive and illustrate it as an excellent sleeping aid when used wisely. Take your time and test multiple song before going to sleep.

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