Our Ghostbed Review For 2017 – Is This Bed Right For You?

If you’ve been looking for a universal yet special mattress that’s going to meet and exceed most of your expectations, it’s time we introduce you to the Ghostbed.

image of a family on a bedA lot of brands today try and create niche mattresses for extremely narrow groups of customers. For example, the brands like Amerisleep or IKEA both have new options that are specifically catered to, for example, side-sleepers who enjoy memory foam.

While these will most likely find their owners quickly, we still wanted to see a newer universal option in the market by any of these brands. Luckily, Nature’s Sleep seems to have shared the same thoughts.

What exactly is a Ghost you may be asking? The GhostBed mattress is actually a sleek product from a well-known brand Nature’s Sleep. This is a company that has designed and sold a lot of models during the past decade.

This also means they’ve got an abundance of customer care service experience, making any potential issue into a hassle-free solution. The company also gives out excellent warranty and trial period policies, but more on that later.

Let’s move on with this review by checking out GhostBed’s construction quality. Later on, we’ll create a neat little pros and cons rundown so you can quickly figure out if this would be a good fit for you.

Surprising Construction Combination

Nature’s Sleep has done something truly unique and special with this mattress. There’s a lot of people out there that absolutely love memory foam mattresses, because of its extreme comfort and pressure relief attributes, but hate to “sink” into it on the other hand.

There’s the poor heat retention with foam mattresses as well, as an added downside. On the other hand, plenty of people prefer latex mattresses, because these don’t “sink in’, they also provide enough pressure relief, don’t sleep so hot, and provide a slight bouncy feeling.

So, when you look at these two types of beds, you’re probably asking yourself which one you should choose. Both have upsides and downsides, but if you haven’t slept on either before, how the hell do you make that choice?

Well, this is the surprise. You don’t have to make that choice here.

How? You ask?

Well, the GhostBed is actually a combination of these two materials! Its support layer is made out of support foam, with excellent breathability, then followed by a high-density memory foam comfort layer, and topped off with a layer of latex!

This way, you get all the comfort (or at least most of it) from the memory foam, and yet you sleep on latex, so you won’t sleep hot or sink into it either. The support is a 7.5“ thick foam layer, the comfort layer is 2“, and the surface latex is a 1.5“ thick layer.

A couple of things are certain with this combination. First, the whole mattress will contour better to your body and provide good pressure relief to support your hips and shoulders.
Second, you will not sink in into the memory foam, and third – you will not sleep hot on this mattress.

Unfortunately, we’re unsure what this combination will do about motion isolation. As you probably know, motion isolation is almost essential for a couple mattress. For example, if you or your partner tend to toss and turn a lot during sleep, a mattress with good motion isolation will take care of it.

One popular saying is that you can do jumping jacks on one side of the mattress, and the person on the other side of the bed wouldn’t feel a thing. That’s good motion isolation.

According to recent buyer feedback, there aren’t any complaints about this particular potential issue, but I will still not guarantee anything – I want to keep to the facts here.

You should also note that while this mattress combines latex and memory foam, it’s still quite firm. I’m not saying it’s a firm type mattress, but it’s not soft either. It’s best dubbed as medium-firm.

Cover Provides Modern Design & Cooling

image of a child sitting on a bedThe cover on this bed is extremely soft and plushy. It’s a 100% polyester cover that’s quite stretchy as well. However, you’ll notice how it’ll transform back to its original shape after tugging and pulling on it – in an instant.

Being a thin cover, it will also have excellent airflow, making your sleep experience at least a bit cooler. While the whole mattress is a solid gray, the cover is pure white, providing that distinct, modern design that’s always a plus.

One thing that would make this mattress an ideal all-in-one perfect choice is a Celliant-infused cover. The Celliant is mostly used in Amerisleep mattresses, and it’s freaking amazing.

Any Celliant-infused cover will provide actual health benefits to your sleep since the material has been clinically proven to help individuals fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

Furthermore, the material transforms your body heat into infrared light, and IR light itself provides the health benefits. You can research this on your own, but if you end up going with a different brand, I’d highly suggest looking at the Amerisleep mattresses just for this reason.

Great Warranty and Trial Period Policies

Nature’s Sleep has slapped a whopping 20-year warranty on the Ghost Bed. This is well above industry standard (luxury mattresses included). The typical warranty in this price range is a mere 5 or 10-year warranty program.

The trial period is good as well. Nature’s Sleep offers a 101 night trial period here, allowing you just over three months to decide whether or not it’s a good fit. The company also claims it’ll provide a full refund if you opt-in for a return. No questions asked.

These kinds of policies make this mattress a risk-free purchase. Get it, see if it fits, and then decide to keep or get your money back. Worst case scenario – you spend three months sleeping on a new one for free.

What We Liked:

Excellent Construction – Being a combination of memory foam and latex, this is something we rarely see. It will provide the bounce and that cooling effect from latex, and comfort from the memory foam.

Light, Cooling Cover – The 100% polyester cover is extremely soft, yet it’s stretchy. Should prove to be extremely durable. It looks good too, and since it’s thin, it will provide a notch of airflow to the entire mattress.

Great Price Over Value – Nature’s Sleep put a decent price tag on this mattress, and whether or not it’s affordable for someone doesn’t change the fact that you get more than you pay for with this product. It’s universal as it gets.

What We Didn’t Like:

Might Not Suit Everyone – This addition is more of a joke than actual contribution to the article. I just wanted to use it to state that there doesn’t seem to be any downsides to this mattress. I guess if you hate sleeping on latex, you can have that.


Nature’s Sleep certainly went the extra mile with this product. They could’ve just made either a latex or a memory foam version. Or, you know – both. But they didn’t. They wanted to create one version of a universal, well-combined bed.

By all accounts so far, it seems they’ve succeeded in this endeavor. Going through countless buyer reviews, it is clear that over 90% of the customer feedback is positive, one random sleeper after another, praising the Ghost mattress.

Let me summarize this whole mattress. The support is a foam-based support layer. It’s 7.5 inches thick and should provide more than enough support – overweight sleepers included. The middle layer is a memory foam comfort layer. According to available information, it’s a medium to high-density layer.

This type of middle layer should provide the advanced memory foam benefits. This means excellent comfort and pressure relief properties. All that, without that notorious “sinking in” feeling that is usually a part of any memory foam model.

This comes from the surface latex layer. The latex should help with pressure relief, keep you on top, and also add to the cooling effect.

On top of all that, this mattress is surprisingly affordable. Sure, this isn’t the most friendly price tag you’ll find out there – but it’s extremely reasonable considering the value it provides.

My honest suggestion is you should give it a shot. After all, and even if you end up hating it, you can always opt-in for the return policy and receive a full, hassle-free refund. Provided you return it within the 101-night trial period of course.

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