How To Find The Best Nursing Pillow in 2017

Are you looking for the best nursing pillow on the market? If so, you’re in the right place!

The most beautiful relationship in the world is between mother and child, and this bond is shaped while nursing. The right nursing pillow can help elevate this experience by providing stability, comfort, and quality.

Mothers looking to purchase a world-class nursing pillow will realize that it’s not as easy as it sounds. There are countless options, but most experiences lead to itchy skin, cramped muscles, and an uneven setup. Most of these frustrations start to add up when the wrong pillow is being used.

Mothers want to feel secure with their choice, and this is where a good purchase can make all the difference. It becomes even harder when a mother has to sift through hundreds of nursing pillows to find a good fit.

After reviewing all the top nursing pillows available, we’ve selected our top 7 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model for your needs.

Comparison Table

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By speaking to experts and researching the niche in detail, this read will provide sufficient value to mothers wanting information on buying nursing pillows. Hundreds of reviews have been read to find out what works and what does not. The foundation of any purchase has, to begin with, research and this read is the one-stop resource for mothers wanting quality information in one place.

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How To Choose A Nursing Pillow

Let’s begin by understanding what a mother will look for while selecting a nursing pillow. Specific features have to be considered before a selection is made. Otherwise, the results will be insufficient. Here are five features that stand out when making this choice.


It starts with sizing. How large is the pillow once it’s rested on the lap? It should be wide enough to hold the child, but small enough not to slip past one’s lap. This is where mothers get frustrated with the wrong choice. A pillow that doesn’t account for this is a waste of space and can prove to be challenging.


The perfect size is a nursing pillow that fits snugly onto the mother’s lap and provides enough room for the baby to settle in.

The sizing should provide space on all sides, so the baby can move freely while latching on. If this isn’t possible, the nursing pillow won’t be sufficient. Experts point to this being a common issue and one the best nursing pillows account for right from the get-go.

Ability To Promote Easier Latching

The premise of a nursing pillow is to help a baby “latch,” which implies the baby can start feeding. If not, the nursing pillow won’t be of much use to a mother. A good nursing pillow will be angled in a manner where it is easier to latch on.

Mothers pay attention to this feature because it is a core component of the process. If a baby can get the right angle to latch on, the pillow is a good option and should be considered.


The next feature looks at comfort because a pillow is supposed to provide an added layer of protection for the child. It should be comfortable for the child and mother when put in use. If not, the nursing pillow isn’t going to be a sustainable option and will end up being tossed aside.

The mother has to consider how comfortable a nursing pillow is when placed on her lap. It should be simple to adjust and shouldn’t get in the way of latching. The baby should be able to nestle into place, so he/she doesn’t move once latched on. This is critical for a jerking movement because if the pillow isn’t stable it could harm the child and mother depending on how things unfold. With a gentle nursing pillow in place, this isn’t a concern.


A nursing pillow has to account for comfort. It is similar to going out to get a pillow for one’s bed. If it doesn’t feel good under the head, is it a useful option? No, it’s not, and the same applies here with a nursing pillow.


The weight of a nursing pillow is always going to play a role. If it feels heavy on the lap, it is going to get hot and sweaty after a while. Feeding times can vary, and a mother won’t want to get stuck in a tight spot because the pillow is weighing down on her. It is important to remember that the pillow isn’t the only weight on the mother’s lap. In fact, the child will add a further 8-15 pounds.

This has to be factored in when a purchase is being made. The nursing pillow should be as light as possible for it to hold value.



The final factor comes in the form of materials being used. What is the nursing pillow made of? Is it going to irritate the child’s skin? What about the mother’s skin once it comes in contact?

The best material according to most reviews involves 100% polyester as it’s soft on the skin and ideal for comforting a child.

Other options are not as gentle on the skin and can lead to troubling long-term consequences. It’s best to account for this when looking at all the options on the market. The right nursing pillow has to be made out of world-class materials.

Benefits Of Owning A Nursing Pillow

1. Comforting

The baby feels snug and safe while feeding if a nursing pillow is put into place. It is easier on the body, and they’re able to feed as desired.

The mother also finds it easier on the body because it takes less strength to hold the child in place. By resting his/her body on the pillow, the mother can sit back and relax.

It saves the mother the trouble of having to use her arms to hold the child in place.

2. Enables Movement

The second benefit comes in the form of movement. A mother can free her arm and take advantage of this by moving around. It is easier to get more done without having to solely keep the child in place. The nursing pillow can assist with this and keep the child from falling.

The ability to move is key for mothers who are looking to multi-task and want more value for their time. It is a good option to have up one’s sleeve in such situations.


3. Maintains Position

The most important requirement for a mother is to ensure this process is completed in a healthy manner. If not, this can have a profound impact on the child. With a nursing pillow, it’s easier to maintain the child’s position and ensure he/she is latched on as required.

It removes all of the external factors one might have to navigate around by carrying the child in hand. The latching can take time, and this is frustrating for the mother and will waste time. A nursing pillow takes care of this issue and enables a mother to optimize the child’s position for easier feeding (read wikiHow’s guide).

Our Nursing Pillow Reviews

The Nesting Organic

As a new mom, I’ve done tons of research about nursing pillows. While doing this online research, I came across the Nesting Pillow by Blessed Nest. Here’s what I’ve found out about it and why I believe it’s one of the best options on the market.

Organic and Safe

One of the features I like most about the Nesting Pillow is that it’s entirely made of organic fabric and materials.

The inside is made of organic buckwheat hulls grown in the US. The cover is removable for easier cleaning and made of organic cotton terry.

Excellent Support

The filling and the shape ensure wonderful support. The buckwheat hulls move around like in a bean bag. Thus, mom and baby or infant can take their time identifying the best nursing position. Once the position is chosen, the pyramid-like hulls will interlock with each other and ensure stability. The filling material also guarantees the circulation of air inside the pillow.

Features and Specifications

Apart from the top two characteristics already mentioned, the Nesting Pillow by Blessed Nest has a number of additional important features:

  • It is entirely handmade.
  • None of the materials used in the manufacturing process have been treated with chemicals.
  • The slipcover is removable and machine-washable for added convenience.
  • The inside can be spot cleaned and sanitized in the dryer – approximately 20 minutes will be required.
  • It measures 26 X 16 X 15 inches and its weight is 5.5 pounds.

What Customers are Saying

When going through reviews, it’s relatively easy to understand why people love this Blessed Nest product. The shape of the pillow and the characteristics of the filling are the two most enjoyable features. These enable a great fit because the pillow can be molded around any shape. Because of these characteristics, the pillow is particularly beneficial for moms who find breastfeeding hard and the ones that are dealing with it for the very first time.

Finding negative reviews about the pillow is a bit more difficult. One con that some of the reviewers mention is having a logo tag that sometimes rubs against the skin. That’s as far as shortcomings go.

The good news is that the problem happens to be easy to fix. Some moms used the it face down. Others dealt with it by simply removing the tag. Either way, the most commonly mentioned shortcoming is far from a big inconvenience and it doesn’t really interfere with the usability of the product.

Because of all these findings and the pros that far outweigh the negative characteristics of the pillow, I’m fully confident recommending this product.


The Nesting Pillow by Blessed Nest is organic, safe and incredibly practical. The unique filling is one of the product’s strongest selling points. It enables mom and baby to get comfy and spend quality time bonding with each other. It is suitable for breastfeeding women and moms feeding their baby with a bottle. Convenience is also guaranteed in the form of a removable cover that’s easy to clean in the washing machine.

Boppy Two-Sided

When it comes to creativity, the Boppy Two-Sided Breastfeeding Pillow is a great option because of its features. It is a product where mothers will look at twice when they get the opportunity. The question then becomes, is it value for money?

This review of Boppy Two-Sided Breastfeeding Pillow is going to answer this question and ensure mothers gain a better understanding of what this two-sided option brings to the table.

Two Feeding Surfaces

This is the reason Boppy Two-Sided Breastfeeding Pillow is a standout option. It has two feeding surfaces, and the reason for this is to make sure mothers are prepared for all situations. Sometimes, a baby will require a softer side, while other situations will ask for a firmer pillow. Instead of carrying two different breastfeeding pillows, this provides a singular option.

It makes it easier for mothers to know the pillow will work as they want without having to create workarounds.

Adjustable Belt

Every baby or infant is unique, and this is where adjustability does matter and plays a big role. Even if the pillow was to fit right for one day, would it fit the next day as a baby grows (infant feeding pillow)? This is where mothers need something stable and adjustable and why the Boppy Two-Sided Breastfeeding Pillow is convenient as it provides an adjustable and removable belt for mothers to use as they deem fit.

Features and Specifications

  • Provides Two Feeding Surfaces To Meet Everyone’s Needs (Soft and Firm)
  • Belt Is Designed To Be Removable and Adjustable
  • Lactation Consultant Designed for Nursing
  • Can Be Washed In Machine After Removal Of Belt
  • Provides Removable Foam Insert For Customization

What Customers Are Saying

Customers feel this is a versatile product because it is easy to use and the two sides are accurately designed. It is easy to note a lactation consultant has spent time in creating this nursing pillow because of how easy it is to use and how well it works in all scenarios.

The one negative thing about this breastfeeding pillow would be its covering. This can take time to adjust to when the belt is removed, but a mother will get the hang of it eventually. It is not an extensive process, and in most cases, it won’t become a prolonged issue at all.

The Boppy Two-Sided is one of those products anyone will recommend after they get a peek at how well it works.

Concluding Thoughts

This is a fantastic breastfeeding pillow that has been designed with a high level of care and works in a plethora of situations. Mothers will know they’re in safe hands with the Boppy Two-Sided Breastfeeding Pillow nearby. Nursing has never been as simple as it is with this pillow on hand. Grab this as soon as possible to make sure your baby is getting a safe and simple experience when it comes to feeding time.

My BrestFriend Deluxe

When using the My BrestFriend Deluxe Nursing Pillow, a person will soon realize they’re looking at a robust brand with a proven track record.

However, this review is going to overlook the brand and assess this nursing pillow on merit. Should mothers be using it for their baby? Does it meet their nursing requirements or does it fail? These question and more will be answered in this review to help mothers decide whether or not to purchase My BrestFriend Deluxe.

Deluxe Strap

It starts with an incredible strap that comes along with this pillow. It is designed to help mothers have a free hand to do something else. Instead of fumbling around and losing control, it’s easier to use the deluxe strap (velcro) to keep things in place – even when you’re moving.

This level of comfort is fantastic for mothers who start to get tired of regular feeding sessions. It is simpler to use the deluxe strap and keep the baby in place while its latched on and feeding. The mother can multi-task during this time and that can help move things along.

Baby Plush Fabric

Another prominent feature of My BrestFriend Deluxe is that it is made from 100% polyester fabric. This is designed to be “Extra plush, ” and it is crafted with attention to detail. The softness of the pillow case ensures the baby can rest against it without irritating his/her gentle skin.

It also enables the mother to relax knowing it won’t hamper her skin either while she is breastfeeding. The fabric is one of its principal features because it feels soft on the skin and is easy to wash when it gets dirty.

Features and Specifications

  • Made From Extra Soft Baby Plush Fabric For Better Comfort
  • Offers Wrap Around Design For Security
  • Provides Deluxe Strap To Keep Baby Secure And Allows Multi-Tasking
  • Is Machine Washable

What Are Customers Saying

Customers are raving about My BrestFriend Deluxe, and the reason has to do with the security it provides. Those velcro buckles are unshakeable when they’re in place, and that keeps the baby safe while feeding.

As for negatives, mothers have cited that it can take time to remove, and that’s where they would appreciate something easier. However, the beauty of this fabric is it can take a pounding and remain durable. This keeps it low maintenance even when it’s being used very often. This is the reason why it’s a no-brainer to recommend it.

Concluding Thoughts

It is a world-class nursing option, and one mothers should be considering right from the get-go. It feels and looks immaculate. If comfort is the the goal, this is the top rated option being sold right now.

Boppy Nursing and Positioner

Nursing is a wonderful, bonding experience but one thing I’ve learned in the very beginning is that the process is hard! Finding the right position, getting comfortable and spending quality time with your little one all require the right chair and accessories.

While researching such accessories, I came across the Boppy Nursing Pillow (Peaceful Jungle) and here’s why I consider it to be a superior product.

Multiple Uses

While the product is advertised as a nursing pillow, it can be used for many other things. The ergonomically correct design makes the baby really comfortable during breastfeeding. In addition, the pillow is great for propping and tummy time. It can also be used to offer some support while your little one is learning how to sit.

Removable Slipcover

The slipcover is soft with a beautiful pattern. What’s even better is that the slipcover can be removed. The fabric is machine washable for added convenience. Boppy sells separate slipcovers, which means that the pillow can still be used while the original one is getting cleaned.

Features and Specifications

This pillow by Boppy has a number of other great characteristics worth mentioning:

  • It’s machine washable.
  • The slipcover is both water-resistant and hypoallergenic.
  • Manufactured in the US.
  • The slipcover is made from a soft but durable cotton and polyester blend that guarantees the longevity of the fabric.
  • The weight is 2.8 pounds and it measures 20 X 5.5 X 16 inches.

Customer Reviews

According to the official Boppy presentation, the pillow has been voted the number one product for moms by the readers of American Baby magazine. Going through buyer reviews, it’s easy to see why it receives the praise.

Most moms who own the product report that it offers excellent support during breastfeeding. Because of the ergonomic shape, the pillow is perfect for relieving tension on mom’s arm. In addition, it makes it possible to sit correctly and relieve the pressure on the lower back. According to moms who wrote testimonials about the pillow, Boppy pillow is equally suitable for nursing newborns and older babies.

Negative reviews are much more difficult to come across. One shortcoming mentioned in some of the testimonials is that plus-sized moms didn’t find the pillow to be ideally shaped and sized for their needs. Shorter women were also uncomfortable with its size.

Boppy pillow for nursing, however, is a rather versatile item that’s not created solely for the purpose of breastfeeding. Even women who werent comfortable with the size of the pillow reported it was excellent for propping up the baby and tummy time.

Final Verdict

Based on the information I’ve uncovered during the research, I can confidently recommend Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner to all moms who want to increase comfort during breastfeeding and other activities.

The numerous slipcovers can be used to make the pillow stylish. They also simplify cleaning and maintenance. Durable, lightweight and soft, it can quickly turn into an essential item for every family with a newborn or a baby.

My Brest Friend Original

The My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow is a unique addition to the market of nursing pillows and has created intrigue in the market since its arrival. Mothers are always in search of a quality nursing solution, and this does merit a deeper look.

Here is an in-depth review of the My Brest Friend Original and how it fares when analyzed for its features.

Wrap Around Design

The primary feature is the “wrap around design,” which is catered to help those wanting full stabilization. It wraps around the body and holds everything in place while nursing. This makes it easier for mothers during nursing time.

Comfortable Arm and Elbow Rests

This nursing pillow provides unique arm and elbow rests for the mother while she’s feeding. It lets the body rest as the child is latching on. Instead of stretching one’s arms, it is easier to put them on the rests and wait while the baby feeds.

The simplicity and purity of this design are fascinating and makes it a stand out feature for mothers wanting security while feeding.

The arms can rest on the body while they’re being used. This enables the mother to spend longer periods in one spot without fidgeting or getting irritated.

Features and Specifications

  • Offers Wrap Around Design For Better Positioning While Feeding Baby
  • Made From 100% Cotton (Imported) For Enhanced Comfort and Quality
  • Provides Arm and Elbow Rests For Relaxation
  • Simple Backrest For Stabilization Of Core
  • Flat Cushion To Secure Baby While Feeding
  • Pocket Included To Store Items (i.e Bottles)

What Customers Are Saying

Customers state the overall quality of this pillow is immaculate because it works well to keep your baby safe when you’re multi-tasking. With the unique storage pocket on the side, it makes it even easier to have a stress-free time with your baby.

Customers have noticed it can get dirty pretty fast, however, this is a non-issue after a while because it can easily be unzipped and washed. The material will look brand new after a wash and it doesn’t take long to appreciate how robust the design is.

This is why the My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow is a fantastic product to recommend and a gold star item for mothers to use.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow is a winner, and it doesn’t get better than this. The comfort, durability, and quality are unmatched, which is why it continues to impress mothers around the world. The unique storage pocket and its firm support are beautiful on the body.


In the end, the perfect nursing pillow is going to provide adequate value for a mother during feeding times. It’s going to add comfort, security, and stability. By considering the size, weight, materials, and overall quality of a nursing pillow, it’s easier to achieve long-term results and get more out of the purchase.

Take your time and select the perfect nursing pillow (widgey nursing pillow is available in the market) in accordance with this buyer’s guide. It’s a complete one-stop solution for helping locate a world-class option to make feeding that much easier. The right one is going to make feeding time one of the best parts of the day for mothers. All it takes is a bit of research.

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