2017 Review Of My Essentia Bed Manufacturer

Do you love the cushy comfort and pressure relief of a memory foam mattress, but hate overheating, and dealing with the stink and potential health threat of out-gassing foam and latex?

The Essentia Mattress line has the answer: a specially designed beds made entirely from natural non-toxic materials, with the same comfort as artificial foam, a cooler sleep experience, and absolutely no chemical fumes.

All Natural, from Foam to Cover

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Nobody wants their bedroom to smell like a refinery, but conventional memory foam products make us endure at least a few weeks of petroleum fumes during the process of out-gassing. Essentia eliminates this smelly and sometimes health-threatening experience, and provides a better alternative for the environmentally conscious, by using completely natural materials and an improved manufacturing process.

A pioneer in using natural materials in mattress design, Essentia promises that all materials used in the manufacture of their products are not only natural and organic, but sustainably sourced, and include no animal products such as wool. They protect their customers from any residual smells from the manufacturing process by storing newly made beds in a negative-pressure environment, which draws out anything you wouldn’t want to breathe in well before delivery.

Essentia’s website at myessentia.com covers their designs, material sources and manufacturing process in detail for those who want to know more about what they are investing in. Although some of the claims have been challenged in FTC’s lawsuit in 2013, Essentia backs up its promises with data, as well as a lengthy warranty and a sixty-day money back guarantee.

Memory Foam Comfort, Now Without The Hot Spots

Memory foam cradles the body, reduces bounce and relieves back pain and pressure points, but it has a tendency to retain heat, which can become unbearable on warm nights without proper airflow. Essentia mattresses offer the same supportive comfort but are designed to channel cooler air up toward the sleeper, which helps prevent overheating.

A cross-section of the latex base layer of Essentia mattresses shows part of how this happens: the latex is molded with built-in air channels, which draws air from the bottom and sides of the mattress. This pushes aside the heated air and allows the bed to cool off underneath and around you, instead of forming a pocket of heat around your body.

Essentia beds boast all the advantages of a memory foam while minimizing the major disadvantages of heat and smells. They have continued to improve on their designs, materials, and sourcing since they opened their doors in Quebec in 2006, in order to offer an even better sleep experience to their customers.

A Mattress for Everybody

Essentia offers several variations on their mattress, including the Bionda, Beausommet, Classic 8 and Stratami models. These vary in softness, thickness, and core materials while being equal in quality; all are backed by a sixty-day money back guarantee, and the majority are backed by a remarkable 20-year prorated warranty.

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Essentia’s variety of offerings allows you to select a bed to your personal tastes and needs without sacrificing quality or shopping across multiple sites. For example, the Bionda is as soft as a pillow top mattress, but retains all the benefits of natural latex and memory foam, while the Beausommet has more posture-supporting firmness for those who need it, while still conforming to the body and relieving pressure points.

Essentia mattresses are organized into different series according to their specific design, such as Performance Mattresses, and vary in firmness within that series. In the Performance series, for example, the Classic 8 is the moderately firm version, while its companion the Energie Opus is significantly softer; both use the same materials in different proportions.

Offering a variety of designs and firmness instead of attempting a one-size-fits-all solution allows Essentia to provide comfortable sleep to people with a wide range of specific comfort and support needs. Models have changed some over the years, and the product line has diversified to include children’s mattresses and other bedding, but the quality remains consistent no matter which you get. Essentia does not offer mattress toppers at the moment believing they don’t solve the issues of old beds and that they are better off replaced completely.

The Down Side: A Very Short List

Essentia mattresses don’t have very many issues compared to their long list of assets, though some people unused to a foam/latex bed may be surprised by the lack of springiness or the mattress’s weight versus an innerspring design. The only real issues besides this are the price, which is significantly higher than that of comparable beds elsewhere, and the fact that the lengthy warranty is prorated.

What We Liked

  • All the comfort and pressure relief of memory foam and latex, without the heat, fumes, or artificial materials
  • Exclusive use of chemical-free natural, sustainably sourced materials which are documented on their website
  • A variety of firmness options and sizes, including kids’ mattresses and even dog beds of the same quality
  • Hypoallergenic design discourages dust mites and bedbugs
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Warranty is almost three times as long as the average prorated mattress warranty

What We Didn't Like

  • Mattresses are relatively pricey, although regular sales and financing options soften the blow some
  • Heavy—you will need help moving larger mattresses
  • A prorated warranty means that you will get less compensation for an older mattress

The Takeaway

The Essentia mattress line offers a good product that serves its purpose well, lasts a lot longer than the average, and offers enough variety to suit any build, sleep style or support need. The sixty-day guarantee gives you a fair amount of time to try your bed before committing, and if it is damaged, the warranty will help you replace it.

If you need a new eco memory foam mattress, want the best and have the money, Essential offers great products that will last you up to three times as long as competing beds. You can sleep easy on an Essentia bed for more reasons than its comfort: it’s easy on the environment, easy on the body, and the big up-front price is balanced by its long lifespan and warranty. Definitely, one to take a look at if you are in the market.

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