The Best Beds At Costco Reviewed – Top 5 Brands

Even though Costco does not manufacture mattresses themselves, they still sell them. In fact, there are brands that are sold exclusively in their stores, meaning you can’t buy these anywhere else. Available options commonly include latex, innerspring and memory foam beds.

Throughout this article, we will be looking at the Costco brand itself, what brands they distribute, and which are exclusively sold there. Additionally, we’ll create overall pros and cons which derive from countless user reviews of people who purchased their mattresses at Costco.

Nationwide Warehouse

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve already heard of Costco. It’s a nationwide warehouse club which deals with bulk item distribution, e.g. if you were trying to buy a metric ton of your favorite snacks – you’d probably go to Costco.

It’s a warehouse club. This means they’ve got a membership plan available, one that carries benefits for its owners. You’re only allowed to shop at Costco if you’re a member and if you’re not, and you order something online from, your order will be processed with an addition of a 5% fee.

image of a warehouse

Membership starts at just over $50, and this is the amount you will pay extra if you’re not a member while trying to buy a bed at one of their stores.

MattressWallet ScoreOur Rating
Novaform (our top pick)$$96
Sleep Science​​​​​
Spring Air$$$$85
Stearns and Foster$$$$$79

What Kind of Beds Does Costco Sell…And Why?

Costco distributes all kinds of beds, and they do this because, well, they can. They’re a nationwide distributor who’s obviously going to try and get their hands on as many products as they can. This is all great and dandy, but what does this type of a business approach say about their product quality? Well, this was our first thought as well. There are countless of companies who specialize in manufacture and sales, so why should you buy a mattress at Costco? One possible valid reason is that there are brands that are sold exclusively at Costco, meaning you have no other choice if you really, really want that brand. Let’s check out some of the brands they’re distributing, and then we’ll move on to the pros and cons list.

Brands Offered

Currently, Costco has mattress sets for sale in store from Novaform, Sleep Science, Sealy, Stearns and Foster, and Spring Air. Different levels of firmness and sizes (including twin, twin xl, full, queen and king) are available along with box spring for your bed.


Novaform is actually the brand that’s being sold exclusively at Costco. Sleep Innovations Inc., is the company behind this mattress line, but they also offer other lines which are exclusive to different warehouses, such as Walmart and Amazon.

Novaform seems to be a product line of high-quality, good-density memory foam beds, and they’ve got something for everything. In fact, if you visit their website, you’ll be going through a “Mattress Selector“, a quiz of some kind that asks about your sleeping habits and then recommends the best match for you. Pretty neat.

Sleep Science

South Bay International is a company behind the Sleep Science product line. Being that they’ve been doing this for over two decades, many buyers felt quite comfortable shopping for Sleep Science beds. This line seems to be cost effective as they mostly offer low to mid-priced products. Sleep Science specializes in memory foam mattresses and has been doing so since 1993.

Spring Air

Spring Air is one of the most trustworthy brands out there, being that they’ve been in the business since 1926. If you’re looking for an innerspring bed, you should definitely consider Spring Air. However, they’ve recently introduced memory foam and latex mattresses as well.

Stearns and Foster

If you’re looking for something more luxurious, Stearns and Foster Kirkland Signature is your best bet at Costco. This company is actually a part of Tempurpedic, a well known and experienced production company that’s been in the business for decades.

In our previous reviews, we’ve looked at Tempurpedic and concluded that they provide exceptional quality for luxury memory foam beds when compared to the price tag.

Sealy Posturepedic

Sealy has been previously dubbed as the grandfather of mattress manufacturing, and this is not surprising when you realize they’ve been in the business since 1906. That’s over a hundred years-worth of experience.

Sealy has also recently been bought by Tempurpedic, only prolonging our trust in the brand. Their product lines consist of a wide range of memory foam, latex, and innerspring beds.

Pros & Cons of Buying at Costco

We’ve gone through countless research hours where we mostly looked at previous buyer reviews. Let’s sum these up in a pros and cons list so you can get an overall perspective of your potential Costco shopping experience.


  • Most brands have an excellent return policy
  • White glove delivery option available
  • All offer at least an average pressure and pain relief
  • Equipped with efficient customer support
  • Most customer reviews are positive


  • These brands seem to have a short mattress lifespan
  • Motion isolation doesn’t seem to be top-notch
  • Negative reviews mostly about off-gassing
  • Some negative reviews about firmness not being consistent
  • Costco does not haul or take away your old mattress

Conclusion: Should You Go Shopping For A Bed At Costco?

Even though the reviews are mostly positive, there are still some negative reviews that need to be taken into account. These negative reviews have influenced this review in a way that we suggest being cautious. If there’s a brand you really like at Costco, chances are, you’ll get it and have no issues whatsoever.

To summarize, there’s no reason not to go to Costco. Every product, brand, and company have downsides. One thing that we specifically suggest to our readers is this: When you go shopping at Costco, ask for additional information about a specific mattress quality, e.g., what’s it been made of etc, what’s the warranty, is there a trial period, what density is the comfort layer of the memory foam? We say this because we’ve seen reports where previous buyers stated the information available at the store is not sufficient enough to become an informed buyer.

All-in-all, if you know what you’re looking for, and know how to recognize a quality product while expecting it on sight, then you’ll have no issues shopping at Costco. Make the right decision and they’ll take care of the rest, as their customer support and return policies have received nothing but praises from previous customers.

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