Casper Sleep Bed Dissected And Rated In Our New Review

Whether the time to replace your old mattress has arrived or you are browsing through innumerable options to get a new one for the guest’s room, there are a few things that you should have in mind before purchasing one, such as the quality, its price, and its inner construction.

You will want a bed that is firm, soft and affordable, all in one, and the Casper mattress matches these criteria just right. This fairly new brand has been transforming both the online business and mattresses’ standards since it was first created a couple of years ago. However, is it all just expectations or is the Casper as great as it seems to be?

To find out, let’s give a closer look at the mattress’ features and evaluate its worth in relation to its price.

An Innovative Business Company

The first thing to know about Casper is that since their origins, back in 2014, they have been pioneering in the online mattress business, being one of the first (if not the first!) to come up with the bed-in-a-box presentation, something that many brands have opted for nowadays.

A relatively new company, they have established themselves on the market as one of the most innovative businesses out there, offering great customer support for their well-known product that has made thousands of customers sleep sound and tight at night.

image of a Casper Sleep

In addition, their bed is not the only thing to praise the company for as their business model is quite unique, as well: Casper only sells its mattresses through their official online site and retailers, reconfiguring the way in which we are used to buying a new bed. No more supply chains mean a more affordable price.

Precisely because you are no longer testing the mattress yourself in a stock shop, they also came up with the 100 Night Trial program, which allows you to order the product online, get it at home in a box, try it out for as long as you want in this time window, and return it if you are not satisfied in the end.


Casper Sleep Inc. boasts about its “tireless improvement” on the mattress’ confection, and the truth is that they have upgraded the construction at least three times since they launched it on the market in 2014.

The evolution in the construction of the Casper mattress has left behind two outdated versions, and introduced the latest one in January 2017, which stands as the universally comfortable equation for the average consumer.


The current Casper is a 4-layer mattress (in opposition to its 3-layer old version and only 2 layers in competing Tuft & Needle bed) that is made up of an open-cell bouncy foam layer, a responsive memory foam layer, an adaptive transition foam layer, and a durable support foam layer.

Although the inches that occupied each layer in the height of the mattress were once available online in, they removed it some time ago and have not offered details regarding the thickness of each layer ever since. However, it is known that the total height is 10 inches.

This new Casper bed presentation comes in one model, as always, maintaining their principle of simplicity and willingness to cover most people’s needs with only one product. This could be a good thing for some, and a bad thing for those who like to pick their mattresses meticulously.

Nevertheless, the Casper does offer a comfortable sleep, and so think the vast majority of people that have bought and tested the mattress. “Just the right sink, just the right bounce” is a good way to describe it, as the upper open-cell layer achieves a surface springy enough, also acting as a cooler in the warmest nights, while the memory foam offers great support and isolates motion.

Casing these 4 layers is a simple but elegant-looking cover, white on the middle parts and dark gray on the sides. This cover fabric has a great, stretchy texture and pores big enough to keep the mattress cool. It can also be unzipped, but it is not made to be washed, so be aware! Another thing to note is Casper does not offer mattress topper at the moment.


The Casper’s firmness is, generally speaking, is fine. There are firmer mattresses on the market, but there are many softer ones as well. The Casper allows you to sleep well on your back and stomach, although it might be a bit hard to sleep on your side.

This does not mean that you will not be able to do it at all, it only means that you will have to get used to it, especially if your older mattress was softened with time.

Nevertheless, even though the Casper’s construction makes it stand a little bit on the firm side, the addition of the fourth Adaptive Transition foam layer provides deeper coziness and softens the overall sensation without diminishing its support, making the experience a much more comfortable one.

image of a simple mattress


The Casper mattress comes with a 10-year Warranty, which stands right in the middle when it comes to beds as you can find brands that offer up to 25 years of warranty while others’ only last 5 years.

Prices and Measurements

The prices of the mattress vary according to the size you are buying, although it’s important to note that the two bigger sizes cost the same so if you are looking for a bigger, affordable choice, don’t hesitate and get Casper in California King size!

  • Twin (39” x 75” x 10”)
  • Twin X-Large (39” x 80” x 10”)
  • Full (54” x 75” x 10”)
  • Queen (60” x 80” x 10”)
  • King (76” x 80” x 10”)
  • California King (72” x 84” x 10”)

Great Temperature Management

Image of Casper Mattress Bed in a Room

As mattress specialists know by now, memory foam tends to heat up, making you sweat throughout the night and leaving you sleepless. This is the primary issue with those beds that are constructed primarily with memory foam.

Nevertheless, Casper has found the solution to this issue by adding an open-cell foam layer between you and the memory foam underneath.

This winner-combination allows the Casper to have the perfect amount of sinkage, bounciness, and firmness at the same time, while also managing the temperature even in the warmest of nights thanks to the cooling effects of the open-cell foam technology.

Affordable Price

Another great thing about the brand is its online-directed business. This is not only original but also quite useful when it comes to pricing items and services. By reducing the number of people working to sell you a particular bed and offering it directly to the consumer instead, Casper has managed a way to put a fair and honest price on their mattresses.

All the utilities, rent, and price increases that happen before the manufacturing company gets your future mattress to your house disappear with Casper’s strategy: they make the bed and sell it directly to you.

This means, of course, that you will be purchasing a better quality mattress for the same price as many others that are below this brand’s standards.

100-Night Trial

Although Casper, as a company, wants to support the idea that buying mattresses online is the most affordable way to get a good quality product for a fair price, they also know that purchasing a bed with no return policy is something that none of us would do.

As a solution to this, they offer a 100-Night Trial for their Casper, allowing you to place an order, get the mattress and try it out for up to 100 days from the moment the shipping before deciding if it is everything you were expecting or if it did not live up to the hype.

If you happen to love it, as many other have, great! But if you happen to have any complaints and believe that you will not bond with your new bed over time, their return policy states that the company will send a UPS member to pick it up right away, so no worries.

All the returned mattresses are either donated or recycled accordingly, as stated on the online company website and this Reddit thread. However, make sure that you place the order exclusively through their official website as there have been issues with the Return Policy for those who purchased the mattress through another retailer.

Image of Casper Mattress Bed

Additional Pros

Although this might be considered a disadvantage for some customers, we believe that simplicity is always best and that Caaper’s principle to sell only one mattress that fits best all needs is also a unique way to approach the market. Visiting a supply store might be a bit overwhelming for those who don’t know how they like their bed, so C asper decided to reduce it all to one only choice, and that also tells a lot about the confidence they put in their product.

Did we mention the Free Shipping already? Well, this is a good time to say it: in addition to the affordable price, Casper ships their mattresses all over USA, Canada and UK with no extra fee.
The mattress comes in a box that fits through all door sizes, so you do not have to worry about transportation.

Things to Keep an Eye On

Return policy does not apply to orders placed through other online shops, although the company states otherwise through the online retailer. It is important to know that if you are not completely sure that this is the mattress for you, it might be best to buy it directly through their website, as this is the only way to guarantee your 100 Night Trial and the Return Policy that comes with the Casper mattress.

The edges of the bed aren’t its strongest sides, and they sink down quite far regardless of the person’s weight. The best idea is to sleep a few inches away from the edges to avoid the sensation of falling risk.

Because the company is quite new, so are the mattresses. This makes it impossible to know if the Casper is a durable product or not, or if it will endure the time test. However, there isn’t much to do about this but wait a few more years and see what the longevity of the Casper mattres.

Give It Some Time!

The best advice that we can give to those who are about to, or just bought the Casper mattress and are finding it difficult to find comfort during the first nights, is: wait and endure! It will take some time to adjust to it.

The Casper is most probably quite a different mattress from the one that you were sleeping on before, and the firmness of it can be surprising, if not unpleasant at first.

This does not mean that there’s something wrong with the bed. The Casper has a tested and approved construction and it will only depend on which type of mattress you like to most whether you’ll find it comfortable or not.

However, we do recommend that you at least try it for a month or so. It does have a 100 Night Trial, after all, so you can use the mattress for up to 3 months with no worries to see if your body ends up adjusting to it, which we dare to say that it will!

Casper Mattress Verdict

In conclusion, the Capser is a great mattress to sleep on. It gives a little bit of all the best: springiness, firmness, and coolness. It is best matched with those that are looking for a bed that touches the firm side slightly while also having some memory foam in its core.

The Casper’s price is another great advantage the company has over its competitors, and the 100-Night Trial is something that you cannot ignore: even if you end up not enjoying your nights on the Casper matress, you can still return it free of charge, so why not give it a try and decide for yourself?

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