Our Brooklyn Bedding Review – Pros & Cons 2017

Have you been looking for an established, trustworthy company to buy your mattress from? A company that’s not a last-year startup, has decades of experience and provides truly high-quality bedding products?

Well, what if I said you’ve just found one. Brooklyn Bedding (#bestmattressever) has been operational since 1995 and is one of the few mattress brands that have their own mattress manufacturing facility.

image of feet of a sleeping manYes, they both design and make their own beds – in the US. Nothing is outsourced, not even within the US, no contractors, no covers from China or anything similar.

Now, while all this sounds astonishing, you probably think their prices must be over the roof (logically they almost should be). However, this is not the case. We decided to review Brooklyn bed this reason – not just because of the recent increase in popularity.

This company has managed to develop, design and manufacture beds – in the US – all by themselves, own retail stores, sell online, and finish that all off by offering their products with surprisingly reasonable price tags.

They almost seem like the perfect mattress brand. However, does the quality of materials and end products this company sells fit into the description above? Is the model they sell a valuable option for you to consider?

I’ve specifically chosen this interesting brand to conduct research on, collect and provide useful information for our readers. You will learn what materials they use, what trial and warranty policies they’ve got, and how they compare to other brands in this price range.

There’s also a pros and cons list at the end of the article, for a quick viewing to help you decide whether or not this mattress would be a good fit for you. That said, I’d advise you read this mattress’s standout features carefully.

I say this because even though a mattress may be perfect by all accounts – it still might not be a good fit for you and your personal sleeping needs and preferences. Read on to learn more about how this bed is constructed.

Brooklyn Mattress Construction

Brooklyn Bedding mattress is comprised out of 3 polyfoam layers. However, this isn’t your standard industry poly foam; it’s actually TitanFlex – and advanced version of foam that aims to provide the comfort of memory foam (see full guide) and bounce and firmness of latex.

This is quite interesting and is a first good sign that this brand wanted to create something both unique and of higher quality than the average quality in the bed market today.

Together, the three layers make a 10“ thick mattress. The top, comfort layer, is a 2“ TitanFlex Foam layer. Its primary purpose is providing comfort and airflow for the sleeper.

The density is quite good (4.0+ pounds per cub.foot), and should provide exceptional comfort, bounce, cooling, and response.
Beneath, we see a second, or middle layer, whose purpose is to provide additional comfort but a hint of support as well. The middle layer is also 2“ thick, but the main difference is in its firmness.

It’s a bit firmer than the top layer, which establishes the claim that this is more of a support layer than a comfort one – as it should be.

Finally, the bottom – support – layer a 6“ thick poly foam layer comprised of high-density foam. This is the mattress foundational layer is this is what gives it its stable, firm shape, as well as the majority of its support.

High Quality, Breathable, Soft Cover

image of a nice bedI was nicely surprised by the uniqueness of this mattress’ construction and used materials. I thought that was it, but I was wrong.

Brooklyn Bedding also did something nice for their mattress cover. This was when it became clear to me that this company did put a lot of thought into designing this mattress.

Anyways, the cover they use here is a quilted cover, a combination of polyester, foam, and cotton. A combination I haven’t reviewed before. Truly unique once again.

This mattress cover contains a bit of poly foam in it, making it feel extremely soft, plushy, and also makes it feel like a thin pillow in some – really interesting and quite fun to use.
Sides of the cover are good-looking and useful well.

There are handles on two sides which help with transportation, and they integrate nicely with the overall design of the bed.

This cover should provide a small extra hint of style, comfort, and airflow for the entire mattress. On the other hand, it’s incredibly simple, while on the other – it brings so much to the table.

Multiple Firmness Options are Available

Surprise – yet again.

Now, I don’t want to come off as writing an unbiased review. I’m truly surprised at how Brooklyn Bedding managed to pack such a good mattress in this price range while keeping design and manufacturing in-house.

This surprise is related to the firmness of the bed. While it is quite common to come across a brand that lets you pick out the firmness you want, I still wanted to give a Brooklyn a good point here.

That’s because their offer already includes a very good product, made out of good materials and with a lot of things in mind.
The point is, they could have just as easily offered only one firmness, make their lives easier, and everyone would understand.

But they didn’t. They obviously wanted to cast a wide net in the market and suit as many people as possible. A good thing, in any case.

Anyways, you can get the bed in 3 different firmness variants; soft, medium and firm. If you’re unsure about what would be good for you, chances are – you’re going to be most satisfied with the medium option.

Medium is neither too soft so that you feel as sinking in or getting too warm, nor is it too firm. The majority of people who don’t have any special preferences with their sleep would be just fine with a medium size.

TitanFlex Foam – Best of Both Worlds

TitanFlex foam is neither memory foam nor latex, yet it manages to give us the best features of those materials. It is foam, after all (poly foam) – and from it, we get that extra notch of comfort and motion isolation – something you cannot get in latex or innerspring mattresses.

However, while it’s literally foam, it’s supposed to feel more like latex when you sleep on it. This is derived from the fact that the material provides more resistance and bounce than any foam normally would.

I will not say this is the best combination in the world, but it’s an interesting endeavor – something worth trying out.

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