Guide To Best Organic Cotton Sheets – 4 Brands Reviewed

Organic sheets make your life easier, and safer. Easier because you won’t need to worry about all kinds of different toxic materials and chemicals which are being used in manufacturing industry sheets today. Safe because, well, many kinds of such chemicals and toxins have been proven to infest the human body through your skin, and this is something you don’t want happening.

This is especially true if you’ve got children or a newborn child, both of which may be more susceptible to being endangered. While it is true that sheet-related infections happen rarely – the fact that it’s even possible is enough reason to reconsider for many of us. 

image of a girl snuggling on a sheetThat said, I’ve found that researching organic sheets – with no harmful materials – is an incredibly frustrating task.

Not only are there much more manufacturers that don’t offer organic options, but those that do are often buried underneath all the non-organic brands. I’ve personally gone through a plethora of online reviews where people suggest different types of sheets for various reasons, but almost none of those included all-organic options.

This is why I’ve decided to develop my list of best organic bed sheets – a list which will contain only all-organic options for you to choose from.

MattressWallet ScoreOur Rating
Sol (our top pick)$$$$$98
The Green Farmer$$87
Whisper Organics$$$$68

Organic Bedding Buying Guide

Use this section to figure out what you should look for (or avoid) when buying a sheet set for your mattress.

Take Note of Materials Used in a Bed Sheet Set

I previously stated that harmful chemicals or toxins could be absorbed into your body through your skin. This one is particularly true if your sheets contain synthetic fabric. It’s usually filled with plastic and possibly other more dangerous chemicals so you’d be the wiser one to avoid this if possible.

You’ve probably heard the following “benefits” before; flame retardant, water resistant, stain resistant, and perhaps you’ve previously bought a bedding product thinking you’ve stumbled upon a great product. Well, these kinds of benefits can come in handy, being stain resistant means you’ll spend less time washing and maintaining the sheets, but do you know how was this accomplished?


Nothing special about it, but you should be aware of this because the same chemicals that give your sheets the power of “stain resistance” also tend to evaporate during your sleep and end up inside of your nostrils. To summarize – consider the material used in any bedding product, or clothing for that matter as well.

Don’t Base Your Purchase Around the Price Tag

image of organic sheets

If you’re buying on a strict budget, there might not be many options for you out there. Organic materials are often a bit more expensive than non-organic materials. You might think that the bed sheets are an insignificant part of your bed, and you might want just to get it over think and buy anything.

Following this logic, you’d probably choose to spend less rather than more. If this sounds about right – I’d urge you to reconsider. Please understand that investing in organic beddings is essentially investing in your health.

Many people are frustrated with some of the sheet set prices out there today, but this is the one thing you don’t want to try and save on. If you want to preserve yourself or other people sleeping under the same roof, and avoid unnecessary risks of infection due to toxic chemicals – go for organic. Even if they do end up costing more than you thought – if it means you’ll be able to sleep safe and sound – so be it.

Individual Product Reviews

Based on countless hours of frustrating research, and on various customer feedback review pages – I’ve gathered a “best of the bunch” list for you to consider when hunting for best organic sheets.


Organic doesn’t necessarily mean out of style or basic. In fact, these sheets are considered a luxury bedding product. These provide that soft yet silky feel to the touch and should only get softer with each wash. On top of that, these are made out of a 100% organic cotton.

What’s even more important –these sheets are Fair Trade Certified. This basically means they were manufactured in safe working conditions by professionals and are not a result of forced or child labor. Many sources also brand these sheets as “finest organic cotton,” and are made with Single Ply Yarn and Long Staple Fiber.

SOL Organic Sheets come with a 16“ deep corner pockets meaning you won’t have any trouble with fitting. Previous buyers mostly praise the SOL sheets by mentioning how they only get softer after multiple washing sessions and feel very smooth overall.

Buyers love the fact that the manufacturing process behind these sheets is entirely eco-friendly and the end product is 100% organic.

One other often mentioned benefit coming from current owners is quite surprising. Buyers say these sheets are worth the cost for their quality alone – and that the organic part is just a bonus. It’s true – these sheets may not be the most cost-effective option out there, but at least you know you’re getting a 100% organic product, produced in a controlled and eco-friendly environment. You can get these in three different colors.

The Green Farmer

Similarly to the SOL Organics, the Green Farmer sheets are also comprised of 100% organic cotton, are Fair Trade and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. You’ve probably guessed by now that The Green Farmer is largely based on an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process.

All their products, including these sheets, are eco-friendly and are also manufactured in a controlled, professional work environment. 

Considering that these sheets are a bit friendlier cost-wise than the SOL Organics, I was surprised to find out that these are praised even more!

Previous buyers seem to be exceptionally thrilled about owning this sheet set, and many have apparently ordered multiple sets in different time periods.

The manufacturer warns current, and future owners to machine wash these, don’t bleach or dry clean, iron them on medium and let dry in the shade only. While these might not be the best looking sheets out there, they do seem to provide more value than they cost.

The price tag is very friendly, and they seem to provide you with everything you’ve asked for: organic, safe, eco-friendly, extremely comfortable – with a small lack of creativity for the design. Considering everything, if you don’t like how these look, you can still utilize them for your guest room, children’s bedroom or some other use. You can get these in 7 different colors.

Magnolia Estate Collection

Let’s get the similarities out of the way. These sheets are of course also 100% organic cotton based, produced in an eco-friendly and controlled-professional work environment.

These are also Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. Compared to the two previously reviewed sheet sets, these seem to be denser. The cotton count or the thread count in these is 550, while SOL Organics and The Green Farmer have the thread count at 300. This means the Magnolia Organics sheets are likely more durable, and possibly more comfortable.

These come in 5 different colors and five different sizes, making them suitable for almost any bed design and size. The manufacturer asks to have these machine washed in warm water, and tumble-dried on low heat.

Even though the customer feedback on this product seems to be overwhelmingly positive, there are still some concerning ones we found. One review, in particular, complained that these sheets tend to shrink after multiple washing sessions. However, this case seems to be a separate, rare occurrence because almost no other review even mentioned any issues with shrinking.

One possible reason is the buyer in question didn’t follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions. It’s true that you can find nice bed sheets at half the cost of these, but considering the nice design, 550 thread count, and the multiple size options, I for one believe these are well worth it and should last longer than most other much cheaper sheets.


It’s probably not necessary by now, but I want to pay respect where respect is due. This company is highly involved in eco-friendly manufacturing, safe working solutions, strictly organic-based and GOTS certified.

The company seems to be very confident in these sheets since they offer a 90 day trial period. This means you can use the sheets for up to 3 months before deciding whether to keep or return them.

If you decide for the return – Whisper guarantees a full refund. This kind of confidence is something I like seeing in companies.

It tells me two things. First, it’s probably a good product. Otherwise, everyone would return it. And second, there’s virtually no risk for the buyers. Might as well use them for three months and see what gives. Even if there’s an issue, you’ll receive a full refund, and the whole return process seems to be hassle-free – according to various review pages and customer feedback. These are available in 7 different colors and five different sizes.


Remember, owning 100% organic bedding products allows for a sound and safe sleep. There’s an abundance of research papers online you can read if you’re not convinced that non-organic bedding products can be harmful to you or your loved ones. This is the sole reason why you shouldn’t put the price at the top of the list when considering different bedding or clothing products. Put your safety and safety of your family in the first place.

All of these sheets reviewed today are 100% organic-based, eco-friendly and GOTS certified. This means you’re all set for safety and sound working/manufacturing environments here. You’re now free to choose which one to pick out based on price or design.

If you allow it, I’d like to suggest The Green Farmer organic sheets kindly. Even though they don’t have the highest thread-count (durability) of the sheets reviewed here – they still seem to be the best buy. These sheets offer multiple color and size choices, and previous buyers seem to be extremely happy and have also gone so far to purchase multiple sets.

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