The 5 Best Organic Crib Mattresses 2017

Are you looking for the top rated organic crib mattress for your kid? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Your child deserves the best and their development hinges on a good night's sleep. If you're not looking into this, it can start to hamper their growth. It's essential to look at a good organic crib mattress because it's comfortable, odor-free and soothes the skin, it also helps prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). A child can enjoy their sleep while resting on an organic crib mattress.

Are you interested in cribs that aren't necessarily organic? Our complete baby crib guide breaks down ALL kinds of options for you.

With the average type of crib mattress, it can become challenging to figure out what's useful and what isn't. Most common solutions are rough, too firm, and don't last long. With heavy usage, a mattress can start to fall apart, which is not a sound investment, to say the least. It can get worse when a buyer starts looking at the options and realizes there are too many to choose from.

With the help of this buyer's guide, it'll become easier to find and pick a world-class organic crib mattress (best cradle mattress) for your child's needs.

It's time to take a positive step in the right direction by using the information in this read to eliminate bad options and get moving towards a top-grade solution. The right crib mattress can be found as long as this information is being utilized.

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How To Choose An Organic Crib Mattress

Waterproof Covering

With children, a waterproof cover can be useful. Fluids can drop onto the main surface and ruin a mattress. This is why taking the opportunity to assess various options for waterproof covering is always a wise decision. It can help alleviate unnecessary damage that takes place while raising a child.

It's smarter to be aware of this rather than hoping a mattress that you will pick will be able to survive on its own.


An uncomfortable mattress will make it difficult for a baby to fall asleep (consider the thickness), and this can lead to numerous issues. It's not only cumbersome for parents when their baby cries due to the mattress, but it's also going to stagnate their development, and that's unacceptable in this day and age.

The goal should be to find a world-class organic crib mattress that's perfectly balanced and comfortable.

Baby Room

Proof Of Being "Organic"

It's one thing to want an organic crib mattress and another to actually get one. There are many options that pose to be organic but are not sufficient.

There are various organizations now accrediting brands based on how reliable their mattresses are. These are certifications you should be looking for as a buyer to ensure the mattress is organic. If not, you should skip the option because most of their claims are a lie.

A world-class brand (best selling crib mattresses) will never dupe their customers in this regard.

Avoidance Of Chemicals

Too many crib mattresses aren't designed to be safe and can end up being safety hazards (there are available hypoallergenic crib mattresses in the market).

It's essential to look for "flame retardant" mattresses as their materials ensure damage isn't done if a fire was to catch on. This keeps the baby safe for as long as possible, and that's never a bad option. The wrong usage of chemicals can lead to safety hazards, and that's not a risk worth taking.

Find a good crib mattress devoid of these chemicals when making a purchase. It's the best way to go.


How breathable is the mattress' surface? When a baby is sleeping, it should be easy to breathe, and that can often become a challenge with the wrong type of crib mattress. Experts state materials such as these are useful for children as they don't have powerful lungs and it's better to provide breathable surfaces for them to rest on.

It keeps them safe and healthy at all times.

Various materials are available in this regard, and it's best to determine which ones stand out.



The worst decision a person can make is to go with and pick a mattress that won't last. Durability is a major requirement with crib mattresses because they're under regular duress. Babies sleep far more than adults, and this means the usage is greater (baby mattress thickness has an effect).

It's easy to ignore this, but maintenance costs aren't worth it and buying a new mattress every few weeks is certainly not an option!

It's smarter to look for a durable solution, which can handle the rigors of the process and won't die out. Check all associated ratings with the mattress and its company to ensure the right purchase is being made at the end of the day. It will save time and money.


The mattress and its size will matter because you're going to have an established crib in place. If the mattress isn't large enough and doesn't "hug" the railing, it could lead to injuries for the baby, and that's unsafe. Don't get a mattress where the surface underneath is still visible.

It should cover from corner to corner.

The size is one of those requirements you can't settle on as it could lead to massive damage and isn't worth the trouble.


The final requirement when choosing a new organic crib mattress (natural and eco friendly crib mattress) is firmness. It should feel comfortable underneath the baby's body.

Now, the standard definition of "comfortable" is soft, but that's untrue for babies. They should receive a firmer mattress as it lets the baby rest on top rather than sinking in. This isn't good for their gentle bodies, and a firmer surface is the required option.

Our Organic Crib Mattress Reviews


When it comes to choosing products for your baby, you want only the best. That is the simple reason why I dedicated hours to finding the right organic crib.

Recommended by Pediatricians

Because of its multiple positive characteristics, this organic option for babies and toddlers is recommended by an array of pediatricians. Doctors confirm that the structure and design of the mattress can contribute to the quick development and health of the baby.

High Quality Materials

The Newton comes with a 100% breathable design. The core is 90% comprised of free air, which ensures the breathability and safety of the mattress. The other 10% consist of a food-grade polymer. It is also equipped with a cover.

Features and Specifications

  • It is free from foam, latex and other substances that could potentially be allergens or irritants.
  • The product is 100% washable.
  • Entirely made of recyclable materials.
  • Sufficient firmness to make the mattress suitable for newborn babies.
  • It comes in a size that will make it fit inside most standard cribs.
  • It measures 28 X 5.5 X 52 inches and its weight is 11 pounds.

What Customers are Saying


Most buyers who opted for this organic crib are quite pleased with the price to quality ratio (you can buy this baby mattress online). The positive characteristic that gets mentioned in testimonials most often is the breathability. Many parents tested the product and they report you can put your face on the infant mattress and still breathe. This is particularly important for youngsters and the safety feature will eliminate the risk of suffocation during the night.

Negative reviews are more difficult to find. A few of the people who bought it report that if you start a newborn with a regular mattress and move on to this one, the baby may experience some discomfort. The reason is that the Newton crib mattress is a bit firmer than a standard one.

After several nights of adjustment, most parents had overcome the issue. According to reviewers, a newborn that starts sleeping on this bed right from the start is not going to experience such issues. Because of all this information I have come across during my research, I can confidently recommend the Newton.

Final Verdict

The Newton Crib Mattress and Toddler Mattress is safe and functional. Recommended by pediatricians and the holder of several design awards, this product will give parents peace of mind and improve everybody's sleep quality during the night.

Naturepedic Cotton

A good crib organic mattress should be comfortable, safe and long-lasting. Based on this criteria, I did some research and came across the organic cotton crib mattress by Naturepedic. There are several reasons why I believe this item is superior to others.

Organic Cotton

The dual firmness crib by Naturepedic comes with an organic cotton fabric (waterproof) and organic cotton filling. The fabric is soft to the touch and very easy to clean at the same time.

Image of Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Crib Mattress

Apart from being waterproof, it is also stain-resistant for added convenience. The filling is also made from cotton, which is the perfect alternative to synthetic foams.

The cotton for the filling is grown in the US and it is organic certified.

Dual Firmness and Lots of Support

The bed has a firmer side that is suitable for use by newborns and a softer side that's better for toddlers. To ensure support, Naturepedic makes use of a 150-coil innerspring. In addition, the mattress has nine-gauge edge support.

Features and Specifications

The characteristics mentioned above are not the only ones that make the dual firmness crib mattress by Naturepedic an excellent product:

  • It has waterproof and seamless edges to prevent moisture penetration and the accumulation of dust.
  • It is free from latex or soy, which means it reduces the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Square corners are incorporated in the design to ensure the snug fit of the mattress in the baby crib.
  • All Naturepedic products undergo a thorough chemical emission testing that ensures their safety.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • It measures 54.5 X 29.5 X 7.5 inches and weighs 27 pounds.

What Buyers are Saying

Customers are mainly pleased that it is made from organic cotton. The positive feature that gets mentioned in the biggest number of buyer testimonials is the craftsmanship.

The quality of the fabric is evident and the same applies to the seamless edges. People find it durable, supportive and incredibly easy to maintain for a long period of time.

Naturepedic Cotton

There are various other positive characteristics getting mentioned in the buyer reviews and a few shortcomings. The top negative feature is the weight. As per specifications, this one weighs 27 pounds and is a lot heavier than the vast majority of organic crib mattresses. Because of this characteristic, some parents had issues changing the sheets.

This weight, however, is the result of the solid construction and the excellent support that the Naturepedic mattress provides. While getting used to a heavier crib mattress will require some time, the comfort and safety of the baby are the ultimate goal.

Naturepedic is a family-owned company that pays attention to details. Quality is a primary concern, which is why the company's dual firmness crib mattress is easy to recommend (simmons crib mattress is also available in the market).

Final Verdict

Anyone who wants a top quality organic mattress must consider this one. The product is a bit more expensive than other dual crib mattresses but the exceptional craftsmanship justifies the price and extends the longevity of the product.

Colgate Eco Classica III

With this review, the emphasis will go towards breaking down its key features and better recognizing what it brings to the table when it pertains to organic crib mattresses. Does it hold value in comparison to other choices? Let’s take a look in this review.

Dual Firmness

The baby's body will be resting on a surface that provides dual firmness. This ensures the body is nestled into the bed and is protected at all times.

The dual firmness is not only good for the body but ensures the mattress lasts longer too. It can take a beating while put to use and it won't break down.

GreenGuard Gold Certified

With cribs, the ultimate requirement will always be safety, and this company understands that. It makes sure it is GreenGuard Gold certified as that is critical for those wanting a robust solution. Not only is this mattress tested by GreenGuard, but it has also earned a seal of approval from CertiPur-US when it comes to safety.

What are these organizations testing for with an organic crib mattress? They're looking to determine harmful emissions and general safety with foam usage. It passes both tests with flying colors.

Features and Specifications

  • Works Well For All Crib Sizes (American Standard)
  • Provides Waterproof And Organic Cover With Medical-Grade Approval
  • Provides Dual Firmness For Better Sleep
  • Listed As GreenGuard Gold Certified For Ultimate Safety

What Customers Are Saying

Customers believe the biggest positive is its premium quality material. It is regarded as being luxuriously soft to the touch, and that's perfect for young children. Even with a simple sheet on top of the mattress, it still feels tremendous.

With the negatives, there is one that stands out, and that would involve how long it takes to break in when you first make a purchase. Customers have cited it takes 2-3 days for the firmness to suit their child's requirements. After this point, it is golden and a great addition for the crib as an organic option.

Eco Classica III

Concluding Thoughts

The amount of testing that was done while developing this bed and how it all comes together makes it unbelievably good. It is a world-class solution and the perfect addition to your child's life.

The Colgate Eco Classica III is one of those solutions that makes sense from all perspectives. It works, and it remains durable while doing it.

Lullaby Earth Healthy Support

Looking for an organic crib mattress is definitely not an easy task and I’ve gone through dozens of products in an attempt to find the best one. Luckily, my research led me to Lullaby Earth and I believe it’s a superior option to many other comparable possibilities.


The weight will be determining for its convenience. I really liked the fact that the Lullaby Earth weighs solely seven pounds.

Such a lightweight mattress is incredibly easy to clean and changing the sheets is a breeze. At the same time, the minimal weight doesn't come at the expense of sufficient support.

Waterproof and Supportive

It has a firm and smooth surface, which is one of the prerequisites for ensuring the safety of the baby. Reinforced edge support gives the mattress extra strength. In addition, the quality of the filling prevents it from sagging. The mattress is made of a fabric that ensures that it is water resistance and easy to clean. Lullaby Earth has a patented waterproofing system that doesn't utilize chemicals.

Features and Specifications

Several other features are worth mentioning when it comes to getting a better idea about the quality of the Lullaby Earth crib mattress:

  • Square corners are incorporated in the design for a snug fit in the crib.
  • The filling is free from harmful chemicals and flame retardants.
  • All of the materials are food-safe and free from allergens.
  • The product is made in the US and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • It measures 27.5 X 52 X six inches and its weight is only seven pounds.

What Customers are Saying

Lullaby Earth Healthy Support

Buyers are mostly happy with the it. The number one advantage of this product that gets mentioned in multiple reviews is the environment-friendliness and safety of the materials. While the mattress is green-certified, it’s still affordable in comparison to other similar options. The top feels soft to the touch and the absence of allergens is a feature that parents enjoy immensely.

The hardness is the one feature that some parents are unhappy with. While a firm bed is recommended by pediatricians, some babies will simply refuse to sleep on such surfaces. The issue is even bigger in the case of kids that have slept on a softer mattress prior to making the switch.

While the individual preferences of a child may be difficult to guess, health recommendations remain valid for everyone. A hard crib bed is the way to go when it comes to ensuring safety and proper sleep.

Final Verdict

Lullaby Earth makes affordable products that still feature a sufficiently high quality. This is why the brand's crib mattress is definitely worth a try. Free from chemicals and offering enough support to newborns and toddlers, it is a great investment that will pay itself off over time.

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer

What is the main priority when buying an organic crib mattress? That’s the question I asked myself prior to getting started with research and I came to the conclusion that safety tops the list.

This is why I believe the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer is a top-notch option for every parent.

Completely Safe and Clean

The Moonlight Slumber is made of high quality materials with proven safety. It is free from polyethylene, vinyl and PVC. The core and the cover are also free from lead and phthalates.

If you want a non-toxic option that is both comfortable and waterproof, you will be happy with what this one brings to the table.


All of the Moonlight Slumber products are made in the US following the strictest industry standards. This is one of the main reasons why the Little Dreamer crib mattress holds the Green Guard gold certificate. The certificate is handed to products that adhere to safety standards for sensitive individuals like babies, children and the elderly.

Features and Specifications

  • It comes with a dual firmness technology. One of the sides is extra firm and made of high density foam. The other side is also made of CertiPUR certified foam but it's a bit softer and suitable for toddlers.
  • A layer of antimicrobial protection is used.
  • This waterproof bed is effortless to clean. A wet sponge is all you need to get the job done.
  • All of the seams are side-stitched for added comfort.
  • The Little Dreamer mattress measures 27.5 X 5 X 52 inches and its weight is 10.3 pounds.

What Customers are Saying

Numerous customer reviews focus on one and the same positive product characteristic. Buyers are impressed with the two levels of firmness in one product. This characteristic gives the crib bed a bit of versatility and makes it perfect for long-term use. The firm side is ideal for newborns and it ensures their safety. As the child grows, the mattress can be flipped and used on the softer side.

Negative reviews are much more uncommon. One shortcoming mentioned in a couple of the testimonials is the hardness. Some people who are used to softer products find both of the mattress sides to be particularly hard. Thus, some kids who previously slept on a different bed needed time to adjust to the new one.

The Little Dreamer

Even people who were uncomfortable with the hardness of the mattress recognized the therapeutic and health benefits of the dense foam. Individuals who did not know what to expect were simply taken aback in the very beginning. They soon recognized the benefits of the foam.

Final Verdict

The Little Dreamer by Moonlight Slumber is functional and safe. Free from chemicals, harmful synthetics and additives, the mattress will ensure a baby's proper sleep during the night. The fact that it comes with two sides makes the mattress even more practical and desirable.


An organic crib mattress (sealy crib mattress is also a good option) should be certified, durable, firm, and well-sized for it to be a good purchase and one worth looking at. Consider all of these qualities when entering the market (place to buy crib mattress) to find a good fit. Yes, it will take time to get past some of the evident frustrations of this process (i.e. too many choices), but it can be done.

Always display patience as it is an important purchase for you and your child.

This buyer's guide (cot mattress recommendations and advice) will set the foundation for what you should be picking or buying and what should be avoided in such cases. Do not settle for the wrong crib mattress.

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