The 10 Best Mattress Reviews For 2017

Getting a good night’s sleep each and every night is something that’s directly related to your overall health. Not only physical but mental health as well. Owning a mattress that’s a right fit for you will let you start your day feeling refreshed and motivated, with that sweet feeling of “I can do anything today!”

If you’ve been waking up cranky, frustrated, with back, neck pain, even after 8 hours of sound sleep – something’s not right! Needless to say, a bad mattress is a recipe for disaster. It’s a one-way street filled with frustration and anxiety which will heavily contribute to your mood throughout the day, not to mention your long-term health.

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After reviewing numerous mattresses in the market, we’ve selected the 10 best mattresses for you in the comparison table below.

Comparision Table

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That said, it’s no wonder how many people put up with bad mattresses when you consider what a hassle it would be to go out and find a new mattress that will both be a good fit for you, and also fit into your budget. With so many for you to choose from, picking out a mattress could take days, or even weeks and some people get so frustrated and just give up altogether, continuing to suffer and wake up in a bad mood every day.

Throughout this article, we’ve put together a comprehensive, research-based, mattress buying guide which will save you precious time and help you make the right decision. We’ve put countless hours into hundreds of product reviews, only to find the best of the bunch. So, instead of wasting days or weeks doing your own research, your troubles will be resolved by the time you finish reading this guide.

How to Pick out the Best Bed

Finding a top rated mattress that suits your exact needs and expectations, while also fitting into your budget can be a tiresome task, to say the least. This section of the guide shows you some of the most important factors you need to consider.

First and foremost – Don’t Rush it!

This is the biggest and most common mistake buyers indulge into when picking out a new mattress. This happens when people just want to “get it over with” and in most cases, this results into even more hassle because they end up having to return it, and then start all over again. The point being – Take. Your. Time.

Moving On: Consider The Size You Need

All Mattress sizes

Consider your needs, consider your future plans, you don’t want to purchase a small mattress only to find yourself in a situation where you have to buy a bigger one 3 months later. Beds are bought to stay in your home for a long time, and if you can, it’s always safer to buy a large mattress for two people.

Even if you’re sleeping alone, for the time being, you’ll certainly enjoy that extra space and comfort, and if need be, your bedroom will always be ready to accommodate another person. If, however, you’re already shopping for two, consider the habits of your partner, do they often kick and roll around a lot in their sleep, do they toss and turn? Would this bother you on a narrow bed? If yes, then you should seriously consider going for a queen or king-sized option.

That said, you also need to consider the size of your bedroom. Will a large bed get in a way of opening/shutting doors? Will you have to squeeze through to your side of the bed when you come home late at night? These things may seem irrelevant at the moment, but again, whatever you choose, you’ll be dealing with it for years to come, so it’s best to consider everything right now.

Don’t go for Pillow Tops if you’re Light-Weight

Most mattress brands offer at least a couple of different models that come with a firm pillow top, and if you’re light-weight, don’t misread this feature as a benefit. Pillow top mattresses (see our picks) work best with people who actually have enough weight so their bodies compress the foam and the support/core system is used.

Light-weight people can’t do this and therefore this feature becomes only a hassle without providing any real benefit. If you’re light-weight, this is one mattress feature you can remove from the list.

Consider Speaking with your Doctor or Therapist

Talking with patient about backpain

Concerning health issues such as common back or neck pain, aches, injuries and so on, it might be best for you to consult your doctor or physical therapist. No, they’re not bed experts, but they do know your body, your symptoms and if you’ve had issues with things such as back pain in the past, they might just know what kind of support you should get with your new mattress.

Firm Mattresses Aren’t Always Best

You’ve more than likely already heard that buying a firm mattress is the way to go because this is supposedly better for your back. However, some research has shown that firm mattresses aren’t always the best option here, and may actually be the cause of pain in some rare cases. It’s all about what you’ve been doing so far, what your body type is, your weight and so on.

The point being here is that this is a personal thing. Different levels of firmness will suit different people. You need to figure out what’s best for you. Maybe a strong, firm bed will suit you best, but it also might not. This is a very important factor to consider when buying a mattress, you don’t want to be waking up with aches and pains every morning.

Luckily, if you’re in the process of buying one, you probably know what works for you best. Did your current bed, in its prime condition, do well on your back? If yes, then find out what how firm that model was and shop accordingly.

Mattress Core – What kind of Support do you need?

image of Sleep Innovations 4-Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper

Some of the most common types of mattress support include foam, latex, innerspring and air-filled mattresses. These aren’t being made without good reason. Each has its own benefits, but downsides as well. The first step in picking out the right mattress is deciding on its core.

Innerspring mattresses are usually the cheapest ones, they’re built to last, and air well. However, these are also very heavy, which makes moving them around and cleaning particularly difficult. These are also heaven for dust mites, because of their wool/fiber structure, which means you’ll have to clean it more often.

Latex mattresses are naturally resilient to both molds and dust mites, they’re extremely comfortable, naturally allergen free, highly durable, provide excellent airflow, and are environmentally responsible. However, they’re also heavy, and they often cost more. That said, many people go for a latex mattress because the extra cost is well justified with all the advantages it holds over innerspring mattresses.

Foam beds are typically praised for stress-relief and their ability to manage your spinal alignment while you sleep. They’re also anti-allergic, meaning they’re safe for sleepers who suffer from allergies. Also, if you prefer a firm mattress then a memory foam mattress could be the right fit for you. These are made to adjust to your body shape, and there’s a lot of options to choose from when it comes to firmness. Considering what existing buyers have said, a memory foam based mattress seems to take the prize when it comes to picking out a new mattress.

Air-filled mattresses tend to come in with a lower price tag, they’re odor-free and the firmness is obviously adjustable. Also, many large air-filled mattresses are made with two chambers, meaning if there are two people sleeping on it, both can adjust the firmness to their liking, which is a great feature! Their cons include shorter warranties, having to deal with or even repair air pumps – which can also be noisy, and it also takes quite some time to fill-up large air mattresses.

Benefits of Owning a Good Mattress

Sleep takes up the third of our lives. This simple fact should be more than enough for you to realize how important a fantastic mattress can be for your health. And yes, when we consider the benefits of owning a good bed, health comes in at the top of the list.

A lot of people tend to blame their budgets as a reason as to why they aren’t shopping for quality, but let us propose a rhetorical question: Can you really put a price tag on your health? If you’re still not convinced, here’s a few health benefits you gain when you equip your bedroom properly.

Stress Relief

Constantly tossing and turning around, waking up throughout the night and having difficulties falling asleep again are all signs of low quality sleep. This results in stress responses throughout your body, not to mention any neck or back pain you’d probably experience in this situation. Stress can accumulate over time and lead to more serious health issues.

image of a girl ready for the day

This is why high-quality sleep is so important, it allows you to rest well, feel refreshed, be ready for the next day, and has a huge affect on your overall health. To achieve this, you need a top mattress that’s the right fit for your body. For more information, this study explores how new bedding influenced the participants’ back pain, sleep quality and stress.

Better Hygiene – Easy Maintenance

A high quality bed will do you well concerning your bedroom hygiene. This basically means that its features will include good airflow, its structure will be based on high-quality materials, which translates to things like dust mites being a thing of the past, and also, it’ll be easy to move around and clean, or won’t require regular cleaning sessions at all.

Better Overall Health – A Mind at Peace

Owning a top rated model will allow you to not only relax your body when you’re done for the day, but it will also let your mind be at peace. It will take care of your spine, help you deal with your back pain, or prevent it altogether. The end result will basically be you waking up each morning feeling refreshed, energized, and ready for the day.

Individual Product Reviews – Top 10 Mattresses

Amerisleep Revere Bed

Revere Bed is a mid-priced mattress that comes from Amerisleep. Amerisleep is one of those companies that’s been around for a while, and this is an argument buyers often use to describe that the company knows what it’s doing. They’ve been time-tested, so to speak.

The Revere Bed, just like any Amerisleep model, comes with a Celliant-based cover. This is interesting because this is a material that’s thermoreactive which means it increases your blood flow as you sleep, and it does so by transforming body heat to infrared light.

Furthermore, Revere Bed Mattresses use eco-friendly memory foam which comes from soybean oil, meaning it’s also plant-based. A great argument for anyone looking to explore environment-friendly options. When compared with products in its price range, Revere Bed seems to use memory foam with a higher density, making it a better, higher quality choice for the same price.

Most buyers happily reviewed this product by commenting on its quality structure, a highly comfortable sleeping experience, the fact that it’s odor-resilient, and its durability has been praised as well. Even though this might not be a budget mattress, it does seem to be the choice of many buyers, making it seem like an option you cannot go wrong with.

Muse 12-inch Gel Cooling

This 12-inch luxurious Muse mattress is finished off with three different layers of foam on top of each other, which effectively provides a higher level of support and comfort. Each layer of foam has a specific purpose, the bottom layer works towards ventilation, the central towards support, and the top layer is gel-infused, providing that extra feel of cool and comfort.

Reviewers mostly recommend this mattress for hot sleepers, stating that the advertised cooling top actually works. This means it’s a great choice if you live in a region or home which gets particularly hot during summer. Muse mattresses are also praised for being just on the spot when it comes to, not too firm, and not too soft either, but right there in the middle – which is apparently what works best for most people. People also say that the unpacking part is incredibly eased, which they attribute to the handy manual that comes with the bed.

Being a king-sized mattress, some owners complained it was a hassle to set it up because of its weight, but most were still glad they were for it and said the weight was a small price to pay for such a good bed.

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle provides a mattress that actually uses its own foam technology, named T&N Adaptive®, which is a high-grade foam. This technology is advertised to use newer, more advanced foam material, unlike other brands that use latex and memory foam. Tuft & Needle mattresses are manufactured in the USA.

Furthermore, these mattresses seem to be one of those that hit the spot with firmness, as many reviewers state: “not too firm, but not too soft either”. Besides their Adaptive Foam technology, T&N also claim their beds offer a cooler sleeping experience, and also provide better support than mattresses equipped with memory foam.

Current owners often praise this model for the effect it had on their back pain. Many state their chronic back pains stopped after having slept on this mattress for only a few weeks. That said, this bed has only one firmness level, and you can’t change it. However, existing buyers seem to be comfortable with it since it’s right there in the middle between soft and firm.

Casper Sleep

Casper Sleep is a memory foam based mattress, which itself is made out of a 4 layer construction. This mattress is highly adaptable to your body posture, which is important if you’re looking to relieve pressure while keeping a cool temperature at the same time. Buyers reviewed this bed and said it’s comfortable for all sizes, and one particularly praised feature seem to be in its firmness.

Reviewers were surprised how well they slept even though it is labeled as a ‘soft’ mattress. People who only slept on firm mattresses said this was an excellent alternative. Some even went on to describe how their back pain went away after sleeping on this mattress for some time.

One downside lies in its packaging, owners have mentioned that the unboxing part can be tiresome since there’s a lot of plastic to cut and throw away, but considering the quality of this mattress, it seems to be well worth it.

Brentwood Home Cypress

Brentwood Home Cypress is another well-received memory foam mattress. It’s topped off with 3.5 inches of gel that conforms to your liking every time. It helps alleviate pressure and works towards proper spinal alignment. This mattress also eliminates motion transfer, meaning one person tossing and turning on one side of the bed will not disturb the person on the other. Brentwood Cypress is manufactured in the USA with CertiPUR-US foams which are free from flame retardants, contain no heavy metals, phthalates or formaldehyde.

Reviewers have most praised this matters for its comfort longevity. One reviewer states how it’s “still amazing” even after 12 months of constant use. It’s also been praised to keep cool temperatures over hot, sunny days, which is always a pro-argument. This mattress seems to be the bread and butter when it comes to memory foam-based, firm mattresses. Its price might not fit every budget, but the quality of sleep it delivers seems to be well worth it.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite

Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite is a pillow-top mattress with a memory foam base. It effectively isolates motion and encourages spinal alignment and back support. It also comes along with a cool action gel on top, meaning all those sweaty summer nights will now become much more bearable. Most owners say it’s amazing how the motion isolation works well with this mattress, describing how they never felt their partner moving around or even getting up from the bed. This means it’s a great choice if your spouse tosses and turns a lot in their sleep.

These are manufactured in the USA and carry a 10-year warranty. 

Reviewers really seem to enjoy the level of comfort and back-pain relief this mattress brought into their homes, constantly praising it for alleviating their chronic pain issues. It also seems to be the right choice for folks on the heavier side, as one 380-pound reviewer said it’s been doing them good for months while showing no signs of indentations.

At the beginning, this mattress will feel very soft, making it seem like it will result in a lot of aches in pains, but reviewers say that this never happens, you get used to the softness over time and actually end up with a great product.


Snuggle-Pedic is another memory foam based mattress but with the addition of flex-support. It allows for a 4-month sleep trial and is manufactured in the USA. It’s equipped with the company’s Kool-Flow® technology which makes it extra breathable and lets your body heat to dissipate. The covers are made with a combination of 43% viscose from bamboo, 56.4% polyester, and .6% lycra. This basically means you’ll have zero heat issues with this model.

The memory foam itself is eco-friendly, very low V.O.C. and is CertiPur-U.S. certified, built to last and offer the same level of support throughout years.

Snuggle-Pedic prides itself with its Airflow Transfer System, stating that it creates up to 100 times the airflow/ventilation/breathability when compared to other mattresses. The earlier mentioned flex-support technology offers pressure relief, meaning you shouldn’t have any issues relaxing in a bed equipped with this mattress.

Current owners praise this bed for alleviating their trouble falling asleep. A lot of people say it’s really helped them both sleep and wake up on time, where they finally waste no time tossing and turning around in bed at night. Other buyers say that the temperature regulation system of this mattress and its airflow transfer system are both incredible, describing how they’ve had issues with sweating in their sleep before, an issue which they finally resolved with this mattress.

Zinus Memory Foam

As you’ve probably guessed, yes, similarly to many other mattresses reviewed today, the Zinus is also memory foam based. However, it does still offer something unique. Zinus mattresses are infused with conforming green tea! That’s right. Well, actually it’s green tea extract, but that’s still pretty neat. The green tea is there to fight unwanted smells and odors. The memory foam itself is a combination of 3 inches memory foam, 3.5 inches airflow high-density foam, and a high-density base support foam.

It is also CertiPUR – US Certified for performance, durability, and contents. This is a medium-firm mattress, even though some reviewers claim it’s even more comfortable than a completely soft mattress they used in the past.

According to many owners, the memory foam does a very good job adjusting to your body type, weight and sleep posture, meaning you should have a relaxing sleep experience whatever you do on this mattress. One specific praise it gets from buyers is its value over price! Most say they’ve never paid less for more.

Other reviewers state that even thought the unboxing could be a small hassle, it’s still well worth it, considering what it brings to the table (or the bed), in the terms of price, comfort, and that it’s basically odorless.

Signature Sleep 12-Inch

Signature Sleep is a 12-inch queen-sized memory foam mattress. The 3.5 inch top layer provides that extra feel of comfort, while the following 8.5 inches of high-density foam provide this mattress with the ability to adapt to your body size, weight and sleep posture. This comfortable 12-inch mattress is eco-friendly, minimizes pressure on your body during sleep and seem to have a reasonable technology for weight distribution, meaning that jumping on one side of the bed shouldn’t be felt too much on the other.

This is great if you’re sleeping with a partner that likes to toss and turn in their sleep.

Many owners have said the extra cover that comes with the mattress is easily cleaned, the cover itself is made out of breathable knit fabric. Same buyers have also taken their time to praise this mattress for its “firm yet comfy” feel.

The buyers who seem to be amazed the most are those that switched from mattresses with a different core, to memory foam. One example of this is a buyer who used to own only innerspring mattresses because they didn’t want to “sink“ into the foam when they go to sleep. This doesn’t seem to be a problem here because the foam is actually just firm enough so you get comfortable, but also proper spinal alignment.

Best Price

For its highly affordable price tag, this mattress still claims to offer no pressure points, deeper sleep and is CertiPUR-US Certified, which carries a 10-year warranty. It’s made out of a 1-inch memory foam on top, with an addition of a 2-inch super-soft foam in the middle, and based on a 3-inch supportive layer of foam on the bottom. The body-conforming memory foam will also make sure all weight put on this mattress will distribute evenly, allowing you to sleep undisturbed no matter how many times your partner tosses and turns throughout the night.

ActivFRESH technology helps keep this bed odorless, and absorbs moisture, having it stay fresh for a long time.

As you can imagine, most buyers that are pleased with this mattress mention its price over value. This mattress seems to be an excellent choice if you’re on a tight budget, but still need something to sleep on well!

Some buyers say that it doesn’t offer much support, but it’s still worth it because they make up for it in comfort, which is supposedly astonishing. Not to mention that it gets firmer over time, meaning it should eventually balance out itself concerning comfort/support.


Remember, owning a top ranked bed is an important part of your life. Sleep takes up one-third of your life, and a good mattress will not only allow you to sleep well and wake up rested, but it can also help you alleviate stress. Furthermore, a good mattress will be easily cleaned and maintained, which goes towards better hygiene in your bedroom. With one, you’re bound to live a healthier life, with a smile on your face every morning.

When picking out the best mattress for yourself, one that’ll meet and exceed all your expectations, remember to consider the buying factors included in this guide. Consider the core, do you want an innerspring, latex, air-filled or a memory foam mattress? Do you want a firm style, something that leads to better support, or is comfort much more important to you? Consider these factors carefully, and remember – don’t go for a pillow-top mattress if you’re lightweight.

Mattresses are one of those things that you buy long-term, and whichever you choose, it’ll likely stay in your home for a decade. This is why it’s important you take each one of these factors into careful consideration before you make your final choice.

During our review process, one bed that we’ve really noticed is the Snuggle-Pedic mattress. This one seemed to really deliver on all buyers’ expectations considering comfort, foam thickness, spinal alignment support, weight distribution, ventilation, and ease of maintenance. In addition, it also offers extra flex-support, and this is the main advantage when we compare it to other products we’ve reviewed today.

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