What's The Best Mattress Cover For Memory Foam?

In this article, we’re on a mission to help you find the best rated mattress protector for memory foam available in 2017. A mattress cover goes hand in hand with your mattress and is therefore an important purchase.

Without a resolute mattress cover, the comfort of one’s mattress can go down the drain. A mattress protector soothes the body, protects one’s memory foam mattress (learn more), and helps with posture, so it is the ideal fit for those wanting a good night’s sleep.

The wrong mattress cover can become a major troublemaker. It can either irritate the skin, feel firm under the body, or simply tear away at the mattress. It’s necessary for the “protector” to protect and do its job.

It is quite difficult to find a resolute fit because mattress covers come in various materials, shapes, and sizes. You have to find an adequate option for your memory foam mattress, and this search starts with a dedicated mindset. This buyer’s guide will provide valuable information on how to find the best memory foam mattress protector for your needs and wants. Take this information and use it to make a resoundingly successful purchase.

After reviewing all the top mattress cover for memory foam available, we’ve selected our top 7 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model for your needs.


Comparison Table

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How To Choose A Memory Foam Mattress Cover


Consider the mattress covers’ comfort as a product. This means how will it feel on the skin and under your body. The material should be organic and long lasting. Too many mattress covers are made from rubbish synthetic materials, which fade and start to hurt the body over time.


The bed protector should last as it’s a reasonable investment and one a person should make with care. Look for a successful brand with a good track record for its products. This will save time and ensure you’re not back on the market looking for a new mattress protector after a few months of use.



How easy is the mattress protector to wash if it were to get dirty? They take a brunt of the action when it comes to sleeping. You want them to be easy to wash at all times. Make sure the cover slips off easily, and you can put it in the washing machine.


The final feature is flexibility. A small band goes around the edges of the mattress protector, and this can come undone with poor brands. You want to look at the stability of this brand and focus on this while making a purchase. A good brand will take care of this and ensure the band doesn’t come loose after a while.

Our Mattress Protector Reviews

SafeRest Premium

The SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector is a product designed to trap skin cells, allergens and dust mites on the protector’s surface where it can then be washed away easily.

Our old mattress covers needed replacing so I decided it was time to invest in better quality mattress protectors, especially since my children have a number of allergies. The SafeRest was a product that stood out from the rest and I decided that I liked this product so much that I would like to share my findings with you.

Effective Protection Allergens & More

The SafeRest offers effective protection against a number of common issues such as allergens and dust mites. It is a great product for people who suffer from allergies or even incontinence.

When sleeping humans shed dead skin-cells that quickly accumulate, it creates the right environment for pests such as dust mites. With these protectors dust mites, skin cells and allergens are trapped on the surface and can then be washed away easily with the recommended quarterly launderings.

The Terry Cotton Soft Surface Is Noiseless, Cool And Breathable

To ensure these protectors are noiseless and cool they are made from terry cotton and back-coated with a waterproof, hypoallergenic and breathable membrane layer. The terry cotton absorbs moisture and is 100% noiseless.

Features And Specifications

  • Does not alter the original feel of a mattress and is a product registered with the FDA with the status of an A Class 1 Medical Device.
  • Effective protection from bacteria, dust mites, allergens, fluids, perspiration and urine backed by a 10-year warranty.
  • The fitted sheet design is for queen size mattresses and measures 60″ X 80″ and fits mattresses up to 18″ deep.
  • The cotton terry material of the surface is hypoallergenic and features a membrane-back coating that is breathable, noiseless and waterproof.

What Customers Are Saying

One of the biggest benefits is that it is washable and affordable. In addition the fitted sides are designed to be deep enough so that they can cover even the deeper types of mattresses that include a mattress pad (purpose). The mattress protectors are easy to remove. One of the main advantages is that these mattress protectors really do keep allergens away.

Even though nearly all the buyers are extremely confident and happy with their purchase, one or two people have mentioned that the material is not comfortable to sleep on. However, this was definitely not experienced by most of the customers. In fact, most buyers mention that the material is soft, breathable and cool to sleep on.

In conclusion, this mattress protector is a great investment that protects against dust mites and allergens. The terry cotton material offers a comfortable surface that is breathable and cool to sleep on.


Luna Premium Hypoallergenic

Even people who have never used a mattress cover will sooner or later understand the perks of owning one. I am one of these people.

I changed my mind and decided to acquire such a product after coming across the Luna Premium Hypoallergenic and Waterproof Mattress Protector.

Thorough Protection

A good mattress protector is a pretty versatile piece for the bedroom. It can offer protection in a number of ways. The Luna Mattress Protectors product is hypoallergenic and it also offers protection against dust mites.

The fact that it is 100 % waterproof further adds to the convenience and the practical appeal of the item.

Air Circulation

The fact that the mattress protector is waterproof may come as a concern to some people. Wouldn’t such an item interfere with the flow of air and make the mattress too hot during the night?

Their team has thought about the problem. Their premium bed protector features the company’s proprietary airflow technology, which allows the air to pass freely through the protector while repelling liquids at the same time.

Features and Specifications

  • A fitted sheet design makes the item suitable for all kinds of beds, ranging from twin to California king.
  • The surface is made of cotton terry that is soft and capable of naturally wicking moisture away from the body.
  • The item is ideal for allergy, asthma and eczema sufferers because of its protective qualities.
  • The fabric is free from phthalates, vinyl and PVC.
  • Protector does not interfere with the feel of the mattress.

What Buyers have to Say


I have gone through multiple buyer reviews and most people have only positive things to say about this item. Reviewers were impressed with the breathability and the waterproof characteristics of the mattress cover. While some were worried about the material getting too hot, they were quickly proven wrong.

In addition, the material makes no noise, which is a common problem among waterproof mattress protectors. In essence, people report they do not really feel that they have a mattress cover (gore tex mattress cover is also a good choice) on the bed.

It is very difficult to come across negative buyer experiences. Only a few people reported that the mattress cover does leak after a major accident. One of the accounts was written by the mom of a three-year old boy who ended up drenching the bed one morning. Even these reviewers acknowledged that a massive spill was required to get the liquid through the protector and on the mattress. In most instances, the protector held up pretty well and did what it was expected to do.

Final Verdict

Silent and breathable, this protector is created to ensure sleep quality. At the same time, it protects the mattress from liquids, accidental spills, dust and allergens. The product is practical, well-made and easy to use. All of these characteristics determine its quality and turn it in a top-notch option.

Hanna Kay Premium

The Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector is an amazing product. If your household is anything like mine, you probably desire something to promote a restful sleep at night and prolong the life of your mattress by ensuring that it is safe from skin cells, liquid spills, dust, molds, along with other allergy triggers.

Waterproof/Super Absorbency

It is effectively waterproof and super absorbent. It is great for spill prevention and ensuring that accidents never reach your mattress. Unlike other brands, the Hanna Kay Cover can absorb as much as 1 liter of urine, water, perspiration, or any other fluid.

It is so absorbent since it has a 100 % cotton terry cloth bonded onto a hypoallergenic polyurethane membrane. This means that if you have bedwetting children or aged adults or you simply love taking drinks in bed, you never have to worry about damaging your mattress.

Washes Well

It washes amazingly well. Other mattress covers may tend to overheat and melt in the dryer or washer making them ineffective. However, it washes and dries properly without any significant reduction in performance and without sticking to itself. This is great news to those that deal with frequent accidents and have to wash the bed protector regularly.

Features & Specifications

  • Free Air Circulation: It features microscopic pores that allow for even circulation of air on the mattress without allowing mites and liquids to pass through.
  • Polyurethane Backing: This is a feature designed to ensure that the mattress remains free of stains, thus making it possible and easy to maintain an odorless and fresh sleeping environment.
  • Elastic Mesh Slides: It has elastic mesh sides that allows for easy fitting on mattresses.
  • Allergy Prevention: It ensures that you stay free from asthmatic attacks, allergies, dust mites, and harmful bacteria.

What Customers Are Saying

The Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector is genuinely waterproof and hypoallergenic. It is guaranteed to keep your mattress protected against spills and accidents. This means that if you have bedwetting children or aged adults, you never have to worry about accidents ruining your mattresses.

While most of the users have nothing but praise, a few customers have complained that it feels rough on the back as you sleep. However, it is only a few people that had such complaints – meaning that it is probably not a widespread problem. In fact, others remarked that it provides conducive sleeping conditions.


Classic Brands Defend-A-Bed Premium

In order to be sure that you are getting a good night’s sleep, without having to worry about comfort or breathing quality, it pays to invest in bedding that is conducive to this.

You can purchase a mattress cover that will help you take great care of your mattress. You won’t have to worry about spills and other sorts of problems with your mattress that happen due to constant use.

If you want to buy some high quality bedding, the Classic Brands waterproof mattress protector will be a good buy for you. To learn a little bit more about what makes this product so excellent, read on and consider these review points.

The Materials Are Health Protecting And Durable

The materials that a mattress cover is made of is one of the most important features. For instance, it is easier to remain comfortable during a good night’s sleep when a bed protector is made with polyester terry, like this particular model. In terms of durability, this mattress cover is 100 % waterproof, so that you don’t have to worry about liquids damaging the mattress. This mattress cover will protect your health as well, since it is hypoallergenic and made with breathable material.

This Mattress Cover Comes In All Different Sizes

You don’t have to pick and choose when it comes to this mattress cover, because it comes in different sizes, like twin size, twin extra large, full size, queen size, king size or California king size.

Features And Specifications

There are a lot of different specifications and features that you’ll enjoy with this mattress cover, including:

  • Made from 100 % waterproof materials
  • A 22-inch deep pocket which adds to its versatility
  • Noiseless fabric that preserves comfort during the night
  • Made with polyester terry material
  • Protects against allergens
  • Comes complete with a 15-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying


Customers who buy this mattress cover enjoy it due to the fact that it is very durable and able to keep you cool and comfortable as you sleep at night. They also enjoy the fact that it is reasonably priced.

People who dislike this mattress typically prefer cotton material to polyester. However, while everyone has a preference in this regard, I’m confident that anybody will be able to get a restful sleep with this mattress cover. These hypoallergenic, waterproof mattress protectors are some of the best that you will find from any company that sells bedding. You won’t regret your decision to make this purchase.

The things that make this mattress protector stand apart from the rest is the fact that it is made with the highest quality materials that you’ll find. It will protect your mattress from all sorts of damage, is made by a trustworthy manufacturer and will be able to serve you well.


The LINENSPA Premium Mattress Protector is an interesting option. It’s designed to be an all-in-one solution making it a unique choice for those wanting to go out and purchase a new mattress cover.

Hypoallergenic Fabric

The primary feature of this mattress protector comes from its fabric and how it’s created.

The fabric is hypoallergenic, meaning it can do well against dust mites and allergens. This is important for those who want to sleep on a clean surface rather than something that will soak up bacteria and cause damage.

The fabric also traps odor, and that is key when it comes to sanitation. For those who wish to remain clean, this is a good starting point.

100% Waterproof

Imagine buying a new mattress protector and dropping a drink on it. This can be a nightmare for people when it doesn’t have to be.

It is 100% waterproof and has been rigorously tested to achieve such results. It doesn’t matter what is spilled or how much is spilled, the mattress protector is going to do well in all situations and come out looking great. Plus, it is easy to wash for this reason as well.

Features and Specifications

  • Equipped With Ultra Thin Hypoallergenic Fabric To Block Allergens
  • Designed To Be 100% Waterproof, Including Urine And Bodily Fluids
  • Protector Is Crinkle-Free For Easy Washing And Maintenance
  • Offers Fully-Elasticized Fitted Sheet For Smoother Fit
  • Comes With 10-Year Warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Customers are stating one of the key positives they’ve seen is its ability to hold shape in the long term. Too many mattress protectors (best mattress cover for tempurpedic beds are also available in the market) are unable to do this and start breaking down. Instead, the LINENSPA is a fascinating choice and continues to remain the same as it was out of the box.

As for the negatives, it tends to trap air from time to time – depending on how it’s used. This doesn’t become a nuisance for users, but it does require adjustment. What works like a charm, is to simply fluff the mattress protector for the trapped air to disappear.


When it comes to some of the robust mattress covers on the market, it’s easy to see why this is a good recommendation to make for a person doing their research.

Concluding Thoughts

The LINENSPA Premium Mattress Protector is a winner when it comes to mattress protectors and is one of the ultimate options being sold as of right now. It has the beautiful look, softness, and hypoallergenic fabric that’s going to win you over in seconds. Among all the mattress protectors (toppers) being sold right now, this continues to earn raving reviews and is respected for how it performs in all situations. Not only does it feel good on the body, but it lasts for a long time too.


For those who decide to use this buyer’s guide, start with the main advantages of having a good mattress coverr. If the solution is comfortable, durable, and flexible, you are on the right path. This has to be the starting set of requirements when you’re looking to find a reasonable fit. Yes, there are many options, and it can be challenging to figure out what’s suitable and what’s not. However, take your time and pay attention to these benefits despite your frustrations.

This guide was produced after years of research, and all world-class bed protectors have these qualities present. Ignoring any one of these qualities is going to lead to an inferior product and that’s not worth it. Protect your mattress with the help of a good mattress cover. It will add years to your mattress.

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