Top 5 Best Rated Beds for Teenagers Reviewed

If your kids are up to 12 years of age, you might want to consider our best bed for kids article. If they’re teenagers – keep reading. image of two teenage girls on a bedAre you dealing with a door-slamming, ever-changing teenager at home? One who needs a new bed? If you are, then you’re at the right place!

Providing your teenage daughter or son with a bed they both need and deserve, will make both your and their lives easier. Owning the best mattress for a teenager, with appropriate support for their changing bodies, and with that extra touch of comfort, allows teenagers to get their dose of good night’s sleep.

In return, this will greatly help them deal with hormone changes, mood swings and other puberty annoyances. Don’t get me wrong. Owning a good bed doesn’t mean they’ll stop being teenagers, that they’ll stop listening to unnecessarily loud music, stop slamming doors and changing their mood as the weather changes outside.

Well, maybe a little. Frankly, if my own hormones were shooting through the roof and if I was going through mood swings literally every 5 minutes – I’d want something good to sleep on as well. Jokes aside, everyone should sleep on a bed that’s going to provide both the needed support and comfort as well. But teenage years are when these things are most important of all. Their bodies will be undergoing massive changes in a span of a just a couple of years. Most teenagers need at least 9 or 10 hours of good night’s sleep, as this study shows.

This means that it’s imperative their spines and pressure points are well supported, and their needs met. That said, picking out a good mattress for teenagers might not be an easy task. You could do a quick online search right now and find what seems like the perfect bed for them! However, what seems perfect from the parents’ perspective might not from the teenager who’s currently contemplating life and going through the “Why are we all here!?” phase in their bedroom right now.

That said, we’ve done our due duty and managed to create a list of the mattresses that parents around the world say their teenagers accepted with open arms, and more importantly – started waking up less cranky. Throughout this buying guide, we’re going to teach you what to look for when buying a bed for a teenager. We’re also going to showcase a small (but useful) list of mattresses we’d sincerely recommend. Let’s move on to the guide.



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Casper (our top pick)











How to Choose Bed For a Teenager

Here’s a quick list of things you should pay attention to when shopping for a new bed for your teenage son or daughter.

Consider the Size

This one should be a no-brainer, but I felt it needed mentioning anyway. Get your kid to take yours to their bedroom. First, ask them what they think their bed should be like in regards to the size. After they give you their opinion, you take measurements of the current mattress and get something bigger – they’re going to need it.

I’m saying this in a presumption that they’re currently sleeping on a Twin XL or Full-sized bed. They’re going to change and grow a lot during the next couple of years. You want to accommodate for those changes in advance. Take both length and width into consideration, and if your family has got a history of basketball players (tall people) – get something at least 6.5 feet long (~2m).

Consider the Color

image of a teenager lying downI know, I know – the color is not something you’d usually consider a priority factor when picking out a new bed. However, I’m telling you this as a literal warning. Your teenager is going through a lot in their lives at the moment. They don’t understand anything and tend to be nervous and unsure about everything. They also get irritated quite easily.

All of this tells us they’re likely to respond to the look of things first glance. This is not the time to make a bold decision and get your 14-year old son a pink mattress or bed foundation just because “that one was on sale.”

Again, get their opinion first and then ask them again tomorrow, and then a week later. If they keep telling you the same color right away – you can rest assured that’s what you’re going with. You can, of course, get just anything and tell them to deal with it. However, this guide was written in a way that suits teenagers most, down to every detail.

Consider the Design

Just as it is with the color – it might be best to go neutral. Don’t get a bed frame with clever designs or anything just because you think they’re going to love it. If you’ve got multiple options in your budget, let them choose. And again, ask them several times over the course of an at least one week.

You don’t want to hassle with a return just because the design isn’t right. Same goes for mattresses, make sure there aren’t any strange/freaky/funny implications on the bed just because it’s “for kids.” Avoid any bed in entirety if you can tell it’s for a kid when you look at it. Teenagers usually hate it when they’re considered children.

Get the Right Firmness

Here’s a general rule of thumb of mattress firmness levels: If buying an innerspring bed – get a medium-firm, and if it’s a memory foam bed – get it in a firm. This advice is sound because innerspring mattresses are naturally firmer than foam is, so getting even if you bought both types of beds in “medium,” one would still be firmer/softer than the other.

Anyways, talk with your son or daughter, see what they prefer, but generally, it’s a better idea to get something at least medium-firm, as their bodies do need that extra support in those years. That said, if your teenager is an avid side-sleeper, you should consider pressure relief for their hips and shoulders.

In this case, your best option would be a firm memory foam mattress. If they’re a back or stomach sleeper, innerspring might be best. Still, if you want a foam bed, definitely get the firmest available option here.

Top Rated Mattresses for Teenagers in 2017

This section contains a list of top-rated teenager-suitable mattresses in 2017. These beds were praised by parents around the world, saying the teenagers in their homes loved them and had absolutely no complaints.

Casper Twin

image of Casper Sleep Memory FoamThis mattress is made out of 4 layers of higher-density foam, providing excellent bounce, breathability, and support. It’s all topped off with a layer of hypoallergenic latex on top. It’s also open-cell, meaning it’s going to sleep cooler. It’s a Twin sized teenage heaven. Ideal for growing children but perfect and on-spot for teenagers.

Casper also provides an excellent warranty and trial period policy. The trial period lets your teenager sleep on the bed for 100 nights – before deciding whether or not they like it. That said, it might be best not to mention this to them, as teenagers tend to change their minds unnecessarily and “just because they can.”

My advice is that you ask them to tell you sincerely if they’re sleeping well on the bed during the 3+ month period. If they say it’s a bad experience, you can call Casper and have them send a free pick-up for the bed, and you’ll receive a full refund.

Furthermore, this bed ships in a box, making it easy to maneuver on your own, and the warranty policy is good for ten years. In my opinion, this is an exceptional mattress that should provide children and teenagers will all the support and comfort they need.

Classic Brands Pillow-Top Innerspring

image of Classic BrandsThis is a 10-Inch, Twin-XL innerspring mattress that boasts individually wrapped and pocketed steel coils. These kinds of coils will provide much more support and even a notch of motion isolation – something non-pocketed coils simply cannot deliver.

In short, this is a higher-quality, almost luxury-type of an innerspring mattress. The cover on this bed is also admirable. You can see this brand means to deliver comfort and plush when you realize they’ve added 1-inch of super-soft “pro-comfort” foam in the cover itself. To summarize – this is a highly affordable mattress. The perfect choice if you’re on a strict budget.

Looking at its features, I have to say that you’re unlikely to find anything better at or even slightly above this price range. Comes in medium-firm, so if you’re coming from a memory foam perspective, this would be the equivalent to a “firm” foam mattress. According to the previous customer feedback, there seems to have been some confusion about the warranty for this product.

Apparently, there’s a 3-year warranty even though the website used to say it’s a 10-year policy. This has probably been a fluke in an otherwise almost perfect company. This is my unbiased opinion. Classic Brands have been operational for more than 45 years, and I’m sure their customer services will take care of any issues you encounter.

Signature Sleep Contour

image of Signature Sleep ContourIf you’ve been looking for something bigger, then I’d suggest going for the Queen size with the Signature Sleep mattress. This is an 8″ high innerspring, which also contains individually wrapped coils, and CertiPUR-US Certified foam.

Besides having pocketed high-quality springs, this mattress boasts two 1.6″ thick high-density memory foam layers. One on top and one at the bottom of the coils. This should give it a perfect combination of comfort and support.

The CertiPur-US certification means that it’s been rigorously tested and controlled for health hazards during the company’s manufacturing process. This means the mattress cannot contain any hazardous materials, toxic chemicals, flame retardants or heavy metals.

It’s a safety-net for bedding products and is the preferred choice if anyone in your home has allergies or breathing difficulties. The Contour comes shipped in a box, meaning you’ll have to let it expand to its original size after unpacking and before using it. I’d suggest giving it a minimum of 2 days to develop fully.

Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel

image of Arctic DreamsThe Arctic Dreams bed comes in many varieties, both in size and thickness, ranging from Twin/XL, Full/XL, to Short Queen, Queen, King and Cal King – in 8, 10, or 12 inches. That said, we’re recommending an 8-inch full for teenager use. This bed is made with cooling in mind, as we’ve learned the Energex foam inside is a gel-infused.

The foam on top (Energex) is a fast-response type of foam which is sometimes found in luxury mattresses. It’s a “higher level” of foam – so to speak – and should do wonders for both comfort and pressure relief. It’s 2″ thick, and the rest of the mattress (base support) is made out of a 5.25″ thick layer of high-density polyurethane foam. Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t disclose their warranty and trial policies.

To get this information, you might want to give them a call. You should also know that this mattress is made in the USA, and the foam is CertiPur-US Certified.

Best Price

image of Best PriceIf you’re on a strict budget and still want your bed to boast a lot of the features the more expensive models carry – this might be your best bet. It comes in a variety of sizes and thickness, but for a teenager – we’d recommend the 8-inch Queen.

Reports from previous customers have their teenagers saying this bed feels like sleeping on a cloud, and some even said that sports-active kids said it helped their pressure points alleviate pain. It’s comprised out of 3 layers.

The top layer is a standard 2″ thick memory foam layer, followed by another 2″ thick layer in the middle – but with Super-Soft foam, and a pressure relief system. It’s all finished off with a 4″ thick support base, made out of high-density foam.

It comes with a 10-year warranty, and the foam is CertiPur-US Certified. All in all, this mattress provides exceptional value in regards to its price tag. It’s one of the best-cheapest models I’m yet to witness in the online marketplace.


Owning the best bed for teenagers will let everyone in the house experience more rest-full sleep. Teens will feel a lot better during the day and will be more at peace regarding all the changes they’re going through.

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