The 5 Best Beds For Sexually Active Couples – 2017 Edition

With so many mattress companies today, and with various new technologies, it’s no wonder that niche products are surfacing every day. You can now find mattresses for a very specific purpose or group of people.

After hours of testing, we have found five great mattresses designed for sexually active people.

Examples include mattresses for different health conditions, various personal preferences, light, or over-weight people, side, back or stomach sleepers, the list goes on but the reason we’re here today is yet another specific primary use of a mattress – sex.

There’s certainly plenty of couples out there looking for options to improve their marriage or their relationship, and one of the most common techniques couples indulge into is improving their sex experience in the bedroom.

Comparison Table

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MattressWallet ScoreOur Rating
Leesa (our top pick)$$97
Brooklyn Bedding$86
Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid$$$$$80

That said, this doesn’t mean anyone looking for a sex mattress is automatically in a faulty relationship. Not at all. If you’re looking for one, chances are, you just have a terrible one for regular sex.

Needless to say, having sex on your bed often will wear it out quickly, meaning that durability has to be one of your top priorities here. Another major frustration is sweat.

image of a couple on bedWhatever activity you indulge into on your mattress, it will leave the cover sweaty and moist. Sure, you can change the cover, but the sweat can get into the mattress surface beneath, and after a few session in a day, you’ll be left with a moist mattress.

This means you have to consider the air flow as well. Finally, you need to consider the firmness level. Now, this is much more of a personal preference factor, rather than the quality of the bed itself.

To save you countless hours of tiresome research, we’ve created this straightforward buying guide where we will tell you what you have to consider and why, and we will also suggest a few options that are referred to as the “best beds for sexually active folks.”

How To Choose A Great Sex Bed

In this section, we break down the main factors to consider in your search for the best type of bed for sex.

Consider The Size

Sleeping on a bed is one thing. Having sex is another. According to your previous experience, your height, weight, and favorite sex positions make sure to get the proper size. A good rule of thumb is if you think a queen size would be “just fine,“ step it up a notch and get a king. Better safe than sorry.

Consider the Construction

Innerspring, latex, memory foam or even an air-filled mattress? Just to get this out of the way, don’t get an air-filled bed sex. This is not going to work for most people. Either you’ll get too much of that “sink in“ feeling for some of your favorite sex positions, or you’re going to fill it up to the top and see it crack due to pressure. The air-filled options are only a good option if they’re going to be used on occasion, e.g., for a vacation cabin, tree house and so on.

Innerspring is often the cheapest option, and prefer d for sex by many because of the bouncy effect. However, this is, again a personal preference. Other people prefer an extra firm surface instead.

Considering countless user reviews, and previous personal experience, your best bet is a memory foam, but one that’s at least medium firm. You want high-quality, high-density foam here, with a cooling gel on top.

This combination will give you a comfortable sex bed, yet it will be firm enough for all sex positions, and furthermore, it’ll air out well due to the cooling gel. A top layer with cooling properties will also prevent it from retaining high body temperature and will air out back to normal within minutes.

image of a woman on a bed

Removable Cover

One other great addition to any sex mattress is a removable cover. High-quality covers will often be a bit thicker, which won’t allow the sweat to go through and onto the bed surface. This way, when you’re done, you can simply pull off the cover and throw it in the washing machine.

Benefits of Owning One

Better Hygiene

Quality in a mattress that’s going to see a lot of activity is more crucial than ever. Part of its quality always comes down to your health, or in this particular case – personal hygiene.

Being active on a mattress regularly will eventually have the surface moist because of all the sweat (learn how to clean your bed). Moisture is basically heaven for all kinds of mites and bacteria. This means that owning a high-quality mattress will have hypoallergenic, dust mite and bacteria repellent properties, which will effectively prevent health-related issues. High-quality beds will also air out swiftly, preventing the moisture from localizing in the first place.

Excellent Durability, Cost Effective

High-quality “active“ beds will be extremely durable. Getting a highly durable model, in any case, is a great thing since you’ll be putting your mind at ease knowing you won’t need to invest in another one for years to come. On the other hand, a well-constructed, durable mattress means you can relax while you do your thing, knowing that it’s going to take a lot to break any of its bottom slats. This kind of bed will also have exceptional support, which will be great for your body after a lot of physical activity.

Top Beds We Recommend for Sex


Leesa has done at least one great thing with their mattresses, and that’s introducing a 3-layer memory foam construction. When the industry standard is two, Leesa went with three layers of cooling, supportive and comfortable foam layers.

What we’re interested in here, is the top layer. As previously discussed, any extra physical activity will leave any mattress sweaty and moist.

This is why we picked Leesa for our review. Leesa features a 2“ top Avena foam layer with cooling properties. An investment like this means Leesa takes air flow and heat retention seriously.

Definitely, one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a sex optimized bed. This top layer will ventilate the accumulated heat and sweat swiftly and prevent the moisture for localizing throughout the mattress surface.

Furthermore, buyers often praise this model for pressure relief and good motion isolation. Some buyers have stated that the price could be lower, but considering it’s a 3-layer high-quality memory foam, we believe it is a cost-effective investment.

Additionally, Leesa provides a 10-year limited warranty. If there are any defects discovered within this time, defects that render the bed unusable for safe sleep, Leesa will then either repair or replace it with a brand new one.

Brooklyn Bedding

After a close review, we’ve found that the Brooklyn Bedding is a mattress of very similar quality to the previously reviewed Leesa. One major difference is that this one uses latex, as opposed to memory foam.

As an added benefit, you’re able to choose from three different firmness levels with the Brooklyn – soft, medium and firm. 

Now, we could talk about what’s best for what but this is really a personal preference. A general rule of thumb is that a firmer bed is better for sex than a soft one. However, we recommend you take your previous experience into account here and then reach a conclusion.

It is comprised of two layers, not three. The top layer is a Talalay latex, which is Oeko-Tex Certified, and the second layer is made out of a Dunlop latex. According to our experience in reviewing mattresses so far, these two work very well as a combination and provide comfortable support.
The Oeko-Tex certification basically means the latex doesn’t contain any heavy metals, toxic and carcinogenic chemicals, or other harmful materials.

Between the Leesa and the Brooklyn, there’s really little room for error. I guess the only choice you should make here is about going with latex or foam. If you like latex, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of choosing your desired firmness level.

Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid

The Alexander Hybrid is one of the universal mattresses that just seems to fit every sleeper’s need. Its base is based on the better version of coils – pocket coils. This kind of support will provide excellent motion isolation. One other great thing about pocket coils is that these will push upwards and pressurize the foam on top, meaning that if it is a memory foam mattress, you will not have the notorious “sink in“ feeling.

It’s comprised of four layers. The top layer is a removable 2“ thick padded cover. This cover features excellent airflow and further provides that extra feeling of comfort. Next, we see a 2“ thick comfort layer, made out of gel-infused memory foam. By looking at the two top layers, we already see that it’ll provide that cooling effect, which is also great to have if you plan on being particularly active on this mattress. The third layer is a 2“ thick SmartFlow foam layer, and the bottom layer is the foundation itself, made out of 7“ of pocket coils. This gives the mattress exceptional durability and support.

That said, it’s still an excellent choice for a lot of physical activity on the mattress since the pocket coils also translate to a durable product. It is labeled a medium firm, but it’s probably on a more firmer side because of the pocket coils.


Purple, yet another high-quality mattress, is comprised out of three layers. The top layer provides comfort, as well as that sought-after cooling effect. It’s made out of a 2“ thick hyper-elastic polymer which is where the cooling effect comes from, but it provides pressure relief as well.

The second layer is based around providing support. It’s a 3.5“ thick polyurethane foam. At the bottom, we see a 4“ thick support layer. This is the mattress foundation, also polyurethane foam.

Purple is another excellent choice if you’re looking for a model with overall quality but neat for-sex properties as well. The polymer material in this bed provides that bouncy feeling, while it is still able to isolation motion quite well. The top player is designed to transform back to its original shape extremely fast, even after you apply sudden pressure, which often is the case when you’re having sex.

To summarize, this mattress is well-designed, provides excellent support & comfort, and has that cooling effect as a bonus. It’s recommended for sex or basically any physical activity since the top layer has been designed to withstand considerable amounts of sudden pressure while being able to transform back to its original shape quickly. If you’re creating a “best mattress for sex“ list, this one should definitely be somewhere at the top.


This wouldn’t be some buying guide if we didn’t mention at least one innerspring mattress. Since there’s only going to be one, we picked it out carefully and decided to go with the Saatva.

Saatva is an innerspring constructed out of individually wrapped coils, or as it is said in the industry – pocket coils! This is great because this means Saatva really went for quality with this one.

The edges of the mattress are foam-based. This is to prevent sagging, provide a beautiful design, and increase its durability. The Saatva also features pain relief and extra lumbar support. On top, we see a luxurious-looking cover, made out of organic cotton, and also a Euro pillow-top. The “Euro“ part here basically means it’s of higher quality than standard pillow top mattresses.

In most cases, this means the materials used are more densely packed, translating into more comfort. The main difference between foam and innerspring beds is that these have you sleeping “on top,“ while with memory foam, you sleep “in“ the mattress.

Saatva is an online bed company, meaning they have no stores, no commercial rent to pay, and don’t have to worry about compensating all those extra store employees. This business model is a part of their core mission.

Instead of investing in a local mattress store, they decided to take those funds and develop a high-quality model while still being able to put a lower price tag on it. With the Saatva, you get to choose from a soft, firm and luxury firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Memory Foam Good For Sex?

There is no right or wrong answer because what one person likes in bed doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone. That said, memory foam is generally regarded as a poor performing mattress (unless it is one of the firmer ones) when it comes to intercourse. There are two main reasons for this:

1 – Too hot

Memory foam tends to sleep hotter than most other bed materials. Therefore, when you start “heating” up from other activities, you might get uncomfortably hot. But hey, that’s a bonus if you enjoy a good sweat.

2 – No bounce factor

Memory foam absorbs the bounce better than any other type of mattress. If you were to jump around on the bed, there wouldn’t be much of a rebound effect, which many dislike when it comes to intercourse. Imagine jumping on a trampoline and it not having any bounce back effect. That’s essentially what you will get with most memory foam options.

Note: Sometimes people don’t like a high bounce factor as they are trying to be discreet. If you’re looking for a quiet mattress then memory foam might end up working well for you.


Let’s summarize this guide. Remember, you first need to consider the mattress construction, size, and other features you may want. Any high-quality bed will provide pressure relief, good motion isolation, and good hygiene.

In today’s guide, we’ve seen a couple of really good beds. However, if we had to pick one, we’d probably go with the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid mattress. It’s got a great, high-quality pocket coil construction, followed by three layers of exceptional comfort & support. This is a highly durable mattress and has cooling properties – making it our top sex bed.

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