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Scoliosis is a challenging medical condition to deal with. That “S”- of “C”-shaped curve in the spine can make sleep very uncomfortable. In severe cases, scoliosis can disrupt your entire daily rhythm affecting every aspect of your life.

How do you choose the best mattress if you have scoliosis?

Your sleeping position or posture is something to consider seriously. This means choosing the most comfortable mattress is a necessity in order to sleep better and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Comparison Table

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MattressWallet ScoreOur Rating
Resort Sleep (our top pick)$$$95
Best Price Pocket Coil Spring$$86
Bed Boss 15" Luxury Memory Foam$$$$$68

For everyone, a mattress plays an important part in getting a good night’s sleep and starting a day revitalized and ready-to-go. However, particularly for those with scoliosis, being able to relieve any related pain makes sleep that much better.

Mattress types tend to be subjective; some prefer a firm bed while others enjoy soft ones. Nonetheless, if there is one ideal type of mattress for scoliosis sufferers, it would be memory foam.

If you’re currently searching for a mattress and you have scoliosis, we have put together some research to help in your decision making. After reading hundreds of reviews, you might find the best bed that suits your personal situation.

image of a girl with scoliosis

How To Choose A Scoliosis Bed Mattress

Knowing what to look is essential when deciding on the best product for your situation. Here are a few important things to know before you buy a bed with scoliosis in mind:

Know Where the It Was Made

Many parts of a mattress are made in foreign countries like China then imported and assembled in Canada or the U.S.A. Even though a manufacturer may claim their beds to be made in that country, they were actually only assembled there.

Most beds undergo standardized testing. However, this can be avoided when the parts were imported and assembled in a different country.

These tests test for toxic chemicals that may have been used to make certain mattress components. Sometimes harsh chemicals are used, and they will be masked with industrial perfumes or even green tea extracts.

Get A CertiPUR-US® Approved Product

Use this industry standard certification to determine what mattress you should buy. The Certipur-US® certification tests the foam for any chemicals or toxins.

This is a significant consideration since your bed will be the place you sleep for many years to come.

Here is what the Certipur-US® tests stand for:

  • Made without ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDE flame retardants
  • Made without mercury, lead and other heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without phthalates
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) for indoor air quality

Always check to see that your mattress has this certification. Your health matters.

Comfort and Durability

The comfort and durability of your bed will determine if your sleep will be as comfortable the first year as it should be in the years that follow.

While mattress comfort is typically a subjective experience, you can be sure to rely on the reviews and rating from others who have tried it. This objective rating for comfort and durability is an excellent starting point for entrusting your sleep to a new bed.

image of a woman exercising on a bed

image of a woman exercising on a bedFor those of you with scoliosis, reading the review from others with your condition will tell you if that mattress is truly right for you. If the reviews fall short of your expectation, you can always order a sample of the bed. Most companies are more than willing to send a piece of their product for you to test personally. They should also send along the details regarding what chemicals if any, they had to use to make it.

Keep your eye sharp for harsh chemicals in their listing. Some foam beds that do use chemicals may treat their memory foams with eco-friendly, plant-based chemicals.

Determine the right thickness of the foam that is right for you. A 2” foam is significantly different from a 15” foam. While these mattresses may be superior in comfort, sometimes too much cushion might not suit somebody who enjoys a firm place to rest.

As for durability, your beds is an investment not only financially but also for your health and mental wellness. You want a mattress that lasts. Check to see if a company has any long term data regarding its durability. If it hasn’t done any tests to document its durability, you may want to consider something else.

Benefits Of Owning A Scoliosis Mattress

Now that you know what to look for when it comes to purchasing one, let’s take a look at the benefits and advantages.


Scoliosis can be a painful medical condition. Having a 10” thick memory foam allows for that needed support to keep the spine straight and supported. This is extremely important for dealing with your condition.

Pressure Point Relief

When a person is lying in the same position for a long time, those protruding point of contact with a bed can become terribly uncomfortable. Mattresses for scoliosis sufferers are designed to yield and adjust to the shape of your body. This allows those points under the most pressure to be relieved which prevents and minimizes pain for those sensitive areas.

Spine Alignment

These mattresses spread your weight evenly across the bed’s surface. And, with its ability to adapt to the shape and contours of your body, you can experience added support to your lower back which allows your spine to remain in a neutral position. Standard bed tends to be unyielding and give little support for those with severe scoliosis.

Sound Sleep

The motion caused by a partner tossing and turning on the bed can often prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. The best beds for scoliosis tend to absorb the motion and keeps it isolated instead of transferring it. If your partner gets up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water, you can be sure not to feel a thing.

Reviews Of Top Beds For Scoliosis

Please note that these brands have been carefully selected with scoliosis in mind.

Resort Sleep Queen 10 Inch Cooling Memory Foam

This bed gives you comfort while keeping you cool throughout the summer months.

The most notable features of this bed are its Visco mattress cradle with a deluxe 2.5-inch layer of premium air infused into the foam. This is piled on top of a high-density firm base for added support.

It also features an innovative cooling system that is both breathable and comfortable.

This scoliosis bed is Certipur-US certified, and it even includes a free luxury pillow.

While this mattress may be more on the firmer side, due to its high-density firm base, it does provide that needed support for optimal spinal alignment.

People who have this bed have said they were very satisfied with its cooling ability while living up to its claims of comfort. Even more satisfying was the price point which makes it the perfect choice for those with a low-budget.

Bed Boss 15" Luxury

Here’s a mattress that offers a comfortable package with a promising guarantee.

The design is manufactured the same as a Tempurpedic memory foam bed, but the price is significantly lower.

It includes a ten-year manufacturing warranty and promises that you will be satisfied within 60-days or they will give you a refund, no questions asked.

This bed has received only praised ratings. People are quick to fall in love with this product because it provides the perfect level of firmness and softness. Not only that, this deal is a complete set including down-feeling pillows, microfiber sheets, and a mattress protector. Reviewers said this saved them a significant amount of money.

The only point that you may want to consider is the bulky weight and challenge you may have to get it into your room. However, once it’s there, the assembly is simple, and the comfortable sleep you’ll soon enjoy will be well worth it.

Best Price 8-Inch

This last mattress does have the best price and the comfort that’s included is incredible.

The 8-inch bed conforms to your body which makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. It eliminates those painful pressure points and provides you with a deeper sleep.

This bed also comes with a CertiPUR-US certification and a ten-year warranty. Products having these are sure to provide both quality and durability.

Reviewers have said that they were eager to try this mattress due to its price point. It’s an affordable bed that is extra soft while providing that ample support. Most of the disappointments for this brand came from delays in delivery.

Otherwise, the only issue that you may want to consider would be the off-smell that persists for a few days. However, this is common, and the smell always disappears for good.


There may never be a perfect mattress for a person with scoliosis. In fact, even for you, choosing the right bed will be entirely subjective.

Memory foam mattresses provide superior comfort and are especially supportive for those with scoliosis. If there is are any beds that are best for people with scoliosis, these are the ones.

By the way, don’t forget to always check for CertiPUR US certification to ensure you have a healthier night’s sleep.

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