Best Bed For Heavy (Obese) People – Reviews & Ratings 2017

Many people look at mattresses as a one-way street; it’s either quality-made or not. This is terribly wrong. Any mattress can be of the outmost quality, and still fail to satisfy your needs, or even mandate another purchase after only a year or two.

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If you’re on the heavier side, owning a suitable mattress will allow you to put your mind at ease knowing the construction beneath you can well support your body for years to come.

Comparison Table

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MattressWallet ScoreOur Rating
​LUCID Memory Foam Mattress (our top pick)$$$$95
Sleep Innovations Shiloh$$$$$83
Zinus Sleep Master Ultima$$$66

image of a heavy womanEveryone is different, and depending on the things like your sleeping situation (solo or couple), sleeping position, body posture and weight, personal preferences, desired firmness, and comfort type, you may or may not have a positive experience with a quality mattress.

There’s quality in many mattresses, but a lot of these won’t meet or exceed your needs, so how do you know what to look for, and what to buy?
This is why we’ve created this article. We’ve combined our previous experience with hundreds of buyer’s reviews and devised a list of the highest rated mattresses for heavy adults.

The mattresses we’re going to review at the end of this article are all well-made, cost-effective and suited for overweight sleepers.
Before we get to the mattress reviews, we’ll first share some of the most common buying frustrations so that you can prepare ahead.

How to Find a Mattress for an Overweight Person

Here are a couple of the most important factors you need to consider if you’re shopping for a mattress that’s suited for either a single overweight individual or a couple.

Mattress Size

Even though it’s not really a priority in this kind of situation, we still introduce this factor to every buying guide because this is where people make the wrongest choices.

Buyers will either try to save up on buying smaller mattresses – which is a huge mistake, or they’ll underestimate the size they can fit in their bedroom. If you’re humble and like to adapt, then a general rule of thumb is getting one size bigger than you originally wanted.

Your bedroom and the quality of your sleep is not a place you want to adapt to and compromise. If getting a bigger mattress means you’ll be more satisfied, happy and comfortable then get it.

We spend one-third of our lives in the bedroom, and this alone is more than enough reason we shouldn’t be making compromises here. That said, you still need to think about the size of your bedroom, not just the mattress.

Will you be able to open and close doors comfortably, when the mattress is introduced? Will you be adding new furniture after you get the bed, and will it fit? Take precise measurements and plan ahead.
Failing to plan accordingly here will only result in having to hassle with return policies and eventually more excessive spending. It’s incredibly important you get it right the first time around.


This one should be obvious, and yet, we’ve come across dozens of buyer reviews where people state they’ve made a wrong choice and now the bed is showing huge signs of indentation and sagging – simply because they didn’t care to do research like you are doing right now by reading this guide.

Any mattress should have good support, but obviously, overweight people need more of it. Better support means more longevity and eventually fewer expenses. Similarly to the size factor, you want to get this one right the first time around as well.

Luckily, every mattress we’ll be mentioning at the end of this review has been carefully inspected to make sure they provide a proper kind of support for heavier people.

Memory Foam: Good or Bad for Heavier Adults?

Plenty of websites out there will claim memory foam shouldn’t be your first option if you’re a heavier/larger individual because they’ll really sink into the foam and indentations will eventually form.

We did the math, and this argument is simply invalid. We cannot stress how bad of an advice that is, and how many people are missing out on comforts that memory foam provides.

That said, if you get the cheapest mattress out there, one with a single layer of comfort foam, which itself is low-density – then you can expect to sleep hot and be sagging into the mattress within just a few weeks.
However, even medium-quality foam mattresses deal with these issues quite nicely. Every mattress we’ll be reviewing today is either medium-to-high or high quality.

Each will have a medium or high-density foam, and with proper cooling technologies, such as top mattress layers with special-made foams that combat heat retention and allow for a comfortable sleep.

Is your heart stuck on memory foam? If so, check out our top memory foam bed picks for 2017.

Benefits of Owning a Good Bed for Heavy People

Here’s a rundown of just a few advantages you gain when shopping for quality, and in this case, an option that’s suited for large/heavier people.

Restful, Healthy Sleep

Getting a mattress that’s well suited for your needs will result in a wonderful sleeping experience every night. You’ll be waking up well-rested, full of energy and perfectly ready for the day ahead.

Waking up in a lot of pains and aches is something that can ruin your day, and this is why we made sure every mattress we recommend today provides pressure relief and pain alleviation benefits.

Good Motion Transfer = Quality Sleep

Tossing and turning on a bad mattress can wake up anyone sleeping on the other side. This is why motion transfer is a must-have for a mattress that’s supposed to be suited for heavier sleepers. If you decide to go with a mattress we’re recommending today, rest assured they all carry extra comfort and support layers, which almost eliminates any motion transfer.

Good motion isolation is also another plus when you go with a memory foam mattress. Innerspring mattresses tend to be a lot bouncier and therefore are deemed terrible for motion isolation.

Individual Product Reviews

Here, we showcase a couple of options we think you should seriously consider when buying a mattress as a heavier individual or a couple. All of these carry exceptional support, comfort, durability and memory foam that’s double or triple-layered – perfect for heavier people.


This mattress showed excellent quality and features right off the bat. It features a double-layered comfort and support zone – which is immediately a plus for heavier people.

On top, we see a 2.5“ thick ventilated medium-density memory foam, and beneath, we find a 7.5“ thick high-density foam which serves as an excellent support and being of high-density means it’ll provide extra comfort, support and motion isolation.

This extra support on the bottom will prevent the surface layer from sagging too much, and it’ll keep indentations from forming.

The surface memory foam layer is also gel-infused, and all the foam here is CertiPUR-US Certified. The gel means it’ll regulate the temperature properly and air-out well, meaning there’s no sweaty nights ahead, nor cold winters.

Being CertiPUR-US Certified means this mattress is a health heaven. It’ll contain no hazardous materials, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and will furthermore be less susceptible to dust mites.

To summarize, this is a mattress that’s an excellent choice for heavier people, with enough support, comfort and motion isolation. To top it all off, this one comes with a 25-year long warranty program, and they also offer free shipping. The support layer could have been a bit thicker, but considering the low price tag, this mattress is a very cost-effective and a good option overall.

Sleep Innovations Shiloh

When we compared LUCID with this mattress, it was challenging to find a difference in almost all of the basic and advanced features. Both mattresses provide excellent support, comfort, motion isolation, are well ventilated and offer similar warranty and return policies.

Still, the Shiloh is a bit more expensive, but don’t worry, the extra punch on the price tag is more than justified. While both of these contain a 2.5“ thick upper comfort layer, the bottom support layer is better with the Shiloh. Instead of 7.5“ the LUCID mattress carries, Shiloh went with 9.5 inches made out of support plus memory foam.

The Shiloh also provides pressure relief attributes and isolates motion quite well. That said, it does offer less warranty, but its 20 years long warranty period is still well above the industry standard.

You may be put off by its price, but according to buyer reviews, people are more than happy with this mattress, and the only downside to this purchase we could find seems to be not doing it sooner.

To summarize, Shiloh is better than the LUCID. It’ll provide all the same benefits, but with better pressure relief, and better support and longevity because of its 2“ thicker bottom layer.

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima

The Zinus Sleep Master Ultima seems to be a great go-to option if you’re shopping on a budget. It’s one of the cheapest mattresses reviewed here today, but hang it, it’s still got plenty to show off.

Zinus has shown dedication to quality and comfort by introducing three layers of foam within this mattress. This perhaps makes it the best choice for large and bigger sleepers.

The top layer is a 3“ standard memory foam, followed by 2“ of comfort foam with pressure relief properties, and the whole thing is finished off with 5 inches of a high-density base foam layer.

The 10“ of this mattress’s core shows for good support, quality and comfort. Being the cheapest option, it cannot be as durable as the previously reviewed mattresses. Still, that doesn’t mean it won’t last for at least 7-10 years. The warranty on this product is a mere five-year warranty. This isn’t best but it can still be considered industry standard and when you consider all the benefits plus the extremely low price tag – this is more than justified.


Owning a good mattress for designed for a fat person will have you and your partner waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for the new day.

It’ll contribute to your overall health and let you spend 1/3 of your life in a comforting, stress-free environment. Whatever you go with, remember to take precise measurements when picking out the mattress size.

We’d like to specifically mention the Zinus Sleep Master Ultima mattress as a sincere recommendation. It’s got the best reviews and feedback from previous buyers and is also the most affordable option.

Zinus has really filled in a gap here with this mattress, providing above-average support, quality and comfort – while still being extremely affordable.

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