Buyer’s Guide To Best Beds For Couples 2017

Owning a suited couple’s mattress will provide both you and your partner a long, relaxing, restful sleep if you get the right fit. Unfortunately, buyers tend to overlook basic features thinking they’re unimportant.

Let me give you an example.

You’re going solo, and you’re buying a mattress, and you don’t pay attention to features such as motion isolation. In this case, you’re fine; this feature shouldn’t interest you.

However, if you’re sleeping with a partner, and get a mattress that doesn’t isolate motion properly – you’re going to have a bad time.

Comparison Table

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MattressWallet ScoreOur Rating
Helix Sleep (our top pick)$$$98
Leesa Mattress$$$85
Sleep Number$$$$$67

Many buyers are unaware that a couple’s mattress is actually a niche in the industry. A lot of brands across the world develop and sell beds designed specifically for couples.
When buying a new mattress, many couples pay attention to only one factor – the size. This is a huge mistake, and while the size should be considered, there are however a few other, possibly more important factors you need to keep in mind.

One of these factors is motion isolation. If you’re a light sleeper, your partner is going to wake you up when tossing and turning through the night – unless you’ve got a bed that distributes weight evenly and isolates motion.

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There are hundreds of brands out there selling thousands of mattresses, all varying in size, construction type, layering, materials, and features.

What’s more, many of these brands falsely claim that their beds possess the same feature quality, e.g., exceptional motion isolation, while when comparing buyer reviews you clearly see this is not the case.

We’ve used our previous reviewing experience to compare and research dozens of brands and their products properly, and then we finally compared hundreds of buyer reviews on specific features with their competitors. The result of all that work is this article.

We’ve prepared an objective, fact-based buying guide for the best mattress for couples. You will learn what you need to pay attention to when buying, what kind of benefits you gain, and finally, we’ll feature a few products that seemed to please most buyers.

How To Choose the Best Couples Bed

This is where we present some of the most important factors you need to consider when buying a mattress as a couple. Pay attention to these, and you’re bound to make the right choice.


We previously mentioned that there are other factors besides size that are possibly more important. However, size can still be a deciding factor. It’s simply of those things that are a personal preference.

For example, many people like to sleep diagonally, or tend to do this in their sleep, so if this is the case for you or your partner – you’re obviously going to need a bigger bed. That’s of course just one example. You and your partner need to consider both of your sleeping habits to come to a conclusion.

Make sure to consider everything, and do not try and save money by getting a smaller bed hoping it’ll all work out. This will only result in going through tedious return policies and having to pick out different mattress all over again.

Besides your personal needs and habits, you should measure your bedroom well and see where the bed will fit. Will you be able to open and close all doors, comfortably? Will you be introducing new furniture into the bedroom after you get the bed? If yes, will it fit? Ask yourself these questions and take your time.

Whatever you do, please do yourself a favor and do not try and save up by getting a smaller mattress. It’s likely you’ll be sleeping on this thing for at least a decade, so you might as well invest a bit more and make the right choice.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation or motion transfer is by far one of the most important features you need to consider when buying a bed as a couple. Any mattress that doesn’t transfer motion well translates to a couple’s nightmare.

This applies in particular if you’re a light sleeper. You partner will constantly wake you up by tossing and turning during the night. Keep in mind that the mattresses we recommended at the end of this article all possess excellent motion isolation capabilities.

Besides making sure the mattress has minimal motion transfer, you can also base your decision around its construction. For example, memory foam beds tend to be the best choice for couples. This is because memory foam isolates motion to almost perfection and keeps both you and your partner “in place“ during the night.

However, sleeping on this kind of mattress also means you’re going to “sink in,“ and if you dislike this, you should consider an innerspring, latex or a polyfoam bed. If you still want to go with memory foam, but don’t want to sink in, make sure you get the firmest option, and also get a mattress with pocket coils if possible.

Benefits of Owning a Couples Mattress

Here are a couple of things that make your life better simply by owning a high-quality mattress that’s specifically suited for couples.

Healthy, Restful Sleep

Everything from picking out the right size, to getting a mattress that isolates motion well, will provide you and your partner a restful, energetic night’s sleep.

A night of good sleep will then translate to better health because you’re spending the night in a stress-free environment. You’re not waking up because your partner is tossing and turning, and you’re not waking them up either.

What’s more, any mattress that has good motion isolation properties will most likely be a high-quality bed overall, carrying all kinds of different benefits, from pressure and pain relief to better hygiene, cool sleep, and good support. Both you and your partner will up rise in the morning without any aches or pains, feeling well rested and ready for the day ahead.

Better Sex

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to move to another room or piece of furniture just to have sex with your partner.

Not being able to do so at night before sleep or as soon as you wake up in the morning can be frustrating, to say the least.

High-quality mattresses (especially those specified for couples) will have excellent sex properties, and these include proper support, a slight bounce and a good response time.

Individual Product Reviews

This is the part where we make a few suggestions we think you should seriously consider. Based on our previous experience, and on countless buyer reviews, these beds seem to be an excellent choice for any couple.

Helix Sleep

We were thrilled to review this mattress. What’s great about Helix is that they let you and your partner fully customize the product to your liking.

Both sides of the mattress can be custom-designed so each person get’s what they need concerning comfort and support.
Helix really seems to understand that every person is different, and we all have different body types, sleeping positions, and habits.

This particular bed is a 10-inch, queen, a default size, and thickness based on what’s preferred by most people.
These beds are comprised of a Helix Dynamic Foam, high-quality polyurethane foam which is CertiPUR-US Certified, and micro-coils. All of these ingredients translate into a modern combination of comfort and support.

To top it all off, you also get free shipping and a 100-night trial period. Test out the mattress during this period and see if it’s a good fit.

This bed is ideal for couples. Motion isolation is good in itself, but you can customize that when you pick out the comfort layers. Support is excellent too. Overall, it seems to be a very cost-effective option, one which many previous buyers have praised above and beyond.

Note: Customization details need to be delivered to Helix after making the purchase. They’ll follow up on your order to inquire about these. If you ignore the inquiry, they’ll deliver a default, medium-firm mattress.


Another excellent couple’s choice. Leesa introduces high-density memory foam layers in the middle of this mattress, and an additional 2“ thick Avena foam layer on top.

These work well together and provide exceptional motion isolation. This is in fact what makes this bed one of our top choices for couples.

Even though it’ll sink moderately, you’re still getting a high-quality option that seems to be more than cost-effective, according to the most popular buyer reviews.

Leesa also offers a 100 night risk-free trial period, which should be enough time for you and your partner to test it out and see if it’s going to be a good fit.

Furthermore, Leesa mattresses are manufactured entirely in the US and contain exclusive materials such as the Avena foam. The Avena is found on the top layer and will, therefore, provide that cooling effect during warmer nights.

To summarize, the Leesa is another excellent choice for couples. That said, there have been a few reviews where buyers stated that this bed doesn’t provide enough support. This could be an issue, but keep in mind that those reviewers also stated they’re quite over-weight, and Leesa doesn’t seem to be well fit for that situation.

Sleep Number

Even though it is last on our list, the Sleep Number mattresses have been praised by enough buyers to validate its appearance in this article.

We’ve picked the 8“ thick version here for our review as it seems to be the most cost-effective option of their beds. It’s a memory foam based mattress with a medium to high density and good overall support.

Buyers seemed to like it most for its durability, stating there is no sagging or indentations even after 12 months of consistent use. It also seems to carry pressure relief, and pain alleviation properties, as well as good motion isolation – which makes it a good choice for couples by itself.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t publicly show trial periods or warranty options, but we wouldn’t be concerned about warranties since it seems to be a highly durable product.


Owning a high-quality mattress that’s suited for couples will provide both you and your partner a restful, stress-free night’s sleep. Furthermore, these should positively impact both your health and your sex life.

When making a purchase, size and motion isolation should be your first priorities. Luckily, if you get a queen or a king, with good motion isolation, that bed is bound to also have excellent support, comfort layers, and pressure relief properties.

To summarize the whole thing, we really think you should seriously consider getting the Helix Sleep mattress. It’s got all the features the other beds here have, with an addition that you can fully customize comfort layers after you order one.
Furthermore, it’s got free shipping and a 100-night trial period. It really seems to be the best buy and a safe bet.

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