Find The Best Latex Mattress In 2017

Curious about the benefits of owning a good latex mattress? In this article, we review the best rated latex mattresses for the money available in 2017. Some of the benefits include minimal movement transmission and reduced pressure on the hips and shoulders. That’s not all, and we’ll cover the rest of the benefits later on in this article.

Despite these advantages, choosing a high-quality model isn’t always easy. There are additional quality factors that don’t apply to other materials, such as whether it is manufactured with natural or synthetic material.

The composition is also important (latex bedding). Some products are built from 100% pure latex. Others have a latex top layer and regular foam core latex bedding. In some cases, a mixture of standard foam, memory foam and latex is used. Composition can affect the durability, comfort and support.

We want to make the process as simple as possible, so we’ve compiled a list of the top factors to consider when buying. We’ve also researched and reviewed the top three rated latex mattresses. Each of these has received excellent reviews from buyers and provides outstanding value.

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Benefits Of A Latex Mattress

Comfort Without Sinking

Latex reduces pressure by spreading the weight of your body uniformly. Unlike other materials, such as softer foam, it doesn’t sink too much. This makes it more comfortable and responsive – and also stops you rolling into your partner at night!

Instant Response

One of the main advantages of the material compared to memory foam mattresses (read our full guide) is its rapid response to movement. When you move on a latex mattress, the material responds instantly.

Fewer Unhealthy Chemicals

All natural latex doesn’t contain many of the chemicals involved in the production of other types of foam. Natural latex is also environmentally friendly, as the material is manufactured from harvested rubber. This means that trees don’t have to be cut down to create the material.

Keep in mind that there are both natural or organic latex mattress and synthetic styles on the market or online (habitat furnishings latex mattress received good feedback). Synthetic types have several of advantages, including lower prices, but are usually considered inferior to natural. If a mattress is made from a combination of natural and synthetic, it is called blended.


Reduced Disturbances

They have low movement transmission. This means that if your partner rolls over while sleeping, you won’t feel the movement through the mattress. Reduced movement transmission can noticeably increase your sleep quality. (Try double sized latex mattress)



Latex is one of the most durable materials (you can also try talalay latex mattress) on the planet. The highest quality mattresses can last up to 25 years – which is considerably longer than other types. On average, you can expect this type to last around ten years before it starts to become less comfortable.

Natural Resistance to Bed Bugs and Dust Mites

If you hate the thought of sharing your bed with dust mites or bed bugs, a latex mattress could be an excellent option. The material naturally interferes with the breeding cycle of both these bugs.

Our Buyer's Guide


The firmness of a mattress affects its overall feel and comfort. Firmness is indicated by the ILD rating – which stands for “indentation load deflection.” The higher the ILD, the more pressure required to make an indent in the mattress. Firmer models shift to match your position quicker, while softer options allow you to sink further in.

There is no “best” ILD rating when choosing a mattress (latex pillow top mattress is a good choice) – the most comfortable rating is a matter of personal choice. A rating of 25-35 is usually considered the “sweet spot” for both firmness and comfort. If you prefer medium firm or firmer mattresses, you should look for one with a higher ILD rating. ILD ratings of 30+ are usually considered firm, with the firmest rated at 40+. The softest one have an ILD rating of 14-20.



There are three main categories of latex mattress composition: all-latex, latex-over-foam and foam-over-latex. It’s important to know the composition before you buy, as it can affect comfort and pressure relief.

  • All-Latex mattresses are made entirely from latex. This means both the core and upper layers are built from the material. These are more durable, comfortable and provide greater pressure relief, but are also the most expensive.
  • Latex-over – have a latex top layer. The core is made from a different type of foam – often high-density foam. These mattresses provide many of the benefits of all-latex products but are cheaper.
  • Foam-over – have a latex core but a top layer made with a different type of foam. This composition is less common, as buyers tend to rate it as uncomfortable compared to other options.

It’s also important to know whether it is made from natural, blended or synthetic material. Synthetic usually isn’t as responsive as natural, but has a reduced chance of causing an allergic reaction.



They aren’t usually aren’t cheap. The material is often difficult or expensive for manufacturers and latex mattress companies to find, which results in higher prices (luxury latex mattress). Top quality latex models (serenity latex mattress is available in the market) can cost thousands of dollars, although there are some excellent options available.

If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to look at similar materials such as memory foam. These provide many of the same benefits, but there are more options available for lower budgets (hybrid mattresses are also ready for purchase).

Top 3 - Latex Mattress Reviews

1. Ultimate Dreams

The Ultimate Dreams Mattress brand provides a firm and comfortable sleeping surface for an excellent price. It’s a 10” mattress that’s available with several different firmness options – from ultra plush to firm.

The mattress is built with a 3” latex top layer. Beneath the top layer is a core made from high-density foam, which provides extra stability and support.

People who have bought Ultimate Dreams described it as a fantastic value. Some reviewers mentioned that they experienced much deeper sleep while using it.

The Ultimate Dreams Mattress has a noticeable odor when it is first unpackaged. If you open it and notice this smell, don’t be alarmed. Reviewers mention that this odor – while not unpleasant or strong – disappears relatively quickly.

2. LUCID 16” Plush

If you’re struggling to choose between memory foam or latex, the LUCID 16” Plush Mattress brand provides the best of both worlds! It’s built with a 4” top layer of memory foam and 2” latex “comfort layer.” The bottom layer is 10” of high-density foam for excellent support.

A great feature of this one is that the top 1” is made from bamboo charcoal memory foam. This is hypoallergenic and also perfect for people with sensitive skin. It comes with a 25-year warranty and has been CertiPUR-US certified.

Reviewers wrote that they are impressed with the value. Most of them said that they have experienced noticeably higher sleep quality since buying it and that the mattress is much more comfortable than the spring one.

Other reviewers mentioned that the mattress is firmer than they expected. If you’re looking for an ultra soft version, the LUCID 16” may not be the best choice. The majority of reviewers write that it’s comfortable and not too firm though.

3. LUCID 10”

The LUCID 10” is designed to eliminate discomfort by spreading pressure throughout the mattress. It achieves this with a 3” top layer of pure natural and organic latex (all latex mattress) and a 7” layer of high-density support foam. This one comes with a 25-year warranty and is CertiPUR-US certified.

The LUCID 10” Latex Foam Mattress has received excellent reviews. A few of them mentioned that it helps them to maintain healthy spinal alignment and reduce chronic pain. Many reviewers said that it is far more comfortable than spring mattresses.

Several reviewers report that the smell of the LUCID 10” lingers for longer than other mattresses (pure bliss latex mattress is a great choice). While this isn’t unexpected from a latex mattress, it’s important to be aware of the smell before you buy. Most reviewers say that the smell isn’t strong and disappears after three or four weeks.


Latex mattresses can provide a comfortable and highly responsive sleeping surface. If you want to improve your sleep quality, they offer a healthy and durable choice (dunlopillo latex mattress is also a good option). While there aren’t many latex mattresses available, at least compared to other materials, there are still some excellent products on the market or online.

The most important factor when choosing (savvy rest latex mattress has good reviews from consumers) one of these is firmness. Make sure you pick one that matches the firmness you enjoy by checking the ILD rating before you buy. Other considerations include your budget and the mattress composition. There are few complaints from latex mattress users but these are minor.

If you’re not sure which product to choose, we recommend the Ultimate Dreams. It’s a high-quality mattress (serta latex mattress for example) that provides excellent value. The product is also one of the highest rated models.

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