What's The Best Gel Memory Foam Pillow In 2017? 

In this article, we take a look at the best gel pillows available in 2017. A gel pillow is comes equipped with material that will ensure a good night’s sleep.

There are a lot of points about these pillows you should come to understand, because it will help you make the best decision for a purchase.

There are plenty of brands that you can might want to look into when it comes to buying these gel top pillows, so always take the time to find the brand that will best care for your needs.

If you're looking for more than just gel options, make sure to full the full cooling pillow guide here.

For instance, one person might need a memory foam gel pillow that gives them more neck and back support, while another person may simply want one that allows them to sleep in any sort of position while still remaining comfortable. In either regard, studying the points below will teach you a little bit more about the gel top pillow and will see to it that you make an informed choice.

Should You Own A Gel Pillow?

  • They are crafted with sophisticated memory foam, which will aid in comfort
  • They are very durable over a long period of time
  • You will have access to plenty of neck and head support
  • It is hypoallergenic and has a sleek design
  • You will sleep more comfortable and longer, because of the ability to fall asleep quicker
  • What are some frustrations that people have with this people?
  • Some people prefer onethat is more stable and firm
  • People may want to buy one that is better aligned and more easily able to arrange and transport

In terms of challenges, the main thing people run into is that they don’t know where to purchase memory foam gel pillows. Since plenty of people are more than happy with standard, traditional pillows, it may become a little bit more difficult to shop around for sophisticated, memory foam pillows.

There are a lot of different options to choose between, so this can be another form of frustration. If you are not fully aware of which brand is the best, it can make your shopping process is a little bit more difficult. This is why you should first and foremost figure out which features you prefer in your pilllow, and from there, you will have a better shot at narrowing your pillows down as you shop for them.

pillows to choose between

More and more chiropractors are beginning to recommend gel pillows to their patients. By understanding they are great for your health, you will inevitably have a greater sense of which will be the most useful to you if you are looking to purchase one of these memory foam pillows (click here).

This article teaches you about why you might want to take it upon yourself to purchase a great gel pillow. You can use these facts to begin shopping around with the best manufacturers who are able to give you a great selection of gel pillows that you might want to add to your bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

Comparison Table

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Top Gel Pillow Reviews

Sleep Restoration

Have you ever slept in a 5-star hotel, and wished you could just take the bedding home? Well, now you can experience that same majestic feeling of plush and comfort right there in your bedroom. 

If you've been looking for a hotel-grade pillow set, look no further. The Sleep Restoration pillows are exactly what top hotels out there use, and you get them new!​

All the hotels' pillows you've slept on have probably been used by a hundred different people before you – and have surely worn out. Just imagine how they feel brand new, fresh out of the box!​

What you're getting here is the same thing people pay hotels a hundred bucks a night to sleep on.​

Incredibly Easy To Clean

Not only are these pillows stain-resistant, but they're also machine-washable.

These pillows can be simply thrown into the washer, and you're able to move on about your day. That said, I'd recommend reading the washing instructions tag that comes along.

Support & Comfort

It's no wonder these pillows are used in best hotels. The material is not only hypoallergenic – but it's also naturally resistant to mildew, mold, and dust mites!

Furthermore, they're allergen free, and cannot contain any dangerous chemicals.

Excellent Trial Period

I love it when brands show confidence in their products. Sleep Restoration gives you a whole month to try out these pillows!

That's 30 days of no-worry use. This makes it a risk-free purchase, as you can return the pillows for a full refund within the 30-day period.

Features & Specifications

  • The fact that the most luxurious hotels out there use these kinds of pads makes them a top-tier product. There's no question about it, if you're looking for quality – this is the set you get.
  • These pillows are machine-washable, so no hassle with the maintenance. They're also fade and stain resistant.
  • If you're having second thoughts, remember that you get a 30-day trial period with these pillows. Get the set, try it out for a couple of weeks, and if you end up disliking it (which I'm sure you're not) – simply give the brand a call and get a refund.

Previous Owners Love It!

I've personally gone through all the scattered feedback this pillow set received. It only served as a confirmation for me, because all I've seen is hundreds of people praising these pillows saying they've never slept better.

Some people did say they wished the pillow set was cheaper, but personally, I feel they could be even more expensive! Honestly, the price doesn't even come close to reflecting the value we're getting out of these pillows.

That said, I'm pretty confident this brand will realize what they're doing sooner or later – and increase the prices for sure. Even if they did, I'd be the first to get these myself.


The LINENSPA is an amazing gel pillow and if you are anything like us, you desire the cool, supportive comfort option.

Support & Comfort

The LINENSPA offers the perfect blend of comfort and support.

The outer layer of gel-infused memory foams provides a smooth, even surface and a cooling effect while the shredded material provides increased breathability and comfort. It conforms to the shape of your shoulders, neck, and head for proper spine alignment and great support.

Cotton Cover

It includes a 250 thread count cotton cover to ensure a cozy feel and a crisp look. The cover is made of 100% cotton percale and it is removable and machine washable to ensure that you always have a refreshingly clean sleep environment.

Features & Specifications

  • The shredded style enhances breathability and air circulation.
  • The gel pillow encasement ensures a cool, comfortable sleeping experience.
  • The 100 % cotton cover provides additional comfort.
  • The medium-firm supportive fill can be shaped to conform better people with neck pain (check out our neck pain pillow article).

What Are Customers Saying?

The LINENSPA is rated positively for its support and comfort. Since it compresses with the weight of your head, its height provides a wonderful balance for both side and back sleepers. Many side sleepers (learn more) that have used this pillow have claimed that it adjusts and conforms its shape quickly when they turn to the other side without experiencing any type of discomfort. The gel memory foam encasement also ensures consistent cooling effect to keep the gel pillow cool all through the night.

The majority of users had nothing but praise it, but some complained that it has a strong chemical smell. However, this only lasts for a few days at most. Stomach sleepers (read the full article) also found the 6 inch height less than ideal. Some have claimed that the gel pillow is heavy to carry around.

However, all these complaints were unfounded since the smell disappears after a few days, the gel pillow is designed mainly for side and back sleepers, and it is not that heavy. The amazing support and comfort, coupled with the 100% cotton cover, makes it easy for me to recommend it.


Sleep Innovations

Your ability to get a good rest every single night will largely depend on the pillow that you use each and every night.

Sleep Innovations is a brand that has honed some of the best technology on the market so that you can sleep comfortably.

Many Sizes

Many gel pillows take a one-size-fits-all approach. You will be able to add it to your bedding collection, regardless of your body size or the size of your bed.

It Features Dual Sided Memory Foam Material

A major plus is the fact that it comes equipped with memory foam, a type of technology that is cooling and stabilizing. As opposed to being hollowed out the more you sleep on it, it will continuously adjust to your sleeping posture, so that you are able to get a good night’s sleep.

Features and Specifications

  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Is versatile, in that people who sleep on either their stomach, side or back will be able to use it
  • Materials are made in the USA
  • Comes in three different sizes

What Customers Are Saying

Customers state that it is very comfortable and versatile. They enjoy that it accommodates all of their sleeping positions. People also give praises to the materials the pillow is made from. Some people say it is not what they are looking for because the materials are not as plush as other pillows. However, this is a matter of preference and many people prefer a firmer, more stable sleep that protects their neck and back.

Sleep Innovations Shea Memory Foam 10inch

This is gel pillow that people turn to when they are looking for a comfortable and healthy 8 hours of sleep. It delivers all of the above due to the fact that it provides sleepers with both comfort and durability, thanks to the craftsmanship and materials used to make it.

Consider these points of information above so that you can decide whether or not you will add this pillow to your bedroom.

Equinox Cooling Gel

The Equinox Cooling Gel could just be the most unique type available on the market today.

I decided this was a product worth reviewing for my family due to the fact that it is designed on promoting airflow and extracting body heat.


The Equinox means that you never have to sleep on a flat pillow again. They feature an outstanding memory-foam technology that will conform to your body and your head that offers the exact amount of thickness and fluff.

Cooling Gel

The Honeycomb gel inside means you can say good-bye to those nights of tossing-and turning caused from being too hot and bothered. This unique formulation has been in designed in such a way that it promotes airflow and pulls away body heat.

Features And Specifications

  • They are extremely innovative and have been constructed out of a high quality CertiPur Molded Memory foam that is blended with superior Honeycomb Cooling Gel technology.
  • The removable pillowcases are made out of a Spandex Mesh that can be removed and washed in a washing machine.
  • It comes with an impressive 5 year Limited Warranty with a 30 Day money back guarantee.
  • The memory-foam technology conforms perfectly to your head to offer outstanding support and comfort.

What Customers Are Saying

The Equinox offers outstanding support for any type of user with an impressive 5 Inch thickness. This is the main feature that many buyers enjoy about the pillow along with the gel panels that read temperature to ensure a tranquil and cool night sleep.

Other standout points on the product are that the memory foam eases away tension and stress.


Out of all the positive reviews on the product there are a few complaints. One of these had to do with the chemical odor. Another complaint said it was very hard and difficult to sleep on.

However, these complaints are in no way widespread and the majority of buyers have stated they are extremely satisfied with the price and comfort that these gel pillows provide. This has made it very easy for me to recommend without a doubt.

Deluxe Home Essence of Bamboo Platinum Edition

Over the past few years, I have come across the amazing features of bamboo fabric numerous times. This is why, when the time was right for a pillow change, I started looking for bamboo options.

My research led me to one of the best picks on the market, namely the Essence of Bamboo premium pillow by Deluxe Home.

Top-Notch Filling

It comes with a down-alternative filling recognized for several great characteristics. For a start, the filling does not require fluffing and it will maintain its shape for years to come. The filling is also mold, mildew and dust mite resistant. Hypoallergenic and safe, the filling is ideal even for the most sensitive of users.

A Bamboo Cover

The cover is made of high quality, soft and durable bamboo fabric. Since bamboo is a sustainable material, the pillow will appeal even to environment-conscious individuals. On top of that, it comes with a medley of positive characteristics. The fabric wicks moisture away from the body and it also keeps the pillow cool for undisturbed sleep.

Features and Specifications

  • It is machine washable for effortless maintenance.
  • It is entirely crafted in the US.
  • There is a standard and a queen size to choose among.
  • While the filling is synthetic, it feels soft and down-like rather than foamy.
  • The filling is 100 % free from latex, which means it can be used by people that have a sensitivity to the material.

What Buyers are Saying

It has a big number of positive customer reviews. Most buyers are quite happy with the quality of the construction and the comfort that the pillow provides. One of the top characteristics mentioned in multiple product reviews is the lightweight design. Unlike goose or down feather pillows, this one is quite lightweight and fluffy.

The lightweight design has been seen as a disadvantage by some. There are people used to sleeping on a firmer, more supportive pillow. These people experienced some discomfort after making the transition to the Platinum Edition Premium Essence of Bamboo Pillow.


One thing reviewers do mention, however, is that many chiropractors and physicians recommend softer pillows for the treatment of spine or neck conditions. Once people got used to the softer filling of this bamboo pillow (read our full guide), they did not experience additional problems with it.

The Deluxe Home is definitely a good pick because of the excellent price to quality ratio. I can confidently recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable purchase that maintains high quality.

Final Verdict

It is soft, supportive and beautiful. It is easy to maintain in a good condition and the materials are long-lived. Because of all these features, I believe that the gel pillow is definitely worth a try. Because of its longevity and ease of cleaning, the pillow will pay itself off in a relatively short amount of time.

Classic Brands Cool Sleep

I like the support that gel pillows bring to the table but I am uncomfortable with one of their characteristics – the fact that memory foam traps heat.

This is why I began researching alternatives and I came across one amazing product – the gel pillow by Classic Brands.

Filled with Cool Gel

The cool gel filling is one of the most prominent characteristics of this pillow. The core of the pillow is made of memory foam that is surrounded by the gel. The gel has the ability to guide heat away from the surface to keep the gel pillow cool. At the same time, the soft core is incorporated in the design for added support.

Specialized Knit Cover

The cover has some intriguing properties too. The Cool Pass fabric that Classic Brands relies on is yet another key to keeping the pillow cool throughout the night. The fibers that make up the cover are x-shaped. The design is functional and it allows for the absorption of moisture from the surface.

Features and Specifications

  • Sufficient neck and shoulder support.
  • A gusseted side that makes it ideal for back and side sleepers.
  • The cover is machine washable for effortless maintenance.
  • A medium comfort level, which means that the pillow is neither too hard nor too soft.
  • There are three sizes to choose among: Standard (22 X 16 X 6 inches), Queen (28 X 16 X 6 inches) and King (33 X 16 X 6 inches).

What Buyers are Saying

It has hundreds of customer reviews, most of them positive. Most of the buyers wrote about the excellent support that the pillow offers without being incredibly firm. Side, stomach and back sleepers alike were all impressed with the gel foam and the memory foam core. Even individuals that suffer from neck stiffness and pain found the pillow capable of improving their sleep quality significantly.

One negative characteristic that has been mentioned several times is the shape and the size. This is not a standard pillow. As a result, it does not fit inside a standard case.


Even these people, however, gave the gel pillow a high rating because of its quality and the comfortable sleep that it ensures. Custom-made pillow cases or a little bit of adjustment on a standard item can be carried out to ensure a proper fit.

Final Verdict

The Cool Sleep brings together a number of innovative technologies. These turn the pillow in an excellent item for just about everyone.

Z Gel Infused Dough

The Z Gel Infused is an extremely unique pillow that features a gel DoughA memory formula.

This formulation results in the best thermal experience with a softer foam that is firm enough to support the natural curves of your shoulders, neck and head.

A Softer And More Superior Foam

They feature a DoughA memory foam, which has been molded and not cut like many of the other types of memory-foam pillow brands. This makes the pillow a lot more effective when it comes to conforming to your pressure and weight resulting in individualized comfort.

Offers Outstanding Temperature Regulation

The z-gel infused throughout this pillow, with coating of z-gel on one of the sides, draws the away heat effectively. It has been said that when sleeping on this side you can actually feel that heat is drawn away from your head.

Features And Specifications

  • The liquid z-gel featured in these pillows distributes the heat.
  • Each one comes with a bamboo-velour cover that can be removed so you can wash it.
  • These covers are described as luxurious and soft.
  • The dough-memory formula infused with Z-Gel offers a doughier feel.
  • This brand is backed by an impressive 5-year warranty.

What Customers Are Saying

It’s a fantastic gel pillow that will not lose its shape. To begin with, they may feel firm or almost hard, but as soon as you place your head on one your head sinks into the pillow within a few minutes, almost like lying on a cool cloud. Another standout feature is that the pillow offers great neck support and distributes your head weight evenly.

Even though most of the reviews are definitely positive about the pillow, one or two customers said that one negative aspect about the Z Gel Infused is that the chemical smell does last.


However, once it is inside the pillowcase the smell seems to completely disappear and the comfort experience of the pillow far outweighs this small issue.

It is the ideal choice for people who suffer from migraines, headaches or people that struggle to fall asleep. Aside from the new car smell odor that is easy to deal with by airing the pillow or putting it out in the sun it really is the ideal choice if you are looking for a cool pillow that offers you support throughout the night. In addition, you will really enjoy the bamboo-pillow cover that is extremely soft and luxurious.

SleepBetter Iso-Cool

You can’t go wrong by investing in a memory foam gel pillow intended to help you sleep.

The SleepBetter Iso-Cool pillow is a great starting point. Keep reading so that you can learn little bit more about this pillow.

Made With 100 % Cotton

One of the benefits of this gel pillow is that it is crafted with fine material. The pillow itself is 100% cotton, as is the pillow cover, which is also infused with microscopic technology that improves thermal conditions as you sleep.

Infused With Memory Foam Technology

It is built with the material that will give you a good night sleep, due in large part to the fact that it is created with memory foam technology. Rather than simply sleeping on gel pillows until they become worn out and hollow, the technology adjusts to your sleeping patterns to keep you in the position that feels most comfortable to you. This specific pillow is needed for side sleepers, so the plush memory foam is built to maximize comfort when sleeping in that position.

Features And Specifications

Consider the following important points regarding this pillow:

  • It absorbs heat and releases it, allowing it to “breathe”.
  • Made with 100 % cotton, inside and out.
  • Measurements of 16 X 22 X 2 inches.
  • Sold individually, or can be purchased in a 2-pack.
  • It features a weight of roughly 3.6 lbs.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers leave overwhelmingly positive reviews about this pillow. They enjoyed the blend of cotton material and state that the pillow gives them plenty of support as they rest.

As a potential negative, people who did not enjoy this pillow mainly say that others are more comfortable for back and stomach sleeping. Those who do not enjoy sleeping on their side may not like this pillow as much.

However, it is still a comfortable all-around gel pillow and may be a good stepping stone for someone who is trying to sleep on their side purposefully due to pregnancy, injury or other sleep issues.

Without a doubt, these points show exactly why this pillow is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to getting a quality, rejuvenative sleep.

This pillow is a wonderful buy, because it is crafted specifically for people who sleep on their side, is as comfortable as any pillow on the market and is made with high quality cotton-based materials. Buying this gel pillow means that you are taking your sleeping comfort into your own hands and giving yourself a much better shot at getting the sleep you need to wake up refreshed and energized.


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