What’s The Most Comfortable Futon Mattress For Sleeping?

Owning a good, suitable futon mattress will make sure you’ve got comfort and support waiting for you whenever you want to have that quick energy boost on your sweet spot. image of a person sleeping on futon mattressA lot of people tend to take a 15-30 minute nap every work day to refresh and restart for the rest of the day, mostly after work or a day at the gym.

In other cases, you’re going to be receiving guests or spending a quiet evening in front of the TV with your partner. In any of these cases, you want your futon to be equipped with a good futon pad.

Plenty of people overlook futon beds, thinking it’s irrelevant since they don’t sleep there or even spend that much time on it. Then there’s the situation where you want to buy a futon, but you dislike the mattress. If you’re buying one that’s going to last – your best bet is picking out the mattress on your own. Plenty of people tend to “go with the flow” and just accept the mattress that’s on the futon already.

In most cases, and no matter what quality or how expensive the futon is – you’re getting a low-quality mattress. This is not surprising, and this is why you see so many brands selling futons but rarely say a thing about the mattress. To be frank, you can’t really blame them. After all, these brands are selling high-quality futons – not futon pads. The mattress is there just because people expect one to be. This means that a lot of companies will put very little thought into the quality of the mattress that comes with the futon. This is the core reason why you need to inform yourself and therefore improve your shopping experience.

However, when you do decide to make your own decision, you’ll find yourself in a vast sea of buyer frustrations. Things like size, thickness, used materials – all factors you can go wrong with if you don’t take necessary precautions. This is why we’ve decided to write up this buying guide. We’re going to tell you exactly what to look for in a futon bed, what can you expect, and even recommend a dozen hand-picked futon pads for you to consider. Let’s start by covering the factors that should influence your buying decision when looking for a futon mattress.

How To Find the Perfect Futon Mattress

Here are a few of the most important factors you need to take into account when trying to pick out the perfect mattress for your futon.

What Size Do You Need? What Will Fit on Your Futon?

This one should be obvious, but I still wanted to include it here. It’s surprising how many people had to return their bedding products simply because they overlooked one extremely obvious thing – the size. Please don’t make the same mistake. Don’t just take one look at your futon and think you know what you need exactly. Take precise measurements and find a bed that’s going to be an exact, perfect fit. Futons come in Chair, Twin, Loveseat, Full and Queen sizes.

Soft or Firm – What Thickness do You Need?

image of a girl and a rabbit on a bedDepending on what kind of materials the futon is made out of – you may or may not have the chance to pick out the thickness yourself. A lot of bedding products do leave the thickness optional, but come pre-determined.

However, some foam and innerspring beds do let you take your pick. If this is the case, consider your needs and personal preferences carefully.

Do you want to sink in or do you want to stay firm on top? The foam will sink, while a spring-based construction will not. Try and figure out what would work best. This is a clear matter of personal preferences and needs, not one of overall quality. Maybe there’s another futon pad in your or friend’s house already. Try it out and see what you think while paying close attention to what happens once you sit on it or lie down.

Futon Bed Construction – Foam or Innerspring?

This one might be a bit tough to decide on if you don’t have previous experience. However, you can simply relate to the mattress in your bedroom. If it’s memory or poly foam, then you enjoy the fact it’s extra comfortable and also sink-in a little bit. If your current bed is an innerspring one, then you enjoy the fact it’s got that bouncy feeling. It’s also firmer in many cases as opposed to memory or polyfoam mattresses.

This heavily depends on what your situation is. Let me give you an example. You want a futon to sleep on. You don’t plan on using as a couch that much – you just want something you can sleep on when you need to. You’re also a stomach or back sleeper, and hate sleeping hot. In the example above, you’d want a firm innerspring bed. It would provide the support needed for sleeping on your back/stomach.

If you’re more of a side-sleeper, it would be better to go with memory foam, since it can contour to your pressure areas when sleeping on your sides such as your hips and shoulders. If you do decide to go with springs, try and find one that has individually wrapped springs. Individually wrapped springs can provide a lot better support for your body and also contour to your sleep posture more accurately. They also provide better motion isolation – in case you’re not sleeping alone.

We’ve hand-picked a few futon pads that are going to be featured below. In there, you’ll find all options, memory foam, poly foam, standard innerspring and individually wrapped spring-based mattresses. It’s a best-of-the-bunch list, so to speak.

Products We Recommend

Here’s a rundown of futon beds that I recommend. These have been picked based on the percentage of positive buyer feedback and our own objective opinion and experience.

DHP 8-Inch Heavy Duty Futon

image of DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil PremiumRight off that bat, we see a high-quality futon mattress. I don’t say high-quality lightly, trust me. I say this because this is not your average spring bed – it’s one with individually wrapped steel coils. Let me explain. Innerspring beds are usually liked for their bounce and firmness, but dislikes at the same time for lack of comfort and pressure relief attributes.

However, the springs in this bed are individually wrapped. This means that every coil in there will specifically and individually react to your body weight and position once you sit or lie down on it. This allows for better pressure relief, e.g., for your hips and shoulder, and therefore provide more comfort than standard innerspring mattresses. If you’re set on going with springs – this is your best bet.

After all the springs and coils futon beds that we’ve reviewed for this article – this one came on top every time. Furthermore, this mattress is covered with a combination of foam and polyester, meant as a nice, comfortable, sleek finish and round up for the coils inside. The company that sells these offers a 1-year warranty policy and guarantees repair of any defects, or replace any missing parts.

8“ Mozaic Memory Foam Futon Mattress

image of Mozaic 8-Inch Dual Memory FoamThis beautiful high-end futon mattress is an 8“ combination of gel foam and polyester. It’s a full sized bed, designed and manufactured in the US. There are eight different colors to pick from, so it should be easy for you to fit it inside any room in your home.

Now onto the main part. This is a memory foam futon mattress. I don’t know what you’re sleeping on in your bedroom, but if it’s a memory foam bed, then you know what this means. It means you’re going to experience comfort, unlike any other material. However, it also means you’re going to sink-in into the bed the moment you sit down or lie on it.

If you’re planning on sleeping on this mattress all the time, and you want to sleep on your back or stomach – this might not be the best fit for you. However, if you’re a side-sleeper, you should be perfectly fine. Memory foam is known for excellent pressure point relief, meaning that any hip or shoulder would really appreciate if you slept on a foam bed.

To summarize: This futon pad will look great as either a couch or a bed. If used solely as a couch – you’re going to have a nice and comfortable time sitting on this mattress. Similarly to other products, this one also carries a 1-year warranty policy, covering any manufacturer’s defects.

Serta Cypress Duct Futon Mattress

image of Serta Cypress Double Sided InnerspringRemember the 8“ DHP mattress we previously reviewed as the first product here? Well, as opposed to that bed, the Serta Cypress does not have the individually wrapped coils but is simply the average innerspring mattress.

Now, don’t take that information and run away, Cypress still has a lot of potential. In fact, it’s been constructed in three layers, totaling at 8“ altogether, and should provide years of both comfort and support.

It will also be a better fit for overweight people than any other futon pads we’ve reviewed here today. It’s also been lace tufted, and comes in 8 different colors, meaning that design is no issue. You’ll easily fit it into any room within your home. Being an innerspring mattress, I’ll have you remember that it’s not going to provide the same level of comfort as memory foam would. It’s also going to be firmer, and bouncier than a foam-based bed.

To summarize: This bed provides three layers, each with its own purpose; comfort, durability, and support. It’s quite affordable, provides more value than it’s priced at, and is moderately firm. On the downside, it’s also perhaps a bit too heavy so portability might be an issue, and there’s also that manufacturer’s smell when you first unpack it. Other than that, it should be a nice part of your home for at least 3 – 5 years.

EMOOR Traditional Japanese Tri-Fold Futon Mattress

image of EMOOR Japanese Traditional FutonIf you’ve been looking for authenticity in a futon – this is it. This one’s made by an actual Japanese company EMOOR. That being said, you might be confused. No, this is not your western-type futon that fits your couch. This is what a futon is, originally. It’s made as a thin folding mattress that finds its place on your floor, not on your bed nor your couch.

Now, don’t get me wrong. All I’m saying that it’s designed to be on your floor. That said, you’re more than welcome to slap it either on your couch or your bed. It’s going to serve as an extra layer of comfort and support either way. Anyways, this neat thing is made out of Hygroscopic cotton, as the outer fabric. It’s an advanced, more dense type of cotton. The insides are filled with anti-bacterial and anti-ticked materials. It’s also been deodorized and made to last up to 3 years.

The whole thing is 3“ thick, much less than other products reviewed here, but you should keep in mind that a lot of buyers still found this futon incredibly comfortable and “easy” to sleep on. You should also keep in mind that since it’s 3“ thick – it’s going to be quite firm. This means it’ll best serve you if you sleep on your back or on your stomach. Side-sleepers should probably skip this one.

Otis Haley Futon Bed

image of Otis Haley 110If you can afford it, the Otis Haley 110 is probably your best bet for a polyfoam futon pad here. If you want to go with a softer, more comfortable version of a mattress for your futon purposes – OtisBed will deliver. This bed caught my eye when I was comparing different brands to see which one to put into this review article.

This one stands out because it’s overstuffed. Overstuffed basically means that it’s going to be much denser than other 8“ futons. It’s actually advertised as containing 14“ of HD foam, but you deal with only an 8 inch thick mattress. It’s also dubbed medium firm. I would normally say it’s probably on the softer side, but since it’s overstuffed, I’m sure it’s a degree firmer than other foam beds.

This makes it an excellent combination of support (firmness) and comfort (foam). If you wanted comfort, but on a firmer side of things – I suggest you check out and seriously consider this mattress. It’s also made in the USA, and the manufacturer provides a whopping 10-year warranty policy. Ten years on the warranty is something we rarely see on a futon pad and tells us that the company is obviously very confident with this product – which is a good sign.

Looking through previous buyer feedback, most people say this mattress has it “just right” and that potential buyers won’t be disappointed. There is some negative feedback, too. People have said it’s too heavy and that it will start showing signs of sagging within a year. However, I believe it’s well worth it, considering the level of quality in this thing and the 10-year warranty policy.

Mainstays Metal Arm Futon With Mattress

image of Mainstays Metal Arm FutonThis is not a futon mattress. It’s a metal futon – with a mattress as a bonus. Remember when I said that most futons with mattresses included are not worth buying and that you should pick out your own bed? While I still stand firmly behind that statement, I wanted to include this little option just in case you still don’t want the hassle of picking out your own pad. If that is the case, then I’d have you consider the Mainstays.

This futon sits 10“ off the floor, so it’s a low sitting frame, and as you can see – it has a pretty economical design. Mainstays will go from couch to bed in an instant, and the included 6“ mattress is made out of a cotton/polyester core. Nothing special, indeed – should be “good enough” for occasional sitting and sleeping on.

The manufacturer claims the futon itself is easily assembled by anyone, even though they do offer the expert assembly service for free. If you decide to get this product, keep in mind that it requires two people to carry, especially if you’re on a higher floor. It’s also got a 350 lbs weight limit.


Before I leave you off with what I think is the best futon mattress here, let me remind you of a few key points to keep in mind. Remember, you need to think about the size of where you want to fit the bed. Take precise measurements and make sure you won’t have to return it because it’s 10“ too short or too long. Consider the construction you want and probable use.

For example, if you’ll be sleeping on this thing a lot, and you’re a side-sleeper, your best bet is a foam mattress. Foam might also be your best bet if you plan on using it as a couch in most occasions. It’ll be more comfortable to sit in and relax if it’s foam. Innerspring beds are good if you’re going to sleep on your back or stomach on it.

Personally, and objectively (based on buyer ratings and feedback) – I’d recommend you take a close look at the EMOOR Traditional Japanese Futon Mattress. This is an authentic futon pad. Made by Japanese craftsmen, it’s what a futon is supposed to be.

Even though this is best used for sleeping on the floor, you can still benefit from it by putting it on top of your existing bed. This mattress is anti-bacterial, anti-ticked, deodorized and uses 100% Hygroscopic cotton.

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