Our 6 Best Cooling Mattress (Bed) Pads Of 2017

Overheating is one of the most common reasons for a poor night’s sleep. Uncomfortable temperatures can be an issue with any material, but are often more noticeable when sleeping on foam. This is a shame, as memory foam is one of the most comfortable materials. To your search easier, we’ve hand-selected our 6 best cooling mattress toppers available in 2017.

If you're in a hurry, check out ISOLUS 2.5" Ventilated Gel pad — we've found its cooling properties the best among competitors.

It can be difficult to find toppers that are designed to provide a cool night’s sleep. Manufacturers often label a topper as “cooling” – but in many cases these don’t make a noticeable difference to your temperature. Other products may provide greater airflow, but aren’t clearly labeled as cooling toppers.

Aside from increased airflow, it’s essential to find a bed cooling system that meets your sleeping requirements. This means finding the right thickness, density and material type.

The wide range of toppers and pads can make it hard to choose the best option. To make your decision easier, we’ve reviewed the top six rated cooling mattress pad systems available in 2017.

Comparison Table

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Advantages of Owning One

Cooling Material

Whether you live in a warm climate, or have a dense memory foam mattress that doesn’t provide much airflow, a cooling mattress topper can be an effective solution to overheating (you will feel much cooler in your bed). Many people experience greatly improved sleep quality when using a cooling topper (bed) system.


Inexpensive Alternative to a New Mattress

If your mattress doesn’t provide enough support or is too hard, adding an extra layer of comfort can make a huge difference. A topper is also a great way to extend the life of an old mattress.

Reduced Pressure Points

Cheap or worn mattresses often don’t spread your body weight evenly. This means certain parts of the body experience more pressure during the night. If you sleep on your side, your shoulders and hips may ache in the morning due to this increased pressure. A high-quality topper – especially if it is made out of memory foam or latex – can spread the weight of your body evenly.

How to Choose a Cooling Mattress Pad/Topper


The primary consideration when choosing a cooling bed topper is the material. Gel-infused memory foam is one of the best options for reduced temperatures. The cooling gel pad helps to control the temperature and prevent overheating. Open cell foam is also an excellent option as it allows for greater airflow. Latex toppers are usually less likely to cause overheating than other types of foam.

If latex sounds like a material you might like then you should read our buyer's guide to latex pillows.

ISOLUS 2.5 Inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam

Aside from foam options, down feather toppers can also be a good choice. They are often more expensive, but provide a soft and comfortable sleeping surface. Down feathers also regulate temperatures better than other materials.

It’s not just the type of material that’s important though. The design of the topper also affects its cooling properties. Ventilated memory foam, for example, includes channels to increase airflow. This helps to dissipate heat faster.


The density of a topper can affect both the cooling properties and comfort. Denser materials, such as high-density memory foam, don’t sink as much. This makes the topper less soft but also means it provides more support. Denser products tend to retain more heat, although a ventilated design can offset the lack of airflow. Generally speaking though, low density pads will make your bed feel cooler as you sleep.


Look for a high-quality, soft cover – preferably made from 100% cotton. A poor quality product can ruin the feel of an otherwise comfortable product.

The cover can also affect the coolness of the bed cooling system. Some are made with material that helps to maintain a consistent body temperature all night long. The Iso Cool Memory Foam Mattress Pad, which is listed below, is an example of a product that comes with one. Poor quality options can reduce airflow and increase temperatures.


Other Considerations

Sleeping position

You should choose a thickness and density that matches your sleeping position. Side sleepers should choose a thicker and softer product. Stomach sleepers usually find a thinner product more comfortable, to prevent the neck being placed in an unnatural position.


Most toppers come with a 3-5 year warranty. Make sure you check whether permanent indentations are protected, as this is the most common reason a cooling bed pad needs to be replaced.

Top 3 Cooling Mattress Pad Reviews

1. ISOLUS 2.5 Inch Ventilated Gel - best cooling system

The ISOLUS 2.5” gel pad is made from memory foam. This encourages increased airflow and keeps you cool throughout the night. Other features include a removable bamboo cover, which is designed to be extra-soft, and a three-year warranty. The product is also Certipur certified which guarantees that it is built with safe materials.

Reviewers have been impressed with the quality and cooling properties. Many have mentioned how it's been a lifesaver during the hot summer months.

The main downside to this product is that it’s relatively thin. The 2.5-inch thickness means that it doesn’t provide the comfort of more expensive options. If you want a topper that provides greater support while keeping you cool, it’s an excellent choice.

2. SPA Luxury Cool Touch Bamboo Top - best value

The SPA Luxury Cool Touch is built with a bamboo fabric blend. This provides a cool sleeping surface for a better night’s sleep. The cooling properties of the pad are enhanced by the smooth quilted fabric, which absorbs heat and allows it to dissipate throughout the night.

Aside from providing a cool surface, the product is a comfortable bed pad that can make a big difference to the softness of your bed. Many reviewers mention that it is soft to sleep on and helps prevent overheating.

Unlike many other cooling bed pads, the SPA Luxury Cool Touch is not made out of memory foam. This means it doesn’t provide the contouring support of foam products, but is still an exceptionally comfortable product.​

Most reviewers write that it’s a great addition due to its cooling properties and comfort. It may not be the best bed cooler if you have a hard spring mattress though – in this case a thicker and more comfortable pad might be a better option.

3. Iso Cool with Outlast Cover

The Iso Cool Memory Foam Mattress Pad is a premium product that provides an exceptionally comfortable night’s sleep. It’s made with three inches of memory foam that can greatly increase the comfort of almost any mattress.

It also has a high-quality 100% cotton cover that includes “Outlast Adaptive Comfort Material.” If you often overheat at night, this material can balance your body temperature and make sure you sleep soundly.

The Iso Cool is more expensive than other bed cooling systems. If you’re looking for a budget cooling pad for your bed, the other two products on this list are cheaper and can still prevent overheating. If you’re searching for a high-quality option that’s both comfortable and cool, the Iso Cool is one of the best options.


If you regularly find yourself waking up with hot flashes or night sweats, a cooling mattress pad can make a big difference to your sleep quality. The increased airflow around your body can keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Mattress pads (also known as bed toppers) can also improve the comfort of your bed and help to reduce joint pain.

When choosing a cooling mattress topper, make sure you know which material it is made from. The material doesn’t just affect the airflow – it also makes a difference to the comfort, support and feel of a topper. It’s important to find a product that provides a comfortable sleep in every respect – not just one that prevents overheating.

If you'd like to check out more topper options, we recommend reading buyer's guide dedicated to reviewing memory foam mattress pads.

Our top rated cooling mattress pad is the ISOLUS 2.5 Inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam. It’s an cooling system that’s both comfortable and made with ventilated gel-infused foam for greater airflow. Buyers have highly rated the product and find it comfortable and cool to sleep on. If you’re having difficulty choosing a cooling pad or topper, you can’t go wrong with the ISOLUS 2.5”.

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