The 5 Best Air Mattresses For Camping

Are you looking for the best rated air mattress for camping? If your answer is yes then you’ve come to the right place. Our camping air bed guide breaks down latest models for 2017 (luxury blow up mattress).

An camping air bed is considered to be a fun item. You can look at just about any child who is awe struck while looking on as a flat piece of plastic inflates into a movable ( travel air mattress) and comfortable bed.

However, not all camping air beds have been created equal, so when it comes to choosing a temporary mattress (alpine air mattress have good feedback) , keeping your specific requirements in mind is not a bad thing.

Today there are various specs and types that you need to consider.

Nothing compares to a great mattress in order to get a good night’s rest while camping. However, there are many important considerations that you should note before you part with your hard earned cash.

If you are using your car to get to the campsite you may be interested in a king or double sized (ideal for couples) camping air mattress (best queen air mat for camping are also available in the market) because portability and weight will not be an issue. But for hiking and backpacking trips you should be looking at lightweight camping air beds, commonly known as sleeping pads. These are made from air types or foam variations (raised air mattress) and are in most cases self-inflating and compact.

The available space, price, the mattress size (small or full), durability, purpose, portability, special features, duration-of-use and ease-of-use are regarded as the top factors to keep in mind before you buy an air mattress for camping. It is therefore difficult to find the right mattress. In this buyers guide for the top rated air mattress for camping you will find the pros and the cons on the different types, models and brands to assist you in making the better and right choice.

Are you looking to see more than just camping air bed options? If so, we recommend reading our top air mattress picks.

Comparison Table

Choosing The Right Camping Air Bed

When it comes to camping, an air mattress is believed to be the most comfortable choice. They are said to be designed in such as way that they can come close to the bed you sleep in at home. Companies therefore have challenges to produce better and good quality air mattresses (hinterland air bed is also a good choice) that provide this type of comfort.

Pumping Up The Mattress

When purchasing any inflatable camping air bed, you typically have the choice to manual pumping with a foot pump or to use an electric pump. An electric pump is obviously the most convenient option but can significantly increase the overall cost as you will have to purchase the pump separately. When camping you will require an “electric hook up” or your car will need to be close enough to your tent when the access into the tent is limited.

Rechargeable pumps are considered a more viable option as most campgrounds feature electricity points which will allow you to recharge when you need it.

The manual pumps can either be a hand or foot pump that fits into the mattress and requires a lot of effort in order to inflate the mattress fully. These pump types are in no way fun, especially after having to pitch your tent. However, they are an affordable option and do not require any power in order to operate.

Read how you can patch a hole in your air mattress to prevent air from leaking.


Any Disadvantages?

The disadvantage to many camping blow-up mattresses is that they slightly deflate during the night (read why this happens). If there are air leaks or a puncture in the mattress, this can cause the entire mattress to deflate completely. When it comes to consumer review sites, typically the average is 50/50 in regards to the performance of these air types. In some reviews consumers state they experienced no deflating issues, while others state that the mattress they invested in was completely flat in the morning.

Making sure you follow the instructions from the manufacturer when inflating the mattress is highly advisable. Also ensure that you buy from a retailer that is trusted and one who offers a guaranteed return policy.


There are a number of camping air bed sizes to choose from (full size air mattress). These include single, twin, double and even king size.

It is also important to consider that if you happen to struggle getting up when you are closer to the ground, there are air mattresses that are equivalent to 2 mattresses to offer you the height that you need.

Best Brands

  • Intex Air Mattress
  • Aero Bed
  • Wenzel
  • Coleman

There are other popular names that are known for selling camping gear that also sell high-quality air mattresses, but these come with limited reviews when it comes to performance. There are also much cheaper options available, but you should be warned that you may wake up in the morning with a deflated bed.

Tips For Your Camping Air Bed

One of the more annoying aspects of owning an air mattress is the attempts you need to make to keep it filled with air. Even high quality mattresses are prone to deflating with frequent usage and time. Here are few things to do to make sure your mattress stays inflated whenever you use it:

  • Avoid over-inflating the mattress. It may seem tempting to make sure the mattress is extremely firm, but over-inflation can result in leaks and rips.
  • When using your camping air bed for the first time, only fill it up to around 90% capacity. Wait for around 3 hours and then deflate it. Now repeat the process. After waiting an additional 3 hours you can now inflate the bed to capacity. The reason for this technique is that you want to ensure that the plastic is used to this expansion before you actually place your weight on the mattress.
  • An air mattress serves the function of a sleeping area and should not be used for play. Avoid jumping or wrestling on the mattress.

Our Camping Air Mattress Reviews

SoundAsleep Dream Series

A person looking for a new and nice air mattress will have a number of requirements heading into the process, but quality will always be important. This is why the name SoundAsleep Dream Series (a high-end) tends to come up and will be looked at in this review.

Click Pump

This is their patented technology and the main reason why SoundAsleep Dream Series has a spot among the best. The 1-click pump is designed to make pumping air into the mattress easy as it will be done in seconds.

It is unique because it doesn’t prolong this process. Whether a person is inflating or deflating (compact mattress) their mattress, it’ll do a good job for them and remain steady. This is critical for those who don’t want to waste time on this tedious job.

ComfortCoil Technology

The next feature that’s brought up would be their “ComfortCoil” technology, which is designed to enhance one’s experience with the mattress. With 40 internal coils, the body can rest without distress. The joints are well taken care of, and the body can snuggle into the air mattress without taking a beating. This is key for those who are picky sleepers and want a balanced approach to where they lie down.

Features And Specifications

  • Comes With Extra Thick Waterproof Top For Protection And Comfort
  • Uses ComfortCoil Technology For Durability
  • Includes Patented 1-Click Pump For Inflation/Deflation
  • Provides 1-Year Warranty On Air Bed

What Customers Are Saying

Customers enjoy the thick top because it does well outdoors and are easy to wash. This is important for those who are regular campers that use their mattress often. Instead of something that’s flimsy, this does a good job and remains consistent. A person can feel confident about using this when sleeping outdoors.

Customers have also noted the SoundAsleep Dream takes time to “heat up.” In essence, this means the air inside your air mattress won’t be as warm as desired. This can be troubling when it is cold outside. However, this feeling doesn’t last for long, and after a while, it warms up.

Concluding Thoughts

This is one of those world-class air mattresses where you can’t go wrong taking it along on a nice camping trip. It will do a great job and feel tremendous when you lie down at the end of an exhausting day (air mattress for back pain).

Lightspeed Outdoors

For people who are looking to eliminate excess from their camping haul, it’s time to find a solution. The Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Person Air Bed comes up as a viable air mattress because of this reason.

Does it do more than just provide a lot of space for you? This review will assess the ins and outs of the Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Person.

Patented Stabilizer System

It starts with the stabilizer system. This is critical for customers wanting something that’s customizable when taken out of the box. Camping trips can vary when it comes to conditions, weather, and the setting itself. This is where adjustable firmness plays a role and is magical for one’s body. The Lightspeed Outdoors provides this robust air bed so a person can sleep in comfort.

PVC-Free Fabric

The comfort of this air bed doesn’t come into question because of the fabric it’s made from. It uses a PVC-Free fabric that’s comfortable to lie down on. It feels smooth, and because the fabric is abrasion-resistant, it is strong and durable at all times too. This is critical for camping trips as you don’t want having to replace the mattress often.

The fabric also ensures that the temperature remains stable regardless of external conditions. The air itself will remain consistent, and that enables a person to sleep easily at night.

Features And Specifications

  • Provides Adjustable Firmness With Use Of Patented Stabilizer System
  • Offers Easy Inflation/Deflation With Battery Operated Pump
  • Offers PVC-Free Fabric For Comfortable Sleep
  • Uses TPU Material Construction For Durability
  • Designed To Remain Abrasion Resistant At All Times

What Customers Are Saying

Customers state this is one of the most spacious mattresses they’ve ever slept on and that is key when you’re outdoors. Too many people end up with something that is uncomfortable, but customers have been delighted with this mattress and how it looks.

Moving onto the negatives, there is one sticking point with the Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Person Air Bed, and it involves the valve for pumping. If you’re not careful, air can start to leak, which prolongs this part of the process. It is not a major issue, but one you will want to look out for it while inflating the air mattress. As a whole, this is a great air bed to recommend due to what customers have to say.

Concluding Thoughts

Does this deserve a spot among the best air mattresses for camping? Yes, it is one of those high-grade options that will always remain in your mind while sifting through various options. It’s spacious, easy to use, and a fun option to have in your collection.

AeroBed Comfort Anywhere

AeroBed fits the bill when you are looking for a brand with some consumer trust and recognition (best camp beds for adults).

However, this review will lay out some key principles related to this air mattress, so that you can figure out for yourself whether you think it is worth your money or not.

It Is Durable And Solidly Built

Durability is an area in which this air mattress truly shines. It is heavily built with quality materials. It weighs approximately 30 pounds and is built with rings and edges that preserve the material, while still giving people a good night’s sleep.

The Mattress Is Portable And Puncture Resistant

Since air mattresses are often moved around, you will be glad to know that this one is easy to transport. It comes equipped with a storage bag that allows you to easily deflate the mattress and carry it. It comes with a built-in pump, so you do not need to worry about tedious processes when you are trying to go to sleep. The ability to quickly inflate and deflate the mattress adds to its portability. Further, you can feel comfortable using this air mattress on any surface, because the bottom is incredibly puncture resistant.

Features And Specifications

  • The size of the air mattress measures at 22.1 inches x 9.4 inches x 14.6 inches.
  • The weight is 29.9 lbs.
  • It comes equipped with an AC pump that is built into the air mattress, so that you can inflate it very quickly.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased this air mattress appear to enjoy it. They leave positive reviews and ratings around the web about the air mattress’ durability and the fact that they end up having an excellent rest due to the comfort. They enjoy that they get a quality product at a reasonable price.

Some people who don’t like the mattress wish that it was larger, or that it sits higher off of the ground. However, people of any shape can quite easily get some good rest with this mattress. It is so versatile and will serve you well if you decide to purchase it.

Coleman Airbed Cot

For camping, you want to take a look at the brand Coleman because it has established itself as a manufacturer that understands what customers want. With the Coleman Airbed Cot, you are looking at a new option that has been making waves on the market.

Great In All Conditions

The primary feature would be its fabric. The Coleman Airbed Cot is designed to remain stable in all conditions whether you are indoors or outdoors. This is what makes it such a good option to look at for camping. How many other beds can do this?

For those who want something great, it’s best to look at this in the long term. The fabric can stave off any pressure that’s put on it to ensure the sleeping experience is consistent for users. Camping can take place in various weather conditions, and this will do fine regardless of the temperature outside.

Good Support

With the elevated sleeping support, you’re getting something robust and comfortable. The body can start to take a beating when sleeping at odd angles and it doesn’t have to, as long as this mattress is underneath.

The Coleman is designed to have this “elevated” support to make sure the body relaxes while resting. This is where Coleman has spent a lot of time doing its research to see what works well in such situations while camping.

Features And Specifications

  • Offers Durable Steel Frame For Stability (600 lbs)
  • Provides Two Side Tables With Cup Holders For Drinks
  • Designed For Versatility To Sleep In All Conditions
  • Provides Elevated Sleeping Support
  • Includes 4D Battery Pump To Inflate/Deflate

What Customers Are Saying

Customers point towards its comfort as being a plus point because it feels good to lie on. It’s one thing for a camping bed to perform well indoors in controlled conditions and another to do well outside. The Coleman Airbed Cot is suitable because it can handle itself in all conditions outdoors.

As for the negatives, customers point towards the pump nozzle as being a tad large, so it takes time to grab it while pumping. This is something you will get used to, and it is not a daily inconvenience, but it is one you’re going to notice immediately.

Concluding Thoughts

For camping, the goal is to find something secure and easy to use, which is what you’re getting with the Coleman. You will rest well at night when it comes to this cot, and that’s what matters. This is a robust air mattress and one you can trust in all situations – regardless of where you are or how it feels outside. This is a well-constructed air mattress and, due to its competitive price point, you’re left with an ideal solution.

Stansport Self Inflating

If you enjoy fishing trips, hunting or camping like my family does, you will most probably really enjoy having an air mattress to sleep on.

The Stansport Self Inflating is one of those products that you will end up wondering how you did without it.

Since we love the outdoors, I have spent time conducting research on self-inflating air beds. One of the brands that really interested me is the Stansport Self Inflating Air Mattress. Here is the information I have found.


Many other types of sleeping pads commonly used for camping purposes such as air beds and foam beds are typically heavy and bulky. However, it is an outstanding alternative that weighs a mere 1.5 pounds with the included inflation mechanism.

Easy to Roll Up

Not like other types of self-inflating mattresses, the Stansport will not self-deflate. Even though you have to manually deflate the mattress it is a simple task as the mattress is so thin and narrow. The air escapes as you roll up the mattress and it then fits easily into the mesh carrying-bag.

Features And Specifications

  • These self-inflating air mattresses are constructed out of a premium high-density “open cell” foam which have been fully-bonded onto the fabric outer surface
  • The 1500 Oxford strong and heavy duty nylon shell is what holds the bag in a secure way onto the pad. This product has been designed in such a way that it will offer a number of years of rough and rugged use in just about any type of outdoor environment
  • The inflation mechanism only requires a twist of the nozzle and the entire process takes about 2 minutes to inflate

What Customers Are Saying

One of the main stand out features about the Stansport is that it is an affordable and inexpensive option that offers a comfortable and sturdy sleeping surface (best blow up bed for guests or temporary mattress). These mattresses also feature a nonslip surface which means you won’t slide around on the bed when sleeping in a polyester or nylon sleeping bag.

Out of the very few negative reviews and ratings, one customer did mention that the mesh carrying bag is a bit on the heavy side and that the mesh could easily become damaged if it had to touch sandstone, concrete or granite. However, the actual bed is regarded as a great buy for most consumers in search of an easy and light sleeping surface while camping, hiking or spending time outdoors.

From the information I have gathered I can definitely recommend the Stansport Self Inflating Air Mattress for any outdoor enthusiast.

The Stansport is strong and durable and lightweight sleeping pad must have for camping or outdoor trips. While this product can also be used indoors it is not recommended for daily use as it is thin and will not offer the right support required for a good night’s rest. However, for outdoor use this is really a fantastic and convenient product.


Buying your camping air bed should not be a spur of the moment purchase, but rather one that you have invested the necessary thought and research into. There are various types and even more brands and the best way to decide which is best for your needs is to make comparisons and conduct your own research by reading up on consumers reviews and ratings.

While the purchase of an camping air mattress is a great choice for those who love the outdoors it could also be the wrong choice if you had a particular purpose in mind. For this reason take the time to find out what you are looking from in a camping air mattress.

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