What's The Best Air Mattress In 2017

In this article, we review the best air mattress beds for 2017. If you need a mattress that can easily be stored when not in use, an air mattresses are a great choice. The best products can be inflated in less than five minutes – making them highly convenient.

Air mattresses aren’t just for temporary sleeping arrangements though. Some of the highest quality products are designed for continuous usage. While they occasionally need to be pumped up, they can provide a comfortable night’s sleep to rival foam or spring alternatives.

Unfortunately, there are a number of low-quality air beds on the market. These are made with thin material that’s uncomfortable to sleep on and can be punctured easily. Low-quality types also often have weak valves that leak quickly. If you’ve ever gone to sleep on a fully-inflated air mattress – only to wake up with your back on the floor – you know how frustrating it can be!


Before buying an air mattress there are a number of questions you need to answer. Is it going to be used as a permanent bed? Or is it only required for the occasional guest? Is the mattress mainly going to be used by children or adults? And how much are you willing to spend?

After reviewing all the top best air mattress available, we’ve selected our top 7 picks in the comparison table below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect model for your needs.

Comparison Table

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Our Air Mattress Buyer's Guide


The amount of support you’re getting while lying down matters and it’s important to look into this. How does the mattress feel once it’s under the body? Will it cushion the body or remain firm? A good air bed provides tremendous control because the air being pumped in is under your control. Make sure you consider support before purchasing a good mattress.

If there is no support, you will realize the option isn’t sufficient nor is it worth your time. Sleeping is about comfort and support, which a great blow up mattress has to deliver. This article helps you choose the best air mattress ever.

Material Thickness

The thickness affects how comfortable it is. There are two main categories: raised or low-profile. The best choice depends on your requirements.

Thicker models are typically considered the most comfortable air mattress (hinterland air mattress is available in the market) – especially for adults. They feel much more like a regular mattress than thinner alternatives. The downside is that it is higher, so it can be a shock if you roll off in the night!


Low-profile models are often the better option for children. A child is more likely to roll off the bed, so a lower mattress can provide a more comfortable landing. Children are also lighter, so may not need as much cushioning to be comfortable.

Ease Of Setup

The next requirement is the inflation/deflation process. Unlike a regular mattress, you can’t toss this on the ground and leave it there forever. You will notice the air has to be pumped on a regular basis, which can be frustrating if you choose the wrong option.

A good quality air bed (serta air mattress is also a good product) will hold air for longer periods without tearing or puncturing and will only take a few seconds to pump up. If the air mattress takes too long to inflate, you’ll never want to sleep on it, and that’s why getting the right brand is a must. It is the only way you’ll feel content.

Also, you should consider how easy it is to fix your air mattress if it were to start leaking air.

Rate of Deflation

Gradual deflation is an unfortunate attribute of nearly all air mattresses (read why it happens). Even so, it’s important to choose one that deflates slowly – especially if it is for long-term use rather than the occasional night.


The highest quality air mattresses (Intex Deluxe air mattress is also a great choice) usually deflate slowly and only need to be refilled once every week or two. Lower quality styles can deflate much faster – sometimes overnight for the worst products. If you want to use an air bed for more than a few nights at a time, you should be prepared to spend more on a higher quality product.


How long is the warranty? Don’t go with something where the warranty is for a few months only. It should be extensive as there are various parts involved with a high-end air mattress, which you won’t want to pay for replacing each part separately. Look to go through a reputable brand, so you’re not worrying about this all the time.

If you do use a lower brand, you’re looking at major issues that could arise, and it’s often not worth it financially or mentally. Pay attention to the brand’s warranty policies before diving in and getting a new air mattress. It’s a must.

Storage Requirements

Imagine deflating an air mattress and then realizing it takes up a lot of space to store. This is a waste of space, and you won’t enjoy traveling with it (you can purchase portable air mattresses in the market). Plus, you don’t want to damage it by stuffing it into a tight spot. Make sure you go with a simple and nice blow up mattress that can be stored easily.


This is where taking a look at its dimensions (pre-inflation) will matter. It shouldn’t take up a lot of space as that is going to become a headache for those who are always on the move.


The last requirement is cost-efficiency. You want something that’s easy on the wallet because air beds are regarded as being the affordable option. They are versatile, easy to use, and affordable.

Make sure you are comparing options and then sizing them up based on these requirements. If the price point is too high, you have to weigh whether this is worth it or not. A good air mattress isn’t going to swindle you for money and is going to fit snugly into your overall budget as desired.

Other Considerations

  • Pump type. Some of the more expensive brands come with a built-in pump. If you’re on a budget, an external pump is cheaper.
  • Pump power. The more powerful the pump, the faster it will inflate and deflate. If you want to be able to setup your mattress quickly, choose an option with a powerful pump.
  • Soft topper. If you want a more comfortable experience, some come with a soft topper. You can also buy toppers separately. Many people enjoy the feel of memory foam toppers as these make it feel like a normal bed.
  • Continuous pumps. Some have an automatic pump that quietly maintains air pressure throughout the night. These are usually only available on more expensive mattresses.
  • Camping & Outdoor use. While many people will end up using their air bed indoors, some folks might be looking for a camping air mattress. If that's you then you'll want to read our camping air mattress guide.

Benefits of an Air Bed


The durability of an air bed is unbeatable and one of the reasons people enjoy making this purchase. You’re able to get multiple years of quality usage out of the air mattress.

As long as the right purchase is made, you’re never going to worry about its sturdiness. Plus, the warranty will protect you.

Provides Cushioning For Body

A blow up mattress is designed to cushion the body because it’ll feel like you’re floating on air. This is different to springs, which can start to hurt one’s body. Instead of going with a spring model, it’s smarter to look at the comfort provided by a nice air mattress.



It will easily fit into your budget, and that does matter to people. You want a good quality mattress, but you want it at a good rate too. This is only possible with a world-class air mattress because it’s designed to remain budget-friendly at all times.


Easy To Move

Let’s assume you’re moving the air mattress from one place to another. Once it is deflated, it should be easy to move. It takes a few people to move a regular mattress, and that’s not the case with an air mattress.

Customized Firmness

The charm of an air beds starts to become apparent when it’s customized to fit your needs. Let’s suppose a couple is sleeping on the bed. If the husband wants something firm and the wife prefers a softer mattress, this can be adjusted based on how the air mattress is inflated. It can lead to remarkable results.


Top-grade air mattresses are designed to remain odor-free at all times. This makes them comfortable to sleep on, and it won’t bother you at night. This is especially important in warmer conditions.


Top 10 - Air Bed Reviews

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series

The SoundAsleep Dream Series is one of the most comfortable raised air mattresses on the market. It’s designed with a number of advanced features, including 40 coils for extra support. Unlike lower-quality types, the Dream Series stays flat and inflated all night. Other features include a simple internal pump and multiple layers of puncture-proof material.

Reviewers love the SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress. Most of them say that it’s a sturdy model that’s easy to inflate. Other positive comments from reviewers include that the mattress exceeded their comfort expectations and that it remained inflated and firm throughout the night.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Dream Series is made from PVC. This means that it will naturally stretch a small amount during the first few nights. If you buy the Dream Series and notice that it starts to deflate after one or two uses, this is likely to be due to stretching rather than an air leak.

2. SimpleSleeper SS-89Q Premium Ultra Tough

The SimpleSleeper SS-89Q is designed for both comfort and durability. It is made using extra-strong breathable PVC that keeps you cool throughout the night. It is also constructed with three layers to guard against punctures. The SS-89Q can be fully inflated using the built-in pump in less than three minutes.

Majority of the reviewers say that it is perfect for everyday use and that it is easy to inflate and feels durable.

Many people describe that the SS-89Q is the best rated blow up mattress they have purchased and that it is much more comfortable than other air beds.

Several reviewers write that they have used the SS-89Q for over a year without major problems with deflation. It seems that as long as you top up the mattress once per week, it remains firm and comfortable (it is for long term use). Some of them notice that even their children regularly bounce on the mattress, it hasn’t developed any leaks.

The SimpleSleeper SS-89Q is a comfy air bed, but it can’t match the comfort of traditional beds. For this reason, many reviewers recommend buying an additional padded mattress cover if you plan on using it every night. This adds to the price, but provides a level of comfort similar to a spring or foam mattress.

3. Serta Raised w/ Never Flat Pump

If you want a mattress that is guaranteed to stay inflated all night, the Serta Raised Air Mattress is the perfect choice.

It is built with the company’s neverFLAT pump system which silently and continuously makes sure that the bed is inflated. The pump can also inflate or deflate the bed in less than four minutes.

Aside from the neverFLAT pump, it has 25 internal coils for a more supportive sleeping surface. The top of the mattress is made with a soft material for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The Serta Raised air bed is a popular product that has received great reviews and ratings from buyers. Many buyers have said that the mattress is quick to inflate and also that it’s a comfy air bed that seems to prevent them from waking up with back pain.

There don’t appear to be many problems with the Serta Raised Air Mattress. A few of the reviewers say that it has a larger outer ridge than others. If you usually sleep close to the edge of a bed, this could be uncomfortable. For most people, this isn’t an issue and the mattress is one of the most comfortable on the market at the moment.

4. SoundAsleep Dream Series

Whenever you are in need of a good night’s sleep while camping, on the go or in any other circumstance, you will want to be sure that you have a top notch air mattress that you can use.

This is also important if you are having company over and want them to enjoy a good night’s sleep. To this end, purchasing the Sound Asleep brand of air mattress will be a useful endeavor that you will appreciate.

To learn more about why this air mattress is worth your time and money, please read on.

The Air Mattress Comes With Highly Sophisticated Comfort Coil Technology

When you are purchasing an air mattress, you need to do business with a manufacturer who specializes in increasing comfort and quality of sleep. In terms of this air mattress, you will be able to count on just that, due to the fact that it features comfort wheel technology. This technology consists of expertly crafted airport wheels, which will provide support for your body and all the durability that you need to sleep soundly.

It Features A Highly Effective, Easy To Use 1-Click Air Pump

The beauty of this air mattress is that it is very easy to inflate. Technology has evolved, so you do not need to worry about having to lug around heavy duty pumps that can be difficult to use. Instead, this particular model of air mattress is built in and takes a simple click to inflate to the fullest. This increases the amount of effectiveness that you have with the air mattress and make sure that when you are ready to get a good night sleep, you can do so simply and quickly and without much hassle.

Features And Specifications

  • The mattress is built with 40 uniquely designed air coils
  • The pump is built-in and only requires a single click for it to get to work
  • It feature dimensions of 78 inches x 58 inches x 19 inches
  • The bed will not slide during the night

What Customers Are Saying

People purchase this mattress for the coils and overall durability. They love the fact that it is comfortable and supports their back and neck while asleep.

Some people wish that the mattress was bigger, as it is a queen instead of a king-size or full sized air mattress.

However, the queen size is excellent for most people no matter the of height and weight.

Simply put, this Sound Asleep series air mattress is one of the best on the market as it provides great value and will help you get the rest that you need and deserve.

This air mattress is built with supreme quality and excellent material that and will help you to get the most out of the 8 hours of sleep that you need every night.

5. Serta Raised Air Mattress

The Serta Raised Air Mattress is a unique air bed that easily maintains constant pressure while you sleep with the Never Flat technology. This seemed like an ideal product for my home as my kids often have friends over.

Our old air bed mattress is an uncomfortable mattress that would often leave you feeling tired and full of aches and pains when you wake up in the morning. Therefore I decided it was the right time to shop for a better air bed. Out of all the air beds I researched, the Serta Raised Air Mattress showed up impressive results that I would like to share with you.

Choose Your Own Comfort Level

One of the stand out features about the Serta Raised Air Mattress is that you are able to select a comfort level that you prefer. The three settings include Firm, Medium or Plush. Once you have chosen your desired setting you can simply sit back and let the Primary Pump inflate the bed.

Two Powerful Pumps

These air beds feature two pumps. The first pump deflates and inflates the air bed. Once the bed is inflated to the desired comfort level the secondary pump senses and monitors when the air bed needs more air.

Features And Specifications

These airbeds feature 2 pumps. The never flat patented pump operates silently in making sure the bed stays inflated while you sleep.

The auto-shutoff features in the main pump turns off the pump-system when the bed has been deflated or when the bed is fully inflated.

Circular coils offer a level and supportive sleeping surface along with the strong flocked-top that adds to a more comfortable sleeping surface. This flock-top also makes sure that the sheets remain in place.

The air bed is constructed out of superior materials, which is water and puncture resistant to extend the lifespan of the bed.

The raised height offers a far more comfortable way to get up or into your bed and this product comes with a carry-bag so that you can store the bed away or travel with it.

What Customers Are Saying

The main feature about the Serta Raised Air Mattress is the Never Flat pump system that offers a way for air beds to stay inflated as it is a common issue with standard air beds. In addition, positive comments about the product also include that the bed is easy to set up and the main pump inflates the bed within a few short minutes.

Unfortunately the Serta Raised Air Mattress also received a few negative reviews. One customer mentioned that the plastic seam featured on the top part of the controls ripped the 6th time they used the mattress.

However, other customers have gone on to say that any problems they experienced with the mattress they were able to obtain a new mattress from the manufacturer without any hassles.

I am therefore happy to recommend the Serta Raised Air Mattress to anyone in search of a high quality air mattress that is designed to last.

In conclusion the Serta Raised Air Mattress is a quality product that features a unique Never Go Flat feature with a pump that operates silently throughout the night. These beds also feature a flocked-top that provides a more comfortable sleeping surface along with a carry bag to conveniently carry or store the bed when not in use.

6. Insta-Bed

The Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress is a fantastic air bed that has been designed to never go flat. This technology ensures that the bed is much easier to lie down or get up from, which may make it the most comfortable bed you will ever sleep on.

We often have guests that visit our home and stay over for a night or two. My old air mattress has sprung a leak and my guests usually wake up on the floor in the morning. For this reason I have decided to invest in a new bed. After researching a variety of brands the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress was one of the brands that stood out so much that I would like to share this information with you.

The Never Flat Pump System

The Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress features two pumps. The main pump is used to automatically deflate and inflate the bed. The secondary pump silently maintains and monitors air pressure to your preference in comfort while you are sleeping.

18 Inch Raised Height

The inflated dimensions of the twin size Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress are 74 X 39 X 18 inches and the queen sized air mattress, when inflated, is 80 X 60 X 18 inches. The 18 inch height offers a far easier way to lie down or get up from the bed.

Features And Specifications

  • The patented Never Flat pump is a system that keeps the airbed inflated throughout the night without making a sound.
  • The main pump deflates or inflates the airbed in under four minutes.
  • The auto-shutoff feature found in the main pump offers a convenient way to turn off the pump system automatically once the airbed is completely deflated or fully inflated.
  • The circular coils in both the twin size and the queen size offer an extremely supportive and strong, leveled-out sleeping surface.

What Customers Are Saying

One of the standout features about the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress is the fact that the mattress stays completely inflated throughout the night. In addition, the pump works silently so that it won’t keep you awake. Another feature that is extremely attractive to many buyers is the opportunity to choose a comfort level. These include Firm, Medium or Plush. Once the comfort level is chosen the secondary pump works on maintaining this level of comfort throughout the night.

Over and above the majority of positive reviews one or two consumers have mentioned that the mattress is not comfortable and that the pockets and valleys made the surface feel lumpy.

However, this does not seem to be a common issue between the buyers and most reviews include how impressive this air bed is compared to other brands.

From the information I have collected, I am extremely confident to recommend this product to anyone that needs an extra bed for guests or a camping bed.

In conclusion, the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress is a great air bed that features an outstanding benefit with a pump that ensures the mattress never deflates. The raised height is another fantastic feature, which means it is easy to lie down or get up from the bed.

7. ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed

As a nature lover, I enjoy spending the night under the stars (figuratively speaking, being in a tent is definitely much better). Looking for a new air bed, I came across the ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed. Here are the main reasons why I love it.

Quick, Easy and Convenient

The rechargeable pump makes it very easy to inflate and deflate the bed in a matter of minutes. No involvement on your behalf will be required other than connecting the bed to the pump.

A switch is there to start and end the process. The pump is provided with both a car and a wall charger for added convenience.

Superior Materials

The ALPS air bed (alpine air mattress) is made of high quality, reinforced material that ensures its durability and long life. The sides are crafted from extra-thick PVC. A specialized coil construction ensures proper support during the night. The bed also features a soft flocked top that gives it a luxurious feel. Finally, there’s an outer ring incorporated in the design to maximize stability even further.

Features and Specifications

On top of the two primary features already mentioned, the ALPS mountaineering air bed has a couple of additional noteworthy characteristics:

  • The seams are welded for extra durability and resilience.
  • The velvety top surface helps to keep bedding in place.
  • The pump charging should last approximately 12 hours each repeated charge.
  • This mattress is intended for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It comes with a standard size, which means any standard set of sheets can be used on it.
  • The bottom of the air bed is approximately 17 percent thicker than what the competition has to offer in an attempt to reduce the risk of punctures. The top is approximately 10 percent thicker.
  • ALPS air bed is available in two sizes – twin and queen.

What Buyers are Saying

Buyers like the durability and the comfort of the bed. The top advantage mentioned in multiple testimonials is the quality of the materials. The ALPS bed is definitely better than cheaper options on the market. The construction feels solid and sturdy and people also love the top velvety side. Apart from keeping the sheets in place, this material is also wonderful for reducing the noise that the mattress makes.

When it comes to disadvantages, the one getting mentioned most commonly is the fact that it will lose some of the air during the course of the night. A few individuals who used the mattress reported it getting softer in the morning.

Still, people who presented the concern reported that they’ve had a similar experience with other air mattresses on the market.

ALPS is a company known for the quality of its products and the rechargeable mountaineering air mattress (you can also try using convertible air mattresses) does not disappoint. Based on my research, this is a product I can definitely recommend.

Final Verdict

The ALPS rechargeable air mattress is a versatile piece for indoor and outdoor use. It is comfortable and capable of providing sufficient support during the night. This is the main reason why most people are in love with it.

8. Insta-Bed Queen Raised Air Mattress

Since I often welcome guests at home, I decided to buy a high quality air mattress. Coming across the Insta-Bed Queen Raised Air Mattress, I am confident this product ranks among the best that money can buy.

A Built-in Pump

Unlike other air beds and mattresses that you have to connect to a pump, this one comes with a built-in option. A single dial is incorporated in the design, initiating the inflation and the deflation of the bed. While the pump is very silent, it can get the air mattress completely inflated within four minutes.

Bottom Side Designed to Ensure Better Grip

A lightweight air mattress is obviously easy to move around. This isn’t the case with the Insta-Bed Queen Raised Air Mattress. The item comes with the company’s Sure Grip Bottom technology. The construction creates suction that keeps the mattress in place, regardless of the texture of the surface it is being positioned on.

Features and Specifications

  • The air mattress by Insta-Bed has numerous additional features that make it a great product. These include:
  • Dual chamber construction prevents the movement of air inside the mattress and reduces the risk of deflation during the night.
  • This is a raised bed that features some additional height in comparison to other air mattresses.
  • Built-in storage is available for the cord whenever the pump is not being used.
  • A carry bag is provided with the cut, making it incredibly easy to transport the air mattress and store it safely.
  • The air bed comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The air mattress measures 80 X 60 X 22 inches. The height is 22 inches, making this product comparable to a traditional mattress rather than to an air bed.

What Buyers are Saying

Most buyers are happy with the characteristics and the ease of using the Insta-Bed raised air mattress. According to reviewers, the best characteristic is the support. Uniform distribution of the air inside the bed allows for excellent support throughout the surface. People who slept on the bed reported waking up refreshed in the morning. Users did not experience issues with neck pain, stiffness or back aches.

There are only a few negative reviews. One of the cons that some of the reviewers mention is the risk of experiencing leaks. Several people had an issue with leaks, however, leaks are covered by the warranty and reaching the Insta-Bed customer support also happened to be an easy task.

Upon talking to support, buyers learned that the plastic stretches when it is initially inflated. As a result, a bit of additional air will be required the first few times. Once the bed settles in its shape, no such issue is going to be experienced.

Obviously, the shortcoming is far from a major one and it is easy to solve. This is why I feel confident recommending the Insta-Bed air mattress to anyone in need of a guest bed.

Final Verdict

The Insta-Bed air mattress is very easy to use and comfortable at the same time. The built-in pump is a clever characteristic and so is the suction that the bottom side creates. Reasonably priced and practical, the product would be a lovely addition to every home.

9. AeroBed Classic

If your household is anything like mine, you probably love camping or have guests coming over regularly. Unfortunately, I was unable to provide the best sleeping conditions for my guests or my family when camping so I realized that it was time to get a new air mattress and started researching different brands.

Out of all the brands I researched only one combines pleasure, sustainability, and dependability to provide a wonderful brand. The AeroBed Classic Inflatable Mattress is what I am referring to. I loved it so much that I decided to share my findings with you.

Easy Transportation & Storage

Air mattresses are designed for temporary use and it is why you need one that is easy to transport and stow away when not in use. The AeroBed Classic Inflatable Mattress does exactly that. Included in the product package is a handy, well-designed bag. Campers love the thoughtful design and love bringing the air mattress to their adventurous camping trips.

Powerful Pump

A powerful pump is included with the AeroBed Classic Inflatable Mattress. The pump can inflate the mattress to the maximum size in a matter of minutes and can deflate it in as little as 15 seconds thanks to the legendary ‘whoosh’-valve from AeroBed.

Features & Specifications

  • The AeroBed Classic Inflatable Mattress is made of heavy-duty and puncture resistant PVC vinyl with a flocked fleece to ensure ultimate pleasure.
  • The AeroBed Classic Inflatable Mattress is available in 2 sizes i.e. Queen and Twin. The dimensions of the twin are 74 x 39 x 9 inches while the dimensions of the Queen are 78 x 60 x 6 inches.
  • The AeroBed Classic Inflatable Mattress comes with a handy bag and is also light enough for easy transportation and storage.
  • A powerful pump is included with the AeroBed Classic Inflatable Mattress meaning that you can carry it with you anywhere. You can even take it on planes as carry on luggage since it easily fits in the luggage compartment.

What Are Customers Saying?

The AeroBed Classic Inflatable Mattress is definitely worth the money according to most people that have used it. It is great for camping since it holds the air well. It is much fun to use when on the road or when visiting family and friends. The twin size is particularly useful for this purpose since it requires less space (which a single person can utilize) than the queen size. However, both the Twin and Queen are excellent air mattresses.

For many people that have used the air mattress, it is nothing short of excellent. However, some people still have some complaints about it, because they not happy that the AeroBed Classic Inflatable Mattress does not have an in-built pump.

However, such complaints are not really justified since the pump included still does an excellent job. Some people actually love that it has no in-built pump.

The AeroBed Classic Inflatable Mattress features a solid construction, is highly functional, and provides excellent value for money and it is not hard for anyone to recommend it.

10. Coleman Premium Double High SupportRest Airbed

If you are like me you probably love having guests over. However, having more people in the house usually means less comfortable sleeping arrangements for some. I realized that an inflatable bed (self-inflating air beds or Aerobeds are available on the market) is just what I needed and set out to find the best one.

I searched far and wide but it is only the Coleman Double High SupportRest Airbed that clearly stood out. I loved it so much that I decided to share my findings with you.

Three Tiered Layers and Built-In Pump

The three tiered layers are what sets the Coleman Double High SupportRest Airbed apart from other airbeds. The tiered layers offer superior height just like a traditional mattress but with the portability and convenience of an air bed. The built-in pump inflates the airbed but also provides you with the option of adjusting the air pressure according to your taste. The pump also deflates it quickly and easily for storage

ComfortStrong Coils and Elevated Edge for Enhanced Support & Comfort

The Coleman Double High SupportRest Airbed is constructed with 35 ComfortStrong Coils that provide enhanced support along with a balanced sleeping area free of the bulges common in other air beds. The air bed also has an elevated edge for securing the pillows in place. It is also leak-free, factory tested, and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Features and Specifications

  • The Coleman Double High SupportRest Airbed features a built-in pump that utilizes patented technology for quick and convenient inflation and deflation.
  • The Coleman Double High SupportRest Airbed is built using high-quality thick and durable PVC material with a soft flocked top to provide additional comfort and warmth and prevent sliding.
  • The Coleman Double High SupportRest Airbed comes with a convenient carry bag for easy transportation and storage – even with limited space. The bag is properly built for protecting the inflatable mattress against any potential wear and tear.
  • The airbed has 35 comfort springs that offer support all through the night and enhance its durability.

What Customers Are Saying

The Coleman Double High SupportRest Airbed ensures that you are always comfortable throughout the night. The airbed has a height of 18 inches keeping you off the ground just like a regular mattress does. The airbed also has an airtight system with a double lock valve that ensures that it is always inflated while the built-in pump makes inflation and deflation quite easy.

Most users of the Coleman Double High SupportRest Airbed have nothing but praise for it but some still have complaints. The most common complaint from users is that it can develop a strong odor out of the box.

However, this is a relatively minor problem since it disappears once you have inflated the Coleman Double High SupportRest Airbed . It also does not appear to be a widespread problem.

The Coleman Double High SupportRest Airbed is leak-free, is made of durable material, has a built-in pump, has 35 ComfortStrong coils for maximum comfort, and this makes it easy for me to recommend it.

Are you still unsure which air mattress is right for you? If our buyer’s guide didn’t get the job done then we recommend checking one of these great resources:

Video Overview


Queen size air mattresses can provide a comfortable night’s sleep for one or two people. They are relatively cheap compared with regular mattresses, and can be packed away when not in use. The top rated air mattresses are also surprisingly comfortable to sleep on.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing an air mattress. The first is your budget. If you have a small budget, make sure you choose a durable one that’s made with a strong material, rather than looking for extras such as a continuous pump system. Other considerations include the type of pump, mattress thickness and whether the product is prone to leaking.

We recommend the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress. It’s a high-quality raised mattress that provides excellent value. The internal ComfortCoil technology also increases the support of mattress. Other features, including a one click internal pump and dual chamber construction, make it one of the most reliable and convenient air mattresses on the market.

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