A Comprehensive Guide To Mattress In A Box – Reviews & Ratings

Mattress shopping has undergone a drastic change in the last decade or so. Since the emergence of online shopping, it has become extremely easy to shop for almost anything. There is no need for you to physically visit the showroom and lay down on the display beds till you find one that ticks all the right boxes. The added pressure of choosing one in the spur of the moment and the difficult task of hauling the bed from the store to your house will have questioning if it is worth the effort.

We did a comprehensive research for you and came up with our 3 best bed in a box. Check these amazing products in the comparison table below.

Do you really want to go through all that when you can order a brilliant bed in a box from the comfort of your own bedroom? It does not come as a surprise that the boxed beds trend has grown so much in the past few years. It makes mattress shopping super convenient, is an affordable alternative and there is little to no risk involved as a lot of mattress companies now offer trail periods. So, you can literally sleep on it before you make a decision.

Comparison Table

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MattressWallet ScoreOur Rating
Serenity Gel (our top pick)$$$$$96
Tranquility GEL w/ Natural TENCEL$$$$83
PacBed Original 11" Gel$$$67

Bed in a box is just your regular mattress that is compressed and vacuum-sealed in a box to ensure it is convenient for delivery. Once unwrapped, these beds expand to their normal size in a matter of minutes. No muss, no fuss and you have a new bed to get a good night’s sleep on. Since it is difficult to choose a mattress without sleeping on it, we have put in the research to help you reach a decision. We have read hundreds of reviews and selected a few top-quality bed in a box’s that will be perfect for you.

How to choose a bed in a box

There are a lot of things to consider before you decide on a mattress. The most important thing is to have a clear idea of what you expect from your purchase and try and find the optimal solution. Your individual preferences in terms of size, comfort, brand reputation, and warranty matter the most when it comes to choosing the perfect bed in a box.


First things first, the ideal bed has to have enough room for you to fully relax and sleep comfortably. One of the most common mistakes online mattress shoppers make is they end up buying a bed that is too small. There are a ton of size options available that will cater to your personal preference such as twin, twin XL, queen, king, and more. You can check out the mattress size charts before you make a purchase.

image of a bed that is too small


The next question you need to ask yourself is whether you prefer a hard, medium or soft feel in your mattress. This decision majorly depends on your body type and favorite sleeping positions. Most of the cheap brands offer a firm or medium-firm feel which might not be ideal for everyone.
If you prefer a softer feel, you either have to invest some extra money in a mattress topperor can opt for a slightly pricey bed in a box with a soft feel.


Although the price of a mattress does not always reflect on the quality, it is possible that the cheaper brands might lack appropriate pressure point relief and durability when compared to the luxurious options. If you are looking for a bed in box with a high-density memory foam, you might have to shell out a little more money for a new mattress.

Warranty & Return

It is possible that even if you made a fairly calculated purchase, you might not be completely satisfied with your bed. One of the best reasons to purchase a boxed bed is the amazing return and refund policies offered by a lot of the best-selling brands. They generally require little to no hassle on the part of the buyer and are a great option if you are not entirely pleased with your mattress in a box.

Benefits of investing in a decent mattress in a box

Whether you are looking to purchase a new bed altogether or wish to exchange your old mattress for something more comfortable, investing in a new bed might have a lot more advantages than you might think.

Online Shopping

Shopping online for a bed is way more convenient than physically visiting a store. Not all people live nearby a good mattress store and even if you do, going around and testing each product until you find ‘the one’ is a bit of a hassle.

Also, the only way you can test a bed is by sleeping on it, and doing that might get a little awkward with so many people around you. Once you have made a decision, the big task of moving the bed to your house will drain all your energy.

image of a woman shopping online

You are better off searching for a box mattress online where you can take your time and browse through a plethora of options with actual customer satisfaction and review scores. There is a lot of information available online to help customers make a well-informed purchase.

Price & Return Policy

Bed in the box is by far the cheapest alternative when it comes to mattresses. The fact that they do not take extra efforts on the seller’s part for storage and transportation makes them a lot cheaper than the other beds on display in showrooms.

It is also worth considering the abundant return and refund policies on offer when you buy from one of these boxed bed brands like Casper. It is like insurance for online mattress shopping. You do not have to worry about making the wrong decision.

Sleep better, feel better

A good night sleep is extremely important for our physical mental health, and it is our job to ensure we get rid of anything that comes in between us and a comfortable nap. Like Tempurpedic products, these boxed beds are designed to help you sleep more comfortably and always adapt to your preferred sleeping position to provide a softer feel.

With so many options available in size and comfort, you can kiss goodbye to all your sleep related issues like back pain or sore neck. We have researched hundreds of reviews to help you find the perfect bed in a box. Let us now discuss the best-selling boxed beds that stood out from our research and throw some light on their functionality, durability, and popularity.

Our Top Box Beds

BedInABox PacBed Original 11″ Gel

Are you looking for a classic memory foam feel at a reasonable price? The PacBed Original Gel 11” is an amazing king-size mattress with the CoolRest GEL infused technology that is designed to adapt to your body and relieve pressure in any sleeping position.

Gel infusion ensures it provides enhanced pressure relief when compared to other types of memory foam beds. The material also helps reduce the motion transfer, increase air flow and the open cell construction allows the mattress to rebound quickly when you change positions. It also requires no time to breathe and is sleep-ready within 5 minutes of unboxing it.

The PacBed Original Gel 11” is also backed by a 120-day free return policy and a massive 20-year warranty. The foam uses naturally soy instead of polyols that make it an environment-friendly purchase. Some people who own this product have complained about the mattress being a bit too firm, but a memory foam king-size mattress at this price is too good to say no to.

BedInABox Tranquility GEL w/ Natural TENCEL

If you are searching for a medium-firm mattress with a classic memory foam feel, you can stop now. The Tranquility Gel with Natural TENCEL will completely transform the way you sleep with its CoolRest Gel infused material. The TENCEL fabric is created out of eucalyptus trees utilizing an environment-friendly process and offers brilliant moisture management properties.

The ultra-soft design feels extremely soft against the most sensitive skin types while it naturally hinders bacterial growth and helps you sleep in a cooler environment. The amazing gel infused technology was designed to quickly adapt to your body shape and sleeping position, relieve pressure and help you get a decent night’s sleep. This mattress is known to reduce motion transfer, ensuring you do not disturb anyone else who might be sleeping with you.

It is way more breathable and comfortable than other mattresses in the same range owing to its advanced open cell structure that encourages air flow. It also requires no time to breathe which means it is sleep-ready within 5 minutes of unboxing it. It emits a faint but pleasant eucalyptus smell that might help you sleep even better.

The Tranquility Gel with Natural TENCEL is backed by a 120-day free return policy and a massive 20-year warranty. Some people who bought this mattress mentioned that it does not have a noticeable ‘cooling’ effect like the other luxurious mattresses one might find in the store. But when an environment-friendly king-size memory foam mattress is available at almost half the price than similar in-store brands, it seems like a no-brainer.

BedInABox Serenity Gel

Are you looking for a luxury mattress that eliminates moisture and helps you keep cool while you sleep? The Serenity Gel is certainly the ‘coolest’ sleeping mattress with an advanced outlast fabric in the 2-inch cover. This fabric is designed to actively and dynamically balance temperature which rids the mattress of any kind of moisture.

Originally developed for astronaut spacesuits, this unique fabric uses microcapsules that absorb extra heat and release it to the body as and when needed. It is a certified skin-friendly and hypoallergenic bed in a box by CertiPUR-US and Hohenstein Institutes. The 2-inch cover features two different types of CoolRest Adaptive materials that enhance the cooling effect. It creates a microclimate between your body and the cover for personalized temperature regulation.

This technology is then combined with 3 inches of CoolRest® Gel infused memory foam to create the ultimate mattress with one of the highest comfort standards. It is the result of years of testing and has proven to be cooler and more comfortable than all the other foam beds available in the market.

Most of the previous users will agree that the mattress in not cheap, but you are getting something that will last for years and help you sleep like a baby. The Serenity Gel from bedinabox.com features a 20-Year warranty and a 120 Day Free Return Policy.


In conclusion, investing in a bed in a box is a brilliant alternative to purchasing a mattress from a showroom or a store. Not only will you save a lot of time and money, you also have a wider range of options and sizes to choose from. There is a lot of information available online on each product and you can research fellow customer reviews and satisfaction scores for further analysis before you pick one.

It is extremely important to choose the mattress that ticks all the right boxes as it usually leads to a good night’s sleep. If you are not comfortable with your current bed setting and are looking to invest some money in a decent mattress in a box, the bed in a box.com Serenity Gel is the most viable option. It is available at less than half the price when compared to similar models and is one of the most luxurious memory foam mattresses available in the market.

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