Complete Guide To Best Bamboo Sheets – Soft And Luxury Bedding

You’ve probably landed here because you’re wondering what’s all the fuss about with bamboo sheets lately. Why are these materials suddenly so popular, and why is every bedding website out there managing to sell so many? image of bamboo forestWell, when you look through this buying guide, you’ll likely realize why bamboo bedding is causing such a craze, and you’ll probably want to get your own hands on a bamboo set as well.

With the rise of e-commerce stores lately and millions of different products all over the world in almost every industry, it’s no wonder now that people go crazy for a particular product, or in this case – type of material used in a product. When this happens, the real question is – is there a catch, and if there is, what is it? I can tell you right away that there is not. It’s simple as that.

People are going crazy for bamboo bedding sets because they literally shine quality, durability, easy maintenance, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and in some cases even the price tags are surprisingly compromising. That said, the price tag is actually the only thing that could or should – if you’re on a strict budget – pull you away from buying a bamboo set. So, if this type of bedding is so fine and dandy, then why are we even writing this buying guide? If there’s no catch, there isn’t much to objectively say, isn’t there?

Well, such as it is with any product, this one also has plenty of scavenger companies out there who’ll try and rip-off the original product, manufacture something much, much cheaper and of worse quality and try to bait unaware customers to purchase from them. On the other hand, there are always personal preferences. I always like to mention in these reviews that even if a certain product might be of the highest quality in the entire universe – it still might be a bad choice for you.

No one will run away from quality, that’s true, but everyone’s different as well, and there’s always a feature in any product that’s going to suit one group of people while being terrible to the other group at the same time. Through this article, I’m going to tell you what to look for when buying bamboo bedding, what you need to take into account when looking for your own favorite set.

This will serve as a buying guide to help you make the right choice in your first time around, and avoid having to hassle with return policies, etc. I’m also going to showcase my own favorite top bamboo sets list, where every product listed has been thoroughly reviewed and handpicked to deserve a spot in this buying guide. These products have been picked based on our reviewing experience, but on recent customer feedback as well.

How To Choose the Perfect Bamboo Bed Sheets

Here’s a rundown of factors you should seriously consider before even browsing to buy a bamboo set potentially. Take these things into account, and you’re bound to make the right choice.

Make Sure They’re Hypoallergenic

Due to its natural origin, and an eco-friendly manufacturing process, the bamboo bedding set you buy absolutely must be hypoallergenic. This is an incredibly useful feature making the sheets safe for the entire family – including babies and toddlers. The point is – if you find a bamboo set that’s not hypoallergenic, that’s either not a bamboo-based material at all, or there’s something else wrong entirely. Make sure you remember to check for the hypoallergenic tag and only buy if there is one.

Make Sure They Fit

One of the most common mistakes buyers in the bedding industry make is the failure to take precise measurements and then have to either go through a lot of hassle to pull the sheets on or have to return them altogether. Make sure you know what dimensions you need and then compare that to the bedding set you’re trying to buy. Don’t read “queen-size” and order those just because you have a queen-size mattress. Take your measurements and get something the same or a few inches larger and you’ll be fine. This should only take a few minutes out of your day and will save you a lot of time if you’d end up having to return your set and replace it.

Benefits of Owning 100% Bamboo Sheets

Here’s a list of benefits and useful features you gain when you replace your old (cotton) bedding with bamboo bed set.

Extremely Comfortable

The touch of Bamboo fabric is often compared to the touch of silk or cashmere. People who first experience sleeping on bamboo say that they expected high comfort and the nice feel to the touch, but that they were still very surprised. Owning a bedding set that’s going to make you feel extremely comfortable, that’s going to be nice to the touch will certainly help you relax and make you feel like you deserve a good, sound sleep.

Easy Maintenance

Bamboo sheets are naturally (not chemically) resistant to both moisture and odor. This means you don’t have to wash them as often as you should wash your cotton bedding. But that’s not all. Even when you do need to wash them, there aren’t any special proceedings (usually very common with luxury materials). You can simply throw them into your washing machine and be done with it. That said, I’d suggest you still check the warning tags for washing and drying instructions – just to be on the safe side.

Bamboo Bedding is Hypoallergenic

There are literally hundreds of millions of people out there who suffer from some allergies and skin conditions. It doesn’t even have to be an allergy; your skin could just be more sensitive. Bamboo is originally, naturally (again, not chemically) hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. This will keep you safe and is particularly important if you’ve got young children or babies – as they might be more susceptible to allergies than adults.

Eco-Friendly and Durable

Bamboo sheets are extremely friendly to the environment. The plants don’t require much watering to grow, and there’s absolutely no fertilizers or pesticides involved in the manufacturing or growing process. Bamboo is known for its sturdiness in the wild, and this directly transforms into the set you can now use for your bed. They’re guaranteed to last for years on end – both the color and the fiber itself.

Individual Product Reviews – Top Rated Bamboo Sheets

Here’s a list of bamboo bedding sets I’ve personally researched, reviewed and compared their previous customers’ feedback to other brands. Every single product recommended here deserves its spot in one way or another.

Cariloha Resort

image of Cariloha ResortCariloha has been introducing bamboo-based products into the bedding market for a while now. This is a reputable, trustworthy company that’s shown great success with eco-friendly production and products.

The Cariloha Resort is exactly what any bamboo sheet set should be. They’re highly durable, hypoallergenic, green, soft, comfortable, and breathable. Even though the price tag could be a bit lower, it’s still obvious that this is not any sales tactic or price > value type of things.

The value you get with this set is, in our opinion certainly higher than the price tag shows. According to recent buyer feedback, these sheets are extremely soft to the touch, and some even say they sleep cooler (as opposed to cotton) – during warmer nights.

You should also note that this is a 4-piece set. This includes the fitted sheet, the top sheet and of course – two pillowcases. Available sizes are King and Cal King. Cariloha offers a lifetime warranty product guarantee on this product and even offers a full-refund return policy in case you’re displeased with the product. Not everyone will be able to afford this set, and if you’re not, there’s plenty to choose from, keep reading.

eLuxurySupply ExceptionalSheets Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheet Set

image of ExceptionalSheetsIn regards to quality, these bamboo sheets are also quite exceptional. There’s little difference to the previously reviewed set. This manufacturer actually tells us that these have been made with a very high thread count (300) rayon and from the bamboo fabric. They even go so far to say that this set is twice as soft as either cashmere or silk.

Honestly, I don’t know about being twice as soft as silk – but the thread count is certainly impressive. While the previously reviewed set is a 4-piece, this set is a 5-piece. The difference is that the ExceptionalSheets bamboo set by eLuxurySupply contains two fitted sheets – not one. The rest is the same, including a top sheet, and two pillowcases. An especially interesting fact about these is that they’re being operated and sold by US veterans.

When you buy this product, you’re actively and directly supporting a US veteran. Furthermore, this set comes in 8 different colors, and is available in nearly every size – from Twin, Full, Queen, King and to Cal and Split King. These factors make these sheets extremely versatile and will surely cover a large buyer base.

Again, going through recent buyer feedback, we see tons of people stating how surprised there are with the quality and comfort of this bedding set. This might not be due to this particular company, but more due to the fact that there’s bamboo in there.


image of MALOUFSimilarly to all other bamboo sets reviewed here today, these are also extremely comfortable, and the maintenance is easy. They’re hypoallergenic and resistant to moisture and odors. The company puts a note on how the softness is beneficial for sensitive skin with this product.

They also say these are fully-elasticized, and therefore you shouldn’t have to hassle with measuring on your own (I still suggest you do). That said, I’m pretty confident that there shouldn’t be any issues with fitting these sheets. Not only are they extra-elasticized, but they’re also available in various sizes. You can get them in Twin, Twin Xl, Full, Full Xl, Queen/Split Queen, King/Cal/Split King.

You can also get only a pillowcase set in the queen size. Some reviews state that these sheets are often oversized, so if you get Queen, you’ll get a few inches bigger than queen – this is a good thing. Customer reviews are filled with thrilled people where a lot of current customers say they were so pleasantly surprised that they’re getting a second set right away, and many say that they recommend this set to anyone who asks. Loads of people also said the sheets remain as comfortable and as soft even after dozens of washing sessions.

BedVoyage Bamboo Rayon

image of BedVoyage Bamboo RayonTo be honest, reviewing bamboo-based products become a bit dull over time. Almost every bamboo-based product I’ve looked at is nothing but perfect, and there are almost no downsides to these sheets – except maybe the price tag in some cases. Anyways, let me repeat myself with this set as well.

The BedVoyage Bamboo Rayon set is incredible. It’s comfortable, soft to the touch, extremely durable, easily maintained and hypoallergenic. One difference, as opposed to other sets reviewed here, is that these sheets are threaded with Pima cotton threads – a 1,000 of those.

Don’t worry about the cotton. This is just a cherry on top – making the sheets even more comfortable. Furthermore, BedVoyage set will also take care of any moisture and will regulate temperature properly. This set is comfy, durable, and it’s extremely thin. Being thin, we know the sheets will breathe well and won’t cause any heating problems. In fact, they should help resolve heating issues and help you experience a much cooler sleep.

This set is available in Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King. There are 11 colors for you to choose from, meaning you won’t have to worry about style either.

Brielle Rayon

image of Brielle 100-Percent RayonExtremely comfortable, durable, soft to the touch, heat-resistant and affordable. That said, this particular bamboo bedding set might pose a slight washing challenge. Before I go into the washing procedure, you should not know that these sheets are derived from 100% Rayon – from Bamboo.

They’re also imported and are manufactured with a 300-thread count in a sateen weave finish. In its queen size, the set contains the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and of course the two pillowcases. The fitted sheet should fit on all kinds of mattresses, and up to 17“ in size.

Even though this set are machine-washable, you do need to be safe and pay attention here. Wash cold in the machine, put on a gentle cycle, only tumble dry (low), and definitely, don’t completely dry in the machine, and also you need to remove them immediately to prevent wrinkles. Not the easiest washing guide, but experienced people will have no problem following these instructions, and besides, we think the sheets deserve it – when you consider how much they bring to the table.

The Brielle Rayon Bamboo set is available in Full, Queen and King sizes, and in 9 different colors. The warranty policy for this product is nothing special. Brielle offers a mere 30-day warranty against any manufacturing defects, that’s it.

Zen Luxury Bamboo Queen Bed Sheets

image of Zen Bamboo Luxury The Zen Luxury Bamboo set is, in fact, one of the highest rated bedding sets online. It’s extremely famous for being incredibly soft and durable. This particular set is also stain resistant, and hypoallergenic. People probably like the softness of these sheets so much because this company has a slightly different process and material percentage.

They’re actually a blend of Rayon derived from Bamboo (40%), followed by 60% of brushed microfiber. This blend is known to make bedding products a bit more soft or plush. The Zen Luxury set is available in 12 different colors, ranging from White, Cream, Sky Blue, Burgundy, Gold, and Taupe, to Grey, Brown, Navy Blue, Olive, Purple, and Black. The available sizes are Twin, Full, Queen, King and Cal King.

The company behind this set seems to be particularly confident in their product. I say this because they offer a no-hassle full refund if you opt to return the set within 30 days of purchase. This makes the product a virtually risk-free purchase. They’re also easily maintained. Simply throw them into the washing machine, and you’re all set. That said, please do yourself a favor and take note of the washing instructions tag.

Royal Hotel Bamboo Cotton

image of Royal Hotel Silky SoftOne particular downside with these sheets is simply explained as – wrinkles. It looks like there’s no getting around having wrinkles with this set. If this is a deal breaker for you, you can skip these right away. Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s talk about all the benefits of owning these sheets! They are exceptionally comfortable and soft, they fit all kinds of different mattresses (including deep base mattresses), and they’re extremely breathable.

Even though all kinds of Bamboo-based sheets have some heat-regulation properties, the Royal Hotel Bamboo set seems to be among the best heat regulators between all. I say this because while doing research, I came across plenty of people praising how cool these sheets sleep, and since I personally hate sleeping hot – I felt this is something worth mentioning.

Likewise, to the previously reviewed set, these are also a 300-thread count production. The different however, is that here we have a 60% viscose to 40% cotton combination. Royal Hotel set is available in Split-King, Cal king, Full, King, King (pillow cases only), Queen, and Twin-Extra Long. The available colors range from White, Ivory, Sage, Blue, Taupe, Charcoal, and Teal, to Grey, Sand, Coral, Periwinkle, Sky Blue and finally – Gold.

2PO Heaven’s Comfort Bamboo Fiber Yarns

image of 2PO Heaven's ComfortHands down – these are probably one of the best bamboo sheets in the entire bedding market. This derives from the fact that while other brands brag how their bamboo bedding carries a 300-thread count – these went and did 1800 thread count. That’s literally six times the quality, comfort, and durability.

The 2PO Heaven’s Comfort bamboo sheet set is a combination of breathable Bomboo materials (40%) and then 60% of microfiber content. This combination will provide a long-lasting, comfortable, cool sleep.

Not only that, but 2PO comes in as many as 18 different colors. This gives you a chance to decorate your room in any possible way because there are so many options. They’ll adapt to any setting. Besides all the – now standard – bamboo benefits, such as being hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, and breathable, these sheets are also wrinkle-free. This is an excellent example of a perfect bamboo sheet set. It’s got all the expected benefits, and then some.

They’re machine-washable in cold water, but make sure you read the washing instructions tags before doing so. These are either made in the US or imported, both options are possible and come in Full, King, Queen and Twin sizes.

Resorts Resource Group Super Soft

image of Resorts Resource GroupAnother excellent bamboo-based product. This sheet set is available in Queen and King only, so if that’s a deal breaker, you can skip this one right away. They’re also available in only four colors – Cream, Dove Grey, Slate Grey and Pure White. These sheets will also provide excellent durability and a plush feel, being that they’re made out of a 350-thread count based on 100% rayon from bamboo.

This is a hotel-grade sheet set. Concerning maintenance, these are easily washed in the machine, in either warm or cold water. However, the company recommends against using any fabric softener, as they get softer after every wash on their own. It’s also recommended that you wash these once before use.

These sheets are extra-elasticized, meaning you shouldn’t have any issues fitting them onto your mattress, even if it’s very deep. Furthermore, and similarly to other bamboo-based bedding products – these sheets are extremely comfortable, durable, easily maintained, hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant and regulate heat quite nicely.


Just to make sure you don’t ruin your high-quality, luxury bamboo sheets on first wash, here are a few recommendations you should either write down or make sure to remember. Read the washing instructions carefully. Even if I mentioned washing techniques in this buying guide, be sure to still find the manual washing tag on your set and follow it to the dot.

Different bedding sets will wash differently, even if both are a bamboo-based product. For example, one might be only washable in cold water, while another set might enjoy a warm wash as well – read the washing tag warnings. When washing bamboo sheets, try to make, so they’re the only thing in the washing machine.

This is your best bet to properly maintain your luxury bedding product. Avoid using dry strips or bleach on bamboo bedding products. These luxury sets are too sensitive and bleach would probably destroy the fabric or at the very least damage it. If you stain your bamboo sheets, make sure you use natural stain removal products only.


Let’s summarize the entire article in a few sentences, from top to bottom. Owning bamboo sheets will help you avoid many issues that you might encounter with, for example, cotton sheets. These include common issues such as dust mites, allergy reactions, heat issues etc.

Bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic, breathable, comfortable, and exceptionally durable as well. When buying a bamboo sheet set, make sure you pick out the right size, your best bet is that you take your own measurements. Also, make sure your bamboo sheet set is hypoallergenic.

Even though all of the recommended sheet sets in this guide are extremely valuable and high-quality products, everyone will still have their own favorites. According to my personal opinion, and other customer’s feedback, I’d suggest you take another look at the Cariloha Resort set.

These sheets seem to be the best option to me, especially when I compare value over price tag with all of these. They are very soft, cool, clean, green and the company provides a lifetime warranty policy on the product.

Video – Are Bamboo Sheets Worth It?

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