Aviya Innerspring Bed Gets Scrutinized In Our Report

Have you been looking for a mattress that’s going to combine long-lasting comfort, great stability, weight distribution and a cooling effect? Well, this is it. The Aviya Mattress comes in three different firmness options, plush (soft), luxury firm and firm, with a 13“ height.

This allows you to combine the above benefits with a firmness of your choice, which is a great addition not all beds have. Furthermore, Aviya is manufactured in the US, offer a 100 night no-risk trial period, and all used materials are CertiPUR-US certified.

Let’s move on to see what it’s made out of. We’ll check out its 7-layer construction, piece by piece, see firmness and delivery options, and finally, create a pros and cons list. We’ll finish it off with a short summary of who this mattress is best for.


First and foremost, Every Aviya mattress goes through a 7-step construction process. First off, we get that the premium cooling foam on top, it’s a 1“ layer with a cooling agent which works towards keeping the heat out. Great addition!

Under that, we find a comfort foam layer. This is a high-density memory foam which serves for stability and long-term comfort. Also, it does not sag. Next, comes the support layer of memory foam. This is the third foam layer and this one will enhance lumbar support and take care of your pressure points.

Underneath, we find the edging encasement premium foam. It is a 3“ edging which makes sure the foams on top are stable and that there’s no indentation.

The innerspring core is next. What’s admirable here is that they’ve actually used the most expensive memory foam on the market for this section. It features additional springs in the center, where support is most usually needed.
The sixth and last memory foam layer is a 1“ thick layer which helps distribute weight evenly and ideally provide a stable structure to sleep on top.

Now, if you decide to go with a foundation as well, Aviya is offering two options here. Either a 5“ or 9“ high foundation, features 12 stats, and is available for queen and king mattress sizes.

To summarize, Aviya is obviously constructed as a modern mattress should be. This one in particular features enough foam layers for a sound sleep, good weight distribution and on top, there’s that cooling agent foam which is much needed in memory foam mattresses. All in all, a very good construction indeed.

Delivery Options

You can either have this mattress delivered to your doorstep for free, or you may choose from the other two paid options. The first one includes delivery plus installation, including the foundation if you order it.

The second paid delivery option includes delivery, installation, and disposal of your previous mattress and/or foundation. This is an excellent feature this company is offering because you can freely choose which option you want to go with.

What we Like

  • Construction – some of the memory foam layers are made out of the most expensive and high-quality foam out there. Certainly, a clue that the company wanted to go for quality with this mattress
  • Seems like a Best-Buy – many reviewers praised Aviya for its price/value combination, where many said that you cannot get a better mattress at this price, so it seems to be a great option compared to Saatva and other competitors if you’re on a budget and need to make the most of it
  • Eco-Friendly, CertiPUR-Certified – all materials used in the construction of this mattress are environmentally friendly and CertiPUR-US Certified. A good incentive to support a professional, responsible company
  • 100 Night Trial Period – the Aviya comes with a 100-night no-risk, full-refund return policy which allows you to try it out for more than three months and if you end up not liking it – simply return it. You receive a full refund with the delivery fee being an exception.
  • Firmness options – you may choose up to three different options of thickness, definitely a sought-after feature. This includes plush, luxury firm, and firm.

What we Didn't Like

  • Delivery Hold-up – though it’s not a deal-breaker, some previous buyers did complain and the delivery can take up to two weeks. Concerning all its other benefits, we believe this doesn’t even go near as a reason not to go for this mattress.
  • Warranty – the warranty you get with this bed is just a 10-year industry standard.

Is Aviya a Good Choice for You?

This bed combines innerspring coils with a memory foam construction, and there are buyers out there that are looking (or avoiding) for this specifically.

If you prefer a thicker mattress, then it’s a right choice for you, since this particular Aviya bed has a total height of 12“, which is higher than the industry standard. The construction is environmentally friendly, which is also a clue many buyers are looking for.

In addition, all materials are CertiPUR-US certified. Finally, this mattress is an excellent option if comfort is a huge deal for you. Sleepers who want that extra feel of comfort will enjoy this mattress because it features as many as 3 layers of high-density memory foam.

image of a comfortable mattress

Final Conclusion

With 75 years in the industry, the company behind Aviya has shown responsibility by using eco-friendly and CertiPUR-US certified materials for its beds. Furthermore, all of their products are manufactured entirely in the US.

Ideally, this mattress will best suit someone who considers comfort a huge feature, and this is what it does best. It provides the sleeper with as many as three layers of high-density (most expensive) memory foam out there, providing a comfort heaven.

However, it also features an innerspring core, which means you get excellent base support on top of all that comfort.

Additionally, being that they used a Marshall coil system, this mattress should last longer than most of its competitors, since this is a construction of highest quality, and also the most expensive one.

Aviya has really invested a lot with this mattress, where their main focus is obviously longevity, quality, and comfort.

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