Our Tempurpedic vs. Amerisleep Bed Comparison For 2017

We’ve previously made comparisons with our Amerisleep vs. Loom and Leaf and Amerisleep vs. Casper articles, and by at least some degree, it was obvious – at least from an objective standpoint – that Amerisleep was easily the better choice. However, today we’re clashing Amerisleep with Tempurpedic a brand which has pretty much been the leader in the mattress industry for many years.

This brand also has exceptionally high-quality materials in their mattresses, loads of experience, and excellent customer care services – just like Amerisleep. 

image of a girl on a mattressSo, if you’ve wound up your research and it’s come to these two brands, where do you go from here? This dilemma might be the most difficult one to resolve in the entire mattress industry.

Well, this is what we’re going to deal with in this article today. Believe it or not, there is one easy way to decide between these two giants after all. First, we’re going to compare the brands, and follow up with the construction quality and used materials in both of these brands’ beds.

Brand Comparison

In this section, these two brands come closely next to each other. In fact, they’ve both been doing such a good job that you wouldn’t know which one of these two brands you were reading about if there were no names.

They’ve both got loads of experience, have extremely positive feedback from their previous buyers, and are well known for their excellent customer services. However, there’s a difference in the business model, and this is where we can start to draw some serious, objective conclusions. Amerisleep uses an exclusively online approach to selling bed, while Tempurpedic uses actual commercial stores.

Both of these business models are a two-way street. Tempurpedic has decided to own local, commercial stores, where they pay huge commercial rent, are forced to hire additional help, pay these workers, pay various taxes, etc.

The point is they’ve invested a lot in owning local stores, while they could have invested this money in developing a better mattress – with a lower price tag. On the upside, this investment allows their potential customers to try out their beds. You can go into a Tempurpedic store, pick out a mattress and lie down on it and see first-hand if it’s a good fit.

image of logos - amerisleep and tempurpedic

You can see how they’ve made a choice and went into this direction with their company. On the other hand, Amerisleep has led their company in a different direction.

Amerisleep has taken all the funds they would normally use to invest into multiple commercial stores, and taken all of those would-be expenses, and used them to create a high-quality product with special features and a lower price tag.

The downside is that it’s impossible to try out an Amerisleep without buying it and waiting for it to be delivered to your home. That said, Amerisleep was obviously aware of this downside, and have provided an excellent alternative. You see, the company knew most people wouldn’t just risk spending loads of money on one that they’re going to possibly sleep on for two decades – without knowing what they’re buying.

Their solution is simple. You buy an Amerisleep – you get a risk-free trial period. The trial period is the period you have after buying the mattress to see if it’s a good fit for you, it’s usually around three months, and within this time you’re eligible to return it and receive a full refund.

They also don’t re-include returns into their sales line; they donate returned mattresses to homeless shelters, which is an impressive move.

To summarize:

Tempurpedic allows you to try out their mattresses in their stores, and also offer a 90-day trial period. Amerisleep doesn’t have any local stores. Their mattresses have seen more investments and tend to be of at least slightly higher quality, and have special features that Tempurpedic beds simply do not.

You cannot tryit before buying it, but you can return it within 90-120 days after purchase (different period for different beds) and receive a full, hassle-free refund.

Comparing the Construction


image of a nice bedroomBoth of these brands use high-quality memory foam and other materials for the mattress. Both have loads of experience and customer feedback on their hands to know what buyers want and have certainly delivered.

One difference is that while Amerisleep sells only memory foam mattresses, Tempurpedic has introduced a line of innerspring mattresses in addition to their memory foam beds. Concerning the construction and used materials in Amerisleep mattresses, we simply have no downside to share. The quality of their memory foam is excellent. They’ve created products that are eco-friendly, high-quality and cheaper than other brands’ luxury type memory foam mattresses.

They’re eco-friendly because they use plant-based memory foam. This kind of memory foam will also be open-cell based (you can see tiny, tiny holes when you zoom in on their foam) meaning that they’ll breathe more and provide a cooler sleeping experience than a memory foam mattress usually would.

The point is, you get great quality for comfort, support and the cherry on top is that you won’t sleep hot on it either. Tempurpedic, as mentioned, has both memory foam and innerspring models, but you should know that most of its positive feedback and reputation comes from people who bought memory foam.

A lot of people aren’t even aware that they’ve got innerspring options even though they’ve known the brand for years. It would SEEM that Tempurpedic also uses high-quality memory foam, but unfortunately, that’s pretty much all I can tell you.

You see, unlike Amerisleep, Tempurpedic has decided not to share their exact mattress construction specifications publicly. It’s simply impossible to find that information on their pages. I don’t know why they decided to keep this information secret, but I do know something else – it certainly made me lean more towards brands like Amerisleep that basically tell you everything.


We know for a fact Amerisleep uses extremely high-quality materials in their beds. We don’t know for a fact that Tempurpedic does the same because they haven’t publicly shared their mattress specifications.

Tempurpedic has more construction options, offering both foam and innerspring mattresses, while Amerisleep went for memory foam only.

Amerisleep mattresses use Celliant-infused covers. These covers have real health-promoting properties. Celliant has been clinically proven to help individuals fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Celliant material is sensitive to your body heat, effectively transforming it into infrared light. IR light is beneficial to your metabolism and as an added benefit, it acts as a cooling agent because it absorbs and converts the heat.

Comparing Price Over Value

This one is pretty simple. Both of these brands obviously provide extraordinary value and dedication and have put quality over quantity in all of their products. You get more than you pay for with any of these two brands – as opposed to some other brands out there.

That said, you should know that I lean towards Amerisleep here because they’re an online-only business. This means their company has avoided all of Tempurpedic’s retail store costs, and therefore literally had more funds and time to devote both attention and money to creating a higher quality mattress.

The industry norm is that online-only mattress brands provide more quality and can slap a lower price tag for the same value on a luxury mattress, as opposed to other brands who have to increase their prices to cover the costs of retail stores.


Amerisleep is cheaper but provides the same, if not higher value.

Consider Buying Amerisleep If

You Want the Special Features – Such as the Celliant-infused covers, which help you sleep longer and fall asleep faster, in addition to actual health-promoting properties explained above.

Price is One of your Main Concerns – Being an online-only store, Amerisleep can afford to use more of their funds to create a high-quality model with a lower price tag.

You Want Better Warranty, Trial Period Options – Amerisleep has a slight upper hand with warranties and trial periods. They offer up to 20 years of warranty time with their mattresses and usually longer trial periods.

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Consider Buying Tempurpedic If:

You Might Want an Innerspring Mattress – Amerisleep doesn’t sell any innerspring mattresses, so if you want one, you need to go with Tempurpedic.

You Want to Try Out a Mattress Before Buying It – Tempurpedic has actual retail stores where you can try it out before buying it. Amerisleep sells online only.

You Don’t Care About the Price – If money is of no concern to you – then focus on other features these mattresses and brands offer because some of the Tempurpedic is 3x the price of a same or similar value Amerisleep.

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The basic summary is that you get high quality and excellent service with both of these brands. Amerisleep apparently has slightly more favored customer care, longer warranty periods, and same or higher trial periods.

Tempurpedic has a retail store, you can check out a mattress before buying it, and you simply don’t have this option with Amerisleep.

On the other hand, Amerisleep has extremely friendly returns and trials periods. They also provide more value over price since they’re an online-only store and have focused their no-retail-store-savings into creating a luxury bed with a lower price tag.

Tempurpedic has a decade more of experience over Amerisleep, being established back in 1992. You also get more memory foam models to pick from with Tempurpedic, and can also go for an innerspring mattress.

Amerisleep offers a total of five memory foam beds. Personally, I’d go with Amerisleep every time. It’s simple. It’s more value with a lower price tag. And in some cases, three times lower price tag, which is honestly a big deciding point for me, but also for millions of other people.

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