Brand Comparison: Loom and Leaf vs. Amerisleep Beds

Once you get into the mattress market and start doing research for something that’ll suit your needs, the very first thing you need to make a choice on is with what kind of construction do you want to go with. There are innerspring beds, memory foam, latexair-filled, and so on. Not only that, but even when you pick out a, let’s say memory foam, there are still LOADS of brands out there, leaving you with countless hours of more research time.

Well, if you’re set on memory foam, this buying guide should be of help. Particularly if you’re looking to go with either of these two brands; Amerisleep or Loom & Leaf.

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Both of these have foam mattresses only, and both are seen as particularly successful companies in the market, so what sets them apart?

Both of these companies also have awesome customer support, and mostly received positive feedback from their previous customers. These facts only create more dilemma.

This is exactly why I’ve decided to write this article. We’re going to compare key differences between these two brands and their products. You should also be aware that we’ve already reviewed both brands’ feedback pages and have taken this into account.

Brand Comparison

On first glance, you might think that Amerisleep wins the brand Comparison because they’ve been in the business for almost two decades, while Loom and Leaf started selling their product in 2015, just two years ago. This is why it’s important to mention that Loom & Leaf is a part of the Saatva company, which has actually been in business for almost one decade now, meaning they do have some experience here.

The two brands are very similar in many cases. Both are known for excellent customer support service, no-hassle returns and refunds, trial and warranty policies, and both use high-quality foam for their beds.

Mattress Construction

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Let’s start with Amerisleep. All five of their beds use a 3-layered memory foam construction. They’ll contain a top, middle and bottom foam layer, where we see comfort foam on top, transitional layer in the middle, and a support foam layer at the bottom. You’ll also feel more firmness/softness and thickness options with Amerisleep.

On the other hand, Loom and Leaf offer only one mattress, and it seems they’ve gone the universal street with it. They’ve developed a 4-layered construction that should be suitable for all sleeping positions.

Both brands use plant/bio-based foams, which are higher quality than that of the standard industry memory foam.

Now, the Loom & Leaf does provide that one extra layer of foam, and according to their own design, it’s actually in the support/bottom layer. This addition is supposed to provide better airflow and therefore a cooler sleep experience.

On the other hand, Amerisleep battles the heat with not only with similar plant-based foams but with their mattresses’ covers as well.

Amerisleep had made an excellent choice when they decided to introduce Celliant-infused covers into their beds.

Now, according to the Amerisleep’s own pages, and information found on unbiased sites online – the Celliant is actually supposed to be clinically proven to help people fall asleep faster.
Not only that, but it’s also supposed to help you sleep longer, and also help transform your body heat into infrared light. Now, these are serious health-promoting properties.

Price Over Value Comparison

There’s obviously more wiggle room for your wallet here with Amerisleep, since they offer five different beds, with five different prices.

Since both of these brands are online-only businesses, you’ll find out they both offer extraordinary value with their products as opposed to their prices. This means these are all basically “best buy“ products.

That said, this also means that you’re obviously going to get a better mattress if you go, let’s say with the Amerisleep’s Colonial. On the other hand, if you’re shopping on a strict budget, you might want to go with Loom and Leaf.

It’s kind of in between all the beds and prices, but still not the cheapest option for you, and remember, you’ll get more value than you’ll pay for with any of the options.
That said, remember that Amerisleep has products that are very similar in both value and price regarding the Loom & Leaf. This is one of their firmest foam beds.

Consider Buying Amerisleep If

You’ve Got a Specific Sleeping Position – Offering five models, Amerisleep has tried to suit every one of these to different sleepers’ needs and preferences, ranging from the Americana, the firmer mattress suitable for stomach sleepers, to other beds, such as the Colonial, which would be more suitable for side-sleepers.

You Appreciate Special Features – Amerisleep has infused all their mattress covers with Celliant, a clinically proven material that helps people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Furthermore, this material has actual health-promoting properties.

You Want a Company With More Experience – Amerisleep has been in the business almost a decade longer than Loom and Leaf. This means that this brand has had more experience not only with manufacturing beds, but also a decade more of dealing with customer services, returns, refunds, etc.

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Consider Buying Loom and Leaf if

You Previously Enjoyed Saatva – Loom & Leaf is actually a part of the Saatva company, and as such, it’s worth considering that if you enjoyed Saatva products, you’d enjoy this brand as well.

You Want a Universal Mattress – When we say universal here, we’re thinking of sleeping positions. While every Amerisleep product tends to cater to a single sleeping position, the Loom and Leaf is simply designed to suit every position equally.


This is a tough one, to say the least. Let’s summarize what we learned here today and help you make a decision out of this dilemma.

Both of these brands use high-quality memory foam, both have good airflow, although Amerisleep might have the upper hand here because of its Celliant-infused covers.

According to the fact-based material specifications, the Amerisleep should sleep cooler than the Loom & Leaf mattress, even though they have a pretty good cover as well, so there’s probably only minor difference here.

You should also know that since both use high-grade foam, all of these beds will be an excellent choice for couples. This is true because memory foam, especially high-quality one isolates motion to almost a perfection.
This means that you’re not going to feel anything in your part of the bed even if you or your partner tend to toss and turn a lot during sleep.

These two brands carry the same (high) level of quality in all of their mattresses, with only minor differences, and the fact that you simply have more options (firmness, thickness, sleeping position) to pick from with Amerisleep.

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