Unbiased Comparison Of Casper And Amerisleep Beds 2017

Even though Casper only launched a few years ago, they still managed to gain buyers’ trust by swiftly manufacturing and distributing high-quality mattresses.

Casper has been able to do this mostly because they’ve gone for the online-only business model right from the start, while Amerisleep didn’t.

image of a woman who just woke upIn comparison, Amerisleep has much more experience, and they’ve also been doing an excellent job of providing quality mattresses in the past decade, while still being able to slap a reasonable price tag on it.

That said, it’s obvious that even though Amerisleep has been around for a longer time, buyers still tend to spend a lot of time deciding between these two brands.

Brand and product research takes a lot of time, especially if you’re doing it right and in great detail. This is why we’ve created this quick buying guide. We’ll use this article to compare these brands and their products, based on actual (verified) buyer reviews and our own unbiased opinion based on our previous mattress reviewing experience.

Brand Comparison

Both companies have the same business model – online only, both offer medium to high-quality mattresses, good or awesome warranty and trial period policies, and both have been praised for their great customer service.

However, with Amerisleep, there’s more diversity and options. They offer five different mattresses, while Casper has only one to offer.

Being more versatile, Amerisleep offers an option to almost any kind of sleeper, depending on your weight, body posture, favorite sleeping position, mattress height, etc.

Concerning quality and positive reviews, Amerisleep has a bit of a better hand here, offering a wide range of high-quality, eco-friendly and plant-based mattresses.

On the other hand, Casper’s mattress is cheaper, and this automatically makes it your number one choice to consider if you’re shopping on a strict budget.

Comparing the Construction

There’s a major difference here right of the bat. Amerisleep has been known to go all-in with memory foam with their beds, while Casper uses latex as the top (comfort) layer on theirs.

It’s worth mentioning that Amerisleep doesn’t use the standard industry materials you might have experienced before. They use foam they’ve designed themselves. This mostly includes eco-friendly, plant-based foam. This is an advantage because their foam is usually open-cell, which provides better airflow. Memory foam on top also means there’s almost no bounce, while there is with latex.

Memory foam will offer more comfort, but you’ll also experience that “sinking in“ feeling if it’s a softer mattress. The usual downside of foam on top is heat retention. Poor heat retention means you’ll be sleeping particularly warm, at least during Summer.

However, this shouldn’t concern you at all, as Amerisleep uses Celliant-infused covers for their mattresses which, besides health-promoting properties, also provides excellent heat retention and therefore eliminates the heat issues.

On top of that, being plant-based and custom-designed, Amerisleep foams tend to provide a higher level of air circulation (cooler sleep) than most other industry foam beds.

To summarize, the only real difference between Amerisleep’s foam and Casper’s latex is bounce and motion isolation. Amerisleep will provide more comfort, excellent motion isolation, but no bounce.

On the other hand, latex is also quite comfortable, provides that bouncy feeling, but therefore poor motion isolation. Besides your personal preferences, memory foam is better for couples because it isolates motion so well.

Comparing Price Over Value

Casper has successfully struck the market with its single mattress strategy so much that they’ve experienced enormous growth and mass sales ever since they launched just a couple of years ago.

According to latest buyer reviews, its price well encompasses its value. Therefore, it might be valid to say their mattress is pretty much a safe bet. You get what you pay for here. Nothing less, but nothing more either.

Amerisleep has been known in the community for providing luxury-type mattresses, while still being able to put a very reasonable price tag on it.

They’ll use all kinds of special (usually luxury) features with their beds. These features range from Celliant-infused covers, plant-based foams, eco-friendly manufacturing processes and high quality transitional (middle) layers.

To summarize, we’ve concluded that if you can afford one, you’ll certainly get more value over price with any Amerisleep mattress, as opposed to with Casper.

Consider Buying Amerisleep If

You’re a Memory Foam Fan – if this is true, this ends right here. Amerisleep provides only memory foam mattresses, while Casper uses latex on top. Amerisleep also uses all custom-designed, higher quality, plant-based foams for their beds.

You Want a More Reputable Company – let’s face it. Amerisleep has been in this game for a few decades already. It’s not hard to imagine they’ve got more experience with making beds based on all those years of customer feedback.

You’ve got a Favorite Sleeping Position – if you specifically want to sleep on your back, stomach or side, Amerisleep might be a better option. They’ve got mattresses uniquely designed for one sleeping position. That said, they’ve still got universal options (such as the Amerisleep Colonial) which are suited for all three sleeping positions.

Willing to Pay More for Special Features – one of these special features include the Celliant-infused mattress cover that Amerisleep uses. Celliant has been clinically proven to help individuals fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It also helps with heat retention, so the mattress doesn’t sleep hot even if it is a memory foam mattress.

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Consider Buying Casper If

You’re Budget-Shopping – if the price is the main breaking point for you here, you might as well go for the Casper. Their one mattress might be the safest bet here.

You Like That Bouncy Feeling – having latex on top, Casper’s mattress will definitely provide that bouncy feeling so many people are after, and memory foam simply cannot deliver here.

You Can’t Stand Memory Foam – even though there’s plenty of fans out there, plenty of people still dislike it. It would be best if you had personal experience here, as it can really come down to personal preferences. If you definitely don’t want foam on top, then your only option here is Casper.

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The summary of this comparison review between Amerisleep and Casper is pretty straightforward. For example, if you’re on a strict budget, Casper might be a better choice, since they’ve got somewhat of a mid-priced option for the one mattress they offer.

On the other hand, Amerisleep’s more expensive options seem to provide much more value as opposed to their price, so if you’re looking for more quality and special features regardless of the price tag – you should go for Amerisleep.

Other key differences make Amerisleep a far better choice for couples since the foam will isolate motion perfectly. Furthermore, it’s also got excellent cooling properties but doesn’t have the bouncy feeling.

Casper’s mattress provides latex on top, and with it, the bounce effect plus more responsiveness while Amerisleep provides increased firmness and size options, and you can make a pick between their five options based on your favorite sleeping position.

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