2017 Amerisleep Revere Bed Review And Complaints Consumers Might Have

Have you been looking for an all-in-one mattress but just couldn’t find the one that’s going to meet and exceed your expectations? Well, this might just be the one.

Amerisleep Revere Reviewed here is a 12“ thick natural foam memory mattress which offers a wide range of features, thickness options, and a few exceptionally neat innovations that we’re going to cover in this review.

Let’s start with the construction of this mattress, and then we’ll summarize its pros and cons.

Construction Layers

Amerisleep Revere Bed is built out of two memory foam layers, the first being a 3“ Bio-Pur foam, followed by 9 inches of Bio-Core foam. The top layer foam is a high-quality memory foam and the reasoning behind it is pressure relief and heat resistance.

You should be able to relax quite a bit because of this, while enjoying that neat cooling effect the Bio-Pur foam provides. The bottom layer, or the Bio-Core foam, is a much thicker type of foam which serves well for support. On top of that, it provides a deeper level of compression too.

The mattress itself is 12“ tall, and should provide both enough support and heat resistance for all back/stomach sleepers, especially during summer days. According to buyer reviews, it is not recommended for side-sleepers.

Amerisleep Revere Cover

To top it all off, Revere bed’s cover is made out of a combination of three materials, including polyester, spandex, and Celliant. Nothing special about polyester or spandex, but the Celliant part, however, is what got our attention as it actually carries health benefits!

By sleeping on this mattress, your blood flow will increase and as a result, your body will carry more oxygen. How is this happening, you ask? Well, Celliant has been studied quite a lot and research has shown that it serves as transformative agent. It effectively transforms your body heat into infrared light, and IR light is where those health benefits comes from.

Motion Isolation

image of a woman on a bed
With its 9“ base support and 3“ of top layer softer foam, this mattress really does battle motion disturbance quite nicely. This means you won’t notice your partner getting up from the bed when you’re asleep, nor should you notice them tossing and turning over the night.

Furthermore, according to previous buyer reviews, the Amerisleep Revere Mattress seems to fit the all-in-one type, where you get enough support, it’s not too firm nor too thick, it looks nice, and actually works towards better health. Not to mention the cooling effect that comes from the Bio-Pur foam. At the current market price, the Amerisleep Revere really managed to exceed all buyer expectations.

What We Liked:

  • Excellent Choice for Couples – this mattress has received a lot of positive feedback from couples. It seems to isolate motion quite well meaning that you shouldn’t be disturbed even if your partner tends to toss and turn during the night.
  • Great For Stomach/Back Sleepers – even though it’s dubbed provide a balanced thickness, it’s still on the firmer side of mattresses, and therefore, stomach and back sleepers will have no problem spending hours on end on this mattress.
  • High-quality memory foam that Doesn’t Warm Up – the most complained-about downside about foam mattresses is that they tend to get warmed up, which is not an issue with the Amerisleep. The Bio-Fur foam is praised for ”keeping its cool”.

What We Didn't Like:

  • Not for Side-Sleepers – being that it’s on the firmer side, this mattress might not do best for side sleepers. However, this doesn’t include every individual out there. Some reviews still claim that side-sleeping is perfectly fine with this bed.
  • Hefty Price Tag – this mattress is quite expensive, and we would recommend you look at cheaper options if you’re shopping on a specific budget.

Is Amerisleep Revere Bed a Good Option for You?

Even though this mattress is a top tier product with a lot of features, it’s still possible that it might not suit every sleeper out there.

This is going to serve as a short summary of the most praised features of this mattress so that you can figure out whether or not it’s a good fit for you. These are the main features you should consider when deciding if this is going to be a good mattress for you:

You’re looking for a balance in between firm and soft –you won’t get ‘sucked in’ while you sleep, but it won’t be too firm either. Excellent choice for someone who prefers memory foam but doesn’t want it being too warm.

You have trouble sleeping during warmer days – the combination of two breathable layers and a thin cover provide that neat cooling effect that a lot of sleepers are looking for, especially those who have trouble falling asleep during summer nights.

You need good support and pressure relief – the memory foam in this mattress, Bio-Fur, is top of the line in the foam industry, and therefore provides excellent support, pressure relief, but is also cool enough so you don’t pay for the benefits with a warmer sleeping experience.

Image of Amerisleep Revere Bed


Revere Mattress truly seems to be the best out of the Amerisleep collection, and a great product from the company.

It has most of the benefits the other mattresses have, but with very little to no downsides at all. When the main downside to a mattress is the fact that it’s not recommended for side-sleepers, you know you’ve got a good product in front of you.

Unless you’ve got really specific demands for features that aren’t found in most mattresses, or if you’re a side-sleeper, we couldn’t really find any reason not to get this mattress.
One other thing that should be mentioned is that this mattress does not bounce, but this is often considered an advantage and is rarely a deal-breaker.

Furthermore, the pressure relief is an excellent addition to all its other benefits. All things in mind, we strongly suggest you take consider making this mattress a part of your bedroom.

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